-14kg 감량한 루나문의 다이어트 이야기 -14kg DIET │ 살빼기 철칙 방법 │ 다이어트 결심 이유 (eng sub)

-14kg 감량한 루나문의 다이어트 이야기 -14kg DIET │ 살빼기 철칙 방법 │ 다이어트 결심 이유 (eng sub)

Since young, I have been chubby. When I was in primary 3, my dad brought a computer home. Since then, instead of playing with my friends outside I became addicted in playing computer games. When I was in primary school, I was 52kg. In middle school, I was 54kg and then 58kg in secondary school. Plus, I was l eating sugary food as a living. It’s not true that I didn’t try dieting when I started university. I tried a lot and my weight were fluctuating. I lost a lot of weight when I lived in Seoul. But, when I went back to my home town and lived comfortably… I became the heaviest I have ever been. I exceeded 60kg for the first time in my life. My family even gave me a nickname and called me Penguin. The reason I diet is because everyone calls me an Ajumma when I’m fat. Since young, because I look mature, I often get mistaken for being older than I am. You can say I could just be confident. Of course, I tried to be confident but… the views and judgement from other people did not change. How can a human ignore all those and remain confident when you have feelings? I always feel like people are looking at my butt and my confidence went down. I always lowered my backpack to cover my butt. Like the photo, I was wearing a male padded jacket and it was tightly packed. So I lost 14kg. You may think I have a body type that loses weight easily, but… it took me 6 months of hard work to achieve it. How did I do it? Let’s talk about that now. My method is very simple. Instead of a perfect diet plan… it’s more effective to make a small change in habit and make it last for a long time. Just remember one thing. Habits makes your body. 2. I never ate until I am very full. I ate as much vegetables that I wanted, which are very low in calories. However, it’s hard to completely stop eating pizza, snacks, hamburger and chicken for long. So, in my diet I still ate those foods. Instead, when you feel slightly full, you have to put down your spoon and fork. If it’s hard to control your portions, place them in paper cups. Just remember to eat until you’re not hungry anymore instead of being too full. For me, when I don’t have a lot of money, I eat a lot and gain weight. Because, I thought I won’t be able to eat them in the future. So I ate as much as I could. I would eat my neighbour’s food. Also because I’m afraid I can’t eat later on, I ended up eating a lot. Mind control is important. Telling yourself you could eat it later on even if it’s not now. 3. I don’t eat after 7pm. After maintaining this habit for 6 months, whenever I ate after 7pm, I would feel bad. Is it just me? But seriously, just changing this one habit can help you control your weight. 4. Take pictures while wearing the same clothes and record your progress. But don’t do it too often. 5. Every week, at least five times, I walked at least 15 000 steps in a day. I didn’t do other exercises. With just exercise, it’s hard to lose weight. I just prioritise my health. 6. Use diet supplements accordingly. I’m not saying to rely on diet supplements. I drank ‘Hollywood 48 hours'(Diet drink), around once a month. I lost around 1.5kg But they returned after I ate some food. The diet drink was like my cheerleader. For two weeks, sometimes I don’t lose any weight.. it helped me lose 1.5kg this helped me continue on losing weight. Diet is really nothing much. If you don’t wish for a super thin body like a model or a perfect fit and toned body There’s no need to come up with a perfect diet plan. Also, you won’t wear some smaller sized clothes and then plan to gain back the weight. Not a lot of people would think this way and start dieting right? So, when starting a plan, plan one that you can last forever. And then, naturally, using your new habits, do your diet slowly without pressure. I also didn’t start all the steps in one day. I started with small habits then move on to making bigger changes. It may take long, but a sudden weight lost may not be good for your skin’s elasticity. It’s normal to lose around 1-2kg a month. So, everyone, take care of your weight this Winter then we can wear pretty swimsuits and rash guards this Summer!

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  1. 많은 분께서 오해하시는 부분이 제가 한 방법을 그대로 따라하는 것이 아니라 저마다 생활 패턴 스케줄이 있으시니 정말 오래 굳힐 수 있는 습관 한 가지를 만드는 것이 제일 중요해요! 예를들어 저처럼 7시 이후에 안 먹는 것을 그대로 따라하실 필요가 없어요 학원이나 스케줄이 다르시니까 이건 오랫동안 굳힐 수 있는 습관이 아니니까요 대신 버스 한 거장 내려서 걸어가기 간식 안 먹기 등등 수많은 습관 중 작은 습관 하나가 1년 2년 넘어가면 몸에 긍정적인 결과를 가져온다는 것이 이 영상에서 제가 전달하고 싶었던 내용이니 제가 한 것과 똑같이 할 수 없다고 다이어트 포기하지 마시고 가까운 곳에서 찾아보세요! 모두 화이팅입니다! 감사합니다! 다시한번 말씀드리지만 이 모든 과정을 갑자기 다 실행하면 살은 금방 빠지겠지만 오래 유지하는 것이 생각보다 쉽지 않을 거예요 하나씩 차근차근 습관들을 쌓아나가다보면 몸도 마음도 처음보다 단련되어서 좋은 습관들을 오래 견딜 수 있게 됩니다! 💕💕 처음부터 너무 내 자신을 학대하지 마세요💕💕

  2. У меня вопрос. Почему название русское, а содержимое кореейское. Я люблю Корею, но почему название русское?

  3. Wau I think that this is the first vídeo about Korean diet that is not that roll crazy thing saying: If U WANNA be pretty just eat one apple for breakfast and bla bla bla.
    And is really nice!!! Is never easy to lost weight, I never have to lose, but even that i'm thin, always will have someone to say bad thing about your body.

    In Brazil (my country) i'm totaly off the "perfect body" for womans here! Here the girls have to have a big ass, big boobies, bigs legs and a little waist. I mean, i'm 47 kg, and I don't have any one of this things! But I see Korean girls that have the "perfect body" for brazilian woman, trying to lose weight to get yourself in the " perfect body" for Korean womans.

    All I want to say that, love your body, If you want to change something, go girl! But be healthy, the things work with time, eat good things!!

    ( Sorry If my english is not good)

  4. I understand why everyone is saying she was healthy before too but you have to understand the difference in culture from Korea to America. She might not like having a chubbier body and good on her for putting the effort into losing weight. Yes the before was healthy but the changes she made weren’t very big

  5. I really like this, but my body legit puts on weight so easily. I stopped going to the gym for like 5 days, and ate SOME unhealthy snacks (emphasis on some-it was only like a pack of Doritos and a chocolate), next thing you know I’ve gained 5kg, fml.

  6. Hi, I don't know you, but after this diet and losing weight, has your low self-esteem changed? can you love your body now? people's judgments about your body no longer hit you? Was it worth all this effort?

  7. 저도 이런방법의 건강한 다이어트를 하고있구요 예전엔 배부르면 바로 눕고 이런습관을 반복했었습니다.. 그치만 요새는 살이 빠지고 나니깐 만족스럽기도 하고 배부른 느낌이 싫어 지더 라구요.,, 저는1달만에 4키로를 감량 했구요 계속해서 유지해가며 살을 빼고있습니다. 저는 살이 엄청 잘찌는 체질이라… 라면을 한개만 먹어도 1키로가 금방 찌는 스타일이라 감량 하기가 굉장히 힘들었습니다. 그런데 공복시간을 늘리고(6시까지만 먹기) 인스턴트 밀가루 탄수화물을 조금씩 줄여나갔습니다. 근데 살은 그렇게 쉽게 빠져버린 않습니다.
    1.매일2L정도의 물을마시고 배변활동유도를 하였습니다.
    2.탄수화물,밀가루,인스턴트식품을 줄입니다.
    3.적어도 하루에30분씩 운동을 합니다.
    4.공복시간을 늘립니다.(예: 저녁 6시까지만 먹고 그 그뒤로 안먹기)
    5.식사 후엔 바로 눕지 않습니다.
    긴이야기 들어주셔서 감사합니다. (수정할부분이 있으면 말씀해주세요!^^)

  8. You were so frkn hot before!
    I bet if you lived in a different country you would’ve be called „model“ or nearly „to skinny“ with your before figure!
    It’s just crazy to me what people do to fit in.
    You’re gorgeous honey!

  9. Meu, 60 kilos não é nada. Eu tenho 14 anos e peso quase 70kl, ontem eu me senti bem comigo mesma, hoje, vendo esse vídeo me sinto pior do que qualquer pessoa Mano. Esse vídeo é um erro

  10. Naneun ttohan salamdeul-i nae
    eongdeong-ileulbogo issdago saeng-gaghamyeo, geugeos-eul deopgo baenang-eul hamkke naelyeo nohgi wihae jeongmal keun beullauseuleul ile-eossseubnida. Dwieseo naleul deopneun geos-i eobsdamyeon gwichanhge neukkibnida. Tib jusyeoseo gamsahabnida, naneun-i daieoteudo hal geos-ibnida. 😊

  11. You Are Really A True Girl Actually Speaking Of What It Feels When You Are Fat Or Just Overweight . A Lots of Love And Good Wishes From India .

  12. FAT me: 80kg
    FAT korean: Oh, 54kg.
    So, when you 'll be skinny? 30kg? Or when you totally dissapear or fly away with wind?
    That's a little bit sad and crazy.

  13. 헐 대박이시다 짱이시다ㅠㅠㅠ어떻게 하셨지? 이러면서 들어왔는데 왜 좋아요 눌러져있어??ㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. Saben cuanto esta la bebida holliwood 48 horas en mi país? JA..JA.. $7.519. Una sola botellita. El alquiler de un departamento. Prefiero no comer todo el mes y llorar x los rincones.

  15. El aparato digestivo deja de trabajar a las 10pm lo que quiere decir que lo que comamos después de las 10pm ya no se digiere y se convierte en grasa 🙂
    Por cierto gracias por el vídeo.

  16. When i live back in seoul, i was arond 15 year old, i was being caled fat an som pople gave me the nick name of pig or elifant, i think i was 15kg at the time, tinking abot it now i was sevirly under weiht. (Sorie, english is not my first languge)

    한국어는 실제로 제 첫 언어입니다. 영어를 배우는 메신저이므로 제발 미워하지 마세요 …하지만 기본적으로 내가 말하는 것은 서울에 살 때 약 15 살이었고 사람들은 저를 지방과 돼지라고 부르거나 코끼리, 당신은 그런 것들을 알고 있지만, 나는 이것에 대해 지금 생각하고 15kg 밖에 안 됐습니다, 나는 지금 18 살이고 체중은 50kg인데, 나는 여전히 내 나이의 몸무게입니다. 그리고 지금은 미국 사람들이 항상 좋아 보인다고 말하고 있습니다.

  17. 아 제발 영어댓글 보기싫어 해석도 못하는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 모국어우선으로 보기기능 넣어줘라 유튜브야 …
    나중에도 먹을수있다는 마인드가 진짜 중요함 밤 10시에 배고프면 내일아침일찍일어나서 먹어야지 하면 참을수 있고 막상 일어나면 안땡김 그때서야 어제그건 마구니..가 아니고 헛배고픔이란걸 알수있음

  18. 운동은 할 시간 없는데..아침은 조금 먹고 점심은 절대 안먹고 저녁은 2분의1공기만 먹는데.. 살이 안빼져요 왜 그럴까요? 정상이긴 한데 좀 더 빼고 싶어요..참고로 학생이고저녁10시까지 공부)

  19. ive been on a diet before and i lose some pounds in three weeks only my diet plan: no sugar no oil and i should not eat in the morning and just drunk some tea, in the afternoon i will eat 100 grams of STEAMED chicken and 3 spoon of rice and you need to get rid of the excess rice so you need to like wipe it of i dont know the term sorry im not so good in english and if you got hungry just eat an half sliced apple and i wear corset too for three weeks. My relatives are so shookt about my transformation and my uniform is so big to me so we need to go the seamstress and shes also shookt she asked me If I drink some medicines or some tea to help me to lose weight and she cant believw it because it just only three weeks so yeah. I just eat 500 calories a day i mean it does need to be exact 500 calories. I HOPE IT WILL HELO YOU GUYS

  20. Im 40 kl……. and for my age is really bad but i dance everyday so idk more what my weight is XD i dance k-pop and i do jungkooks workout rutine and i eat vegetabels and everytime im done with dancing nd all those things i eat 1 chocolate piece but a mini one :<

  21. beauty standarts are funny, I mean, I am overweight and I often feel insecure and all, but for me your "fat" self is really hot hahahahha, at least here in Brazil, its considered hot, I want to lose weight so I can look like you when you were overweight bleh

  22. 정말 고마워요, 난 정말 체중 감량 필사적 조언을 따를 것입니다, 나는 매우 뚱뚱합니다 ….. 나는 멕시코에서 왔어요

  23. 댓글 보면서 느낀건데 진짜 나라마다 선호하는 몸무게나 몸매가 다 다르구나.. 물론 어떤 쪽이 나쁘고 어떤 쪽이 좋다기 보다는 그냥 다른 곳 가서는 매력적으로 보일 수 있는 사람들이 뚱뚱하다고 여겨지면서 자기 스스로 만족을 못한다는 게 조금 씁쓸하네요

  24. I'm really impressed! How can she walk 15k steps/day.. my best achievement around 10k and I did that only 1 time.. Guess I have to fix my habit

  25. Mido 1,65 y peso 55 kilos, eso significa que estoy llenita para los asiáticos??? Me surgió la duda.
    Tal que estás divina sin importar cuánto peses 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. Aquí está el comentario en español que estabas buscando. xD

    Que loca la diferencia de culturas ¿No? , aquí es normal pesar 50 Kg o mas.

  27. Espero y entiendas este comentario, tu cuerpo es de tí, de ambas formas te ves bonita, no tienes que bajar más de peso, así eres perfecta, siempre lo has Sido 💜

  28. I guess 54 KG with your age was really good … im so sorry that every one in asia want to be sooooo thin 😨🖤 Yes of course everybody want to weight not that much but now you weight 40 KG right?…

  29. Sem querer ofender ou algo do tipo… Mas ter 58 kg é estar gordinha? ( ser acima do peso não é ofensa, ok?) Deve ser na Coréia né, já que o "peso ideal" para os coreanos (eu acho) é menos de 50kg :/

  30. MEU DEUS SÓ EU QUE ACHEI ELA INCRIVELMENTE LINDA GORDINHA??? ESTAVA MARAVILHOSA, SUPER MULHERÃO… mas infelizmente a Coreia é bem preconceituosa com esse tema, mas enfim te desejo tudo de bom e faça o que te faz feliz!! beijos do Brasil 💞

  31. 1:24 she looks so perfect, her body is soooo nice before and after.. i don't understand people who actually thinks that she looked ''fatty''

  32. When I was 60kg (156cm) I felt fat too I totally understand this but now I wish I was 60kg cuz stress turned me into 70kg I just hope I find a healthy way to get into 53kg

  33. 1. 작은 습관 하나 지키기
    2. 배부르게 먹지 않기 (배고픔이 사라질 정도만
    3. 7시 이후에 아무것도 먹지 않기
    4. 사진으로 내 상태를 기록하기
    5. 걷기
    6. 다이어트 보조식품에 너무 의존하지 않기

    1. Grow one habbit, rather than planning everything
    2. Don't eat until you feel full to the top
    3. Don't eat after 7:00 PM
    4. Record your body with pictures
    (Not too often)
    5. Walk
    6. Don't rely too much on diet products

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