1 महीना 15 किलो घटाएँ  । Natural way to Fatloss । No Exercise, No Medicine । Motapa Kam Kare

1 महीना 15 किलो घटाएँ । Natural way to Fatloss । No Exercise, No Medicine । Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, I am Suman Chauhan Welcome to my channel Health City today I will tell you about such a diet, By following this you can lose up to 10 to 15 kg, and who follow properly can lose weight more. In a few days, you can get your desired weight whatever weight you should have following this diet There is no such reason that you can say you applied it but no result There is 100% chance if even 10 people among you follow this you can lose weight 10 out of 10 Before that, I will tell you some basic rules which are very important if you follow in your diet Everyone should follow those basic rules anyway because weight is lost because of it if you follow it diseases like uncontrolled blood pressure or high sugar or thyroid come these diseases can also be cured So what are the rules? very basic rules I have mentioned to you earlier in my videos but Many people are yet to be known about these rules So what are the rules Such as don’t drink water while taking food near after or before taking food drink water 1 hour before taking food, one and half hour after taking food The second rule is with food there should not be any sweet ingredients like sugar don’t eat ice cream at the time of having a meal. Some people has a habit of eating ice cream after the meal. stop enjoying it. This will decrease your fatness as well as whatever disease attacks you this will prevent them Thirdly, drinking excess tea coffee with food. If you don’t drink these very good or if you drink take it limited, very limited Fourthly, after a meal whenever you take breakfast, lunch, dinner you must go for urine. This is a very good habit. and prevent an increase of your extra fatness So these are the four-five things Follow these tips must, everyone should follow This is a very good habit. Now let’s talk about diet. I told you in my earlier video that boiled water helps losing weight. If you are not following any diet to decrease fatness whatever you get just eat or drink I told you if you drink boiled water up to 2 to 3 litres per day still, you can lose 2 to 3 kg in one month Within 6-7 months or in a year, you will loose huge weight. Within one year only by boiled water you can lose weight all extra fat It can lead you to the normal weight But many people can not wait this so long time means you have to go to functions or in a marriage ceremony like your friend’s marriage or yours and you are too fatty, so you want such a diet or someone asked me how I will be slim within one month, or any fat man who wants to be slim such diet I am going to tell you. what to do in that just avoid whatever carbohydrates we take fully then what to take protein or fibre type foods So what contains more carbohydrates, bread and rice these contain huge carbohydrate For some days like you want to lose much weight in a very short time. delete carbohydrate from your food menu you have to stop bread, rice What to eat ? such as pulse, vegetables, fruits add these things to your food menu Now which fruits and vegetables? MUNG pulse, MUNG pulse curry or soup sprout of MUNG pulse two times a day mixing black salt and lemon or making sprout. Very good for health if you want to lose weight Secondly, you can eat gourds vegetables, soup Add gourds to your diet you can eat as vegetables, eat ridged gourds as vegetables if we talk about fruits then pomegranate or orange, or sweet lime you can drink these juice but don’t mix sugar fruits like pomegranate, watermelon, apple add these fruits to your diet Whenever you feel hungry you can eat any of these fruits still, if you are hungry eat cucumber, snake gourd you can eat such salads, radish if you are still hungry eat fried chickpeas, this is perfect to lose weight and to satisfy hunger the energy level will be increased and you will not be tired roasted chickpeas are quite good if you want to lose weight There are many things if you want to lose weight faster follow the diet and what I have mentioned add them to your menu. how many days you won’t eat rice, bread? as per your wish 15 to 20 days or one month you want in these days you will lose weight and you want to lose weight up to 15 to 20 kg. follow the diet hopefully weight will loose. after losing weight, as per your desire you want how to start the rice, bread start eating too much, or filling the full stomach don’t do this, Because if you have lost weight and again you have started eating again filling your stomach, you will gain weight again How to start? take everything little in quantity. chew food properly take good food not fatty foods take less oily food If you take less oily things forever you will never gain again such weight. like you had before Second is milk. If you want, if you have a habit , whether should I take milk or not you plan to lose weight for that I will suggest to take curd after removing the cream . And drink milk only after removing cream. This milk can be drunk one or two glass before sleeping at night It won’t increase your weight. Now ghee, stop it while losing weight. After that take one or two spoon ghee add to your daily routine. If you continue diet this way you won’t get tired and You can loose maximum weight. If you have liked the video then must hit like share and who has not subscribed yet, just subscribe. Press the bell icon also See you in the next video . Bye bye and take care till then.

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