10 Tips to lose Weight WITHOUT any EXERCISE            ……….. (Eng Sub)

10 Tips to lose Weight WITHOUT any EXERCISE ……….. (Eng Sub)

Assalam-o-alaikum, am Erum & welcome to my channel. Do you want to know how can you lose weight without exercising ? Because for most of us , exercising is a boring task. As we need to take some time out from our routined life for exercising, so people especially working ladies, students and mommies find it extremely difficult to spend some minutes on exercising. So, in today’s video, I’ll be sharing with u all 10tips to lose weight by introducing few healthy changes in your lifestyle, without exercising. But before that, subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell icon to get notification for my new videos and if u r on instagram, follow me on instagram on the account given above. Now, lets get started. Tip # 1 to lose weight without exercising is Introduce fruits in your life. Either you feel like consuming fruits or not, do take 2-3servings of fruits per day as fruits r very healthy option when one is trying to lose weight. For losing weight, most effective fruits are Citrusy fruits as these are full of vitamin C and other beneficial minerals. Secondly, fruits are also one of the best options to be taken as desserts. Fruits are also good snacking options. Tip # 2 : WALK I won’t say to go for just 10-15mins walk daily, instead, whenever and wherever you step outside your home for any chore (shopping, school, college, office etc) prefer walking as much as possible for you. If you travel by car, park your car, 2-3miles away & walk to you destination. Tip # 3: Drink enough water everyday. Drink 8-10glasses of water per day as drinking water helps u to release toxins out of ur body, makes ur skin hydrated and fresh, you feel full for long as sometimes when u feel hungry, these are not ur hunger pangs but its a sign that ur body is dehydrated so make sure to drink water to keep your body hydrated. Tip # 4 : Reduce your food portion size For example, if u eat 2 rice plates, reduce it to 1plate, if you eat one (roti) bread , reduce it to half roti. In short, u can eat anything and everything “HEALTHY” and “CLEAN” (excluding processed, fried and sugary items). The only thing you need to do is, simply restrict the portion to half of whatever you eat in regular days. Other point is, go for smaller and color full plates instead of large dinner plates. Tip # 5: Introduce soups in your diet. Honestly speaking, some people detest soups, but soups are very healthy so make it a part of your diet. Try to replace one of your meal either lunch or dinner with soup and salad like you may take soup and salad as ur lunch instead of going for something heavy and full of large number of calories. You may also replace your regular dinner with soups and salad as after dinner many of us sleep so soups & salads are not only filling but will keep you light and also help you to lose weight easily. And if u dont drink water,soups fulfill your water deficiency as well. Another tip is if u consume alcohol, stop it as alcohol has nothing beneficial but full of empty calories which would increase your weight for nothing. Regular Alcohol consumption also causes numerous health and skin issues like puffy eyes, swelling on face , excess body fat, drowsiness etc. So, better to stop consuming alcohol. Next tip is keep yourself active. Like if you are performing some chore while standing, try to do it by moving around instead of standing at one place e.g, if u r cooking dinner, instead of moving to and fro ur kitchen and your sitting lounge, try to perform other pending tasks of washing dishes, mopping floor, organizing kitchen cupboards etc. So keep yourself active in some productive activity/house chore. Tip # 8 :Take care of your sleep. Always try to be on bed on time as waking till late hours would make you bored and crave for food hence making us munch on unhealthy food options. So, try to sleep on time and wake up early as waking up early would have tremendous positive impacts on your body and yes there wont be any late night cravings resulting into munching on unhealthy food options resulting into surpassing your allowed calories intake. Next tip is: We people are so used to of our evening “TEA TIME” accompanied by some snacks (mostly unhealthy and confectionery items). which does nothing but increase our weight so what I suggest is you can take milk tea but do not use white sugar to sweeten it instead go for sweetners like stevia, pure honey or pure cane sugar. For snacking , do not use bakery items, instead go for nuts, dry fruits, roasted peas, etc. Last tip is make your “grocery shopping list” in advance before going for shopping so that you won’t spend on unhealthy options and only visit aisles having healthy food choices which u already have written in your grocery shopping list. So, these are some changes which you should introduce in your lifestyle if u want to lose weight without exercising. That is it for today. See you seen till then Allah hafiz (Bye)

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  1. Fruits, are really effective weight loss karne mein, but if u want to loss weight then avoid eating banana, mango, grapes.
    Rest u can take.

  2. Most respectfully …
    Ap k viewers chahey jis b mazhab se hon ap musalman hone ki hesiat se ye jumla zrur keh dejeay k alcohol hram he.

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    Khana km krti hu to bp low ho jata hai

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  15. If anyone not loss weight, please check with dr and have your complete test, girls please dont delay this tips will work for sure whatever irum share with u, but have proper checkup if you are trying to loss weight and its not working, bucz i loss weight but in between my weight stop and when i visited dr she told me i have pcos.
    Please dont delay girls, there is no shame on going and having words with ur Dr as well