10 Min Lower Back Stretches – Low Back Stretch – Lower Back Pain Exercises – Ache – Stretching

10 Min Lower Back Stretches – Low Back Stretch – Lower Back Pain Exercises – Ache – Stretching

hey I’m coach Kozak from Aspen and this is my lower back stretching routine this is a great exercise routine to relieve pain and stiffness and your lower back I’m going to do the whole routine with you and if you’re ready to feel better let’s get started okay we’re going to do this routine on the floor the first thing we’re going to do is a camel to a cat so we’re going to get out on our meat and out of hands and first we’re going to break our lower back pressing your butt up we’re going to hold there for 15 seconds pushing your stomach to the floor and three two one and we’re going to go press your upper back up go into the camel holding this one for 15 seconds stretching up back I want you to pretend like somebody’s pulling you up with the string in the middle of your back and then back to the cat arching your lower back stretch it down nice big deep full breaths waiting through this and last one back up to the camp greed and good now we’re going to go to a prone position and there’s two versions of this one so on our forearms the easier version it’s a stretch here if you’re feeling a little more flexible you can get up on your hands stretch here so I’m going to let you choose which one is right for you I recommend you start with this one and if this one feels okay then you can progress to hear your head up the whole time ten more seconds good breathe nice big deep full breaths and great now lie down flat one leg at a time we’re in do prone leg raises well then one leg up keep your legs straight we’re doing 15 seconds per leg pull up and breathe good leg up five four three two one okay and switch opposite leg up leg straight racing with your buff muscles and just hold but four three two one good turn over next right on your back thear up hands to your side now we’re thrust your pelvic down to the ground now I’ll dress up my puppy down to the ground I’m squeezing it I’m going hard to think about the camera but I’m squeezing down right here and try to push my public through the fool and just hold an isometric contraction good breathe keep squeezing keep pressing your buck through the floor 5 4 3 2 1 good relax take a big deep breath now we’re going to do a hip up pressing off your heels and squeeze your butt up at the top so we’re lifting up with their glutes hold press it off your heels good open this one for 30 seconds total breathe good good ten more seconds you breathe in three two one okay down and relax next one we’re gonna do a line each list once you put your arms out to the side bringing your knees up 90 degree angle and we’re going to all keeping your back flat we’re going to twist to a 45 degree angle and hold if you’re really flexible you can go a little farther but for most people I’m 45 degree angles you can be just right and hold you’re both sides and again don’t forget to breathe very important and switch to the other side and hold and notice how cute my back flap about roll it up good few more seconds and five four three two one okay good relax next we’re gonna do it remind me to your chest want you to bring these in and Bauman’s your chest as far as you can now I’m pretty flexible so I can get them all the way here I want you to keep your butt on the ground I’m sorry your hips on the ground don’t roll up well keeping your hips on the ground before your knees all believe your chest if you can only give them this far that’s okay bring them in as far as you can while still remaining comfortable and hold three now this routine is great to stretch out your lower back but if you’re experiencing ongoing pain it’s very important that you have lower back strength as well so make sure you check out what it has its lower back strength exercise routines to build strength in your lower back too this is just a stretching routine okay good no you lace them up now we’re going to alternate one leg at a time form one knee at a time your chest you go one like lat this one flat a little up while keeping your opposite leg flat pull one knee up we’re going to hold 15 seconds good and five four three two one okay switch it up and bring this one up again if you can opposite leg flat and holding for 15 seconds big deep breaths and just a few more seconds 3 2 1 ok now we’re gonna do one leg raise at a time hands to your side keep your legs straight and bring one leg up if you can’t quite get it as high as I that’s okay do your best and just bring it up as high as you can while keeping it straight I’d rather you keep it straight you get all the way up and handymen so keep it straight bring it up you’re going to feel a big stretch all down your leg and a lot of the lower back stiffness comes from having step hamstring so this is going to help you out in a couple of different levels a few more seconds and switch through it again you can have leg straight and then the one on the floor straight as well let this will come up good at five four and three two one and zero good okay now we’re going to bring one knee up and we’re going to let it drop to the side the good side angle of this one one knee up and we’re gonna let it drop to the side good we’re gonna hold here on one we go over to just where you start to feel the stretch I don’t want to get to the point where it feels super uncomfortable holdin this one fifteen seconds total and three two one and opposite side good and slowly moving into the stretch position good breathe and five four three two one reverse it alright so roll up with your routine okay just a couple quick side minutes to avoid teacher back pain one of the largest causes of back pain that I found is lower back weakness so make sure you to strengthening your lower back this is a great stretching routine but check out I want to pass this lower back exercise with teens actually build strength in the lower back in court next if you have a job that requires you to sit in a desk all day make sure you keep good posture sit back at your computer tear and don’t let yourself be reached over setting yourself up to be successful and if you have a very physically demanding job or your movement stuff all day bend down standing up picking stuff up etc make sure that you’re seeing down with your butt basically using a good squat form anytime you’re bending over sit back wait and your hips to pick stuff up up close to them and hold those are three quick tips to avoid future back pain if you enjoyed this video please do me a favor and hit the hit the subscribe button and subscribe to our YouTube channel like us on our Facebook fan page for the best dating motivation check out our website for hundreds of the digital free workouts I’m coach Kozak from Aspen and I see at your next work

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  1. Excellent video showing the stretches. Very clear and precise demonstration. You seem very patient and that makes me as a viewer comfortable while watching. Thank you!

  2. This routine is really useful
    My back was hurting and now it feels better and km definitely going to do the strength routine too

    Thank you coach

  3. I am on disability because of my back, from cervical spine down to lumbar spine. I am in pain all the time. Very bad back. I'm hoping these help. I don't think I can do all of them, but I'm going to do what I can.

  4. I like all your videos, but this is my favorite one. love stretching. helps a lot I am nearly starting on my weight loss journey.

  5. Coach, I gotta say, it has been about a year since I began doing these exercises. I started at about 3-4 days per week and worked my way up to 7 days a week. To this day I wouldn't begin my morning any other way than with your stretches. My back is MUCH more flexible, and I am able to manage the wear and tear much more efficiently. You, sir, have been a true blessing to my life and so many others whom I have recommended it to. I praise God for your assistance in healing this 40-year-old twisted back into something I can live with. God bless you!!!

  6. I got a little too creative with my Mrs today and my back is starting to hurt a little a few hours later. It feels somewhat stiff. I hope this will help…

  7. after 4 weeks doing the 10 minute exercise I no longer have any pain in my back  .I continue doing the exercise every day

  8. I strained something in my lower back at practice last night and I could hardly move when I woke up this morning, but after this video I feel a lot less stiff and more mobile!

  9. subscribed. may Jesus bless. thank God these are not needed in heaven. for pain and died were crucified on the cross.

  10. i did these exercises twice yesterday and my back had been in pain for the whole week. today i woke up without any pain at all! such good exercises!

  11. i got pain in my lower back after som wrong lifting on work is is this good excersice ? sorry from norway, bad written english


  13. No way!!! I had this awful pain on my right side lower back, I couldnt even bend to pick things up, did the stretches and while doing them I didnt think they would work, I stood up and the pain was gone, thank you very much!!