morning good morning my song is on 4% I'm going to charge it just a little bit before we leave but um I'm so tired and sleeping I don't know why I'm so sleepy this morning well I was up late look everybody I was up late yeah anyway um I told the kids that they got up doesn't wanna like only home they can come running stairs with me so you know who woke me up and sits like hey you getting up don't take a night why am I still asleep who so Chris woke me up and he's ready to go you ready to go off mm-hmm okay hey please breathe over home and I need to UM shower I'm sweaty you can see us what I am and I got this thing I'm sweating through this things I can't take these leg things off first I must walk on water I was drinking at other water which I needless I make sure so kids I have oh I made them some up in some she got they stuff ready they haven't either serum banana banana Sarah and he's smoking I mean he's been internet chocolate chip muffins y'all know honey recipe I don't think I even showed y'all yesterday but they're just like little muff I said ever really good yeah they have eggs in them dough and butter so that's the McKee is shy they eat that we need to find us something some kind of healthy dessert that don't have so many cars might use some almond flour gotta make mine right so it's Sunday at and here there's Sunday and I need to weigh in good morning blender feels everyone today is Sunday I move a little oh I'm just tired that's all no reason to be moving slow made up the bed got clothes hanging up ready to do a throat talk for you guys I'm gonna try to that today I am still in my PJs I stood in my pajamas understand I'm about to put the tights on and the chain top if I can find it I just thought to myself where is their tank top I remember washing it and it might get washes so we might have to do a different color today yeah I'm sure you out of mine so I did do a print out of the sheet um I have my sheet here from June and then I would here in fact up another one with the final results I went ahead and did like the final result so I started off on June 16 and this way I started and then from there that's where you see so that's one week two weeks three weeks of like actually measuring and losing this is just a start and then this is the three weeks so that's my total one to two weeks because they ended June right then I started this is the third week which was July 7th and then this would be the fourth week and it was on the tally it all up and see what we've done in four weeks because I didn't start on June first which I probably showed us on the 16th but honey I started it right so that's all that matters so now we're on this sheet and it just starts at July 14 and I'll end it at July 28 when I take well I'll be on my trip then but I measure when I get back and we'll see but let's go ahead and change clothes so oh yeah I don't even know if I have I don't have a green tank top in here this is grab a black tank top I mean what's the big deal right a black tank top and this partner stroller and there's crab oh man did I even watch the tight side is it be there okay so I have the tights and a tank you should really be able to see the yellow tape on this and I'm done go ahead and get dressed yes they're 13 a half so I'm sure my aunts haven't changed so too sure my arms have not changed yes I've been doing more with my arms and I think I'm doing the muscle more than anything yeah same thing 13 a half 13 a half this part last week where I was like so like tripping on your that's crazy so just put down sweet say say 33 I keep going with 34 everybody right here here so I'm what I'm doing is I'm measuring over this role but what I probably should be doing it just mentioning fairly button so I think I'm gonna start measuring my belly button to where since 36 that's what she looked like from the side so look girl you just see those squats look I was last working I got a little I got a little something to it live now see that I don't know how that I'm but she's a fat little pancake that it's some blacks first boy two and a half that's the same thing as last week ain't no change and then change let's do this video I don't remember being up here you have there like in the middle of my thigh right so like 24 and a half we went down happens we'll take that will take that back to them oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute when T four and a half years so we'll take that so I just calculated every well I didn't calculate everything I just wrote everything down so from the beginning what my neck it was like 13 1/2 we went down to 13 inches now from the beginning of chess 39 and a half which is best right here I could tell this is so much slimmer I don't have all the extra fat coming out like I still got some fat coming my bra but not like perform 39 half to 37 no 36 36 total arms we're reaching 14 they're down like 13 and a half that's just half inches but we'll take that until we tone this a lot of this is it's gonna be skin so until we can get that skin and their tone I mean it's nothing to do about it so half inch on both orange the belly I knew I was voted in because they told me to stare worse but go straight there and when I had my procedure done on my back and he did I was so bloated I kept saying it over and over but this is a witness to what that steroid did it literally literally bloated me because I went from a 39 where I was measuring up here to where is it so 33 and a half crazy it's crazy was there was four do to you Embry understand I'm here originally 44 we had 42 and a half my left eye right thigh 26 and a half and beginning we are now down to 24 and a half we'll take that high five high five for him does it does it easy to get rid of so once again raise him up high five left knee was 16 1/2 right knee was 17 mm I told you how my knees always been like awesome whatever we are down to 15 and a half now so I'll take that one inch off one and one 1/2 hour further I'll take it thank you Lord for it and I know I can't be doing more now and I will be doing more now I kind of know what's working for me now we're gonna get that pain left calf right calf on the first week I don't even measure because I think I was like me what should i but then I ended up doing it started at 16 we at 15 have my calves I always been like really big like calves I've always had light you see there's no like jiggle nothing they're just like strong calves like calf muscles always had that it's all do it though as they're running so I'll be back to running I'll be back to the there's this week I'm going to drop that bread this week the only bread I'm gonna allow myself to have is the English muffin bread last week I went I did overboard I think I ate some pasta with the kids that's weeks I was too late to fix my own kool-aid a hoagie bread thing with a sausage in it I posted on Instagram y'all started everybody was like girl I look good feel rows Chipotle sausage is so good but I should eat it myself cause it's already 207 calories and then put us that I had last week that was a no I did taste a piece cover but I didn't eat it I had oh and I didn't eat all my food like I was fooled one day I was ridiculous and ate a big meal I saw that and put it away and ate some more later instead of having three small meals so I'm back to three small meals and doing the smoothies y'all seen the desserts I've been making the mango with a little bit tablespoon I don't things are tablespoon tablespoon agave and mango agave and coconut water Yoga is so refreshing so refreshing last night I suffered a fire when I thought was hungry I did a handful of frozen blueberries agave and coconut water and I was just in my bed like Oh y'all it was so good anyway sugar too late at night oh well I'm proud of myself let me tell you how much I've lost all over all right so I've calculated I uh I have my charts in my sheets you don't believe me go back check me if you want 19 inches all over my body now the weight okay the way originally was I went back to my chart from when my doctor or released me after this shot and after I went to the chiropractor so I didn't take the way from like the shot I take the I took the way from two weeks after a chiropractor when he said go run workout stretching your back and he gave me my exercises to do but y'all not obviously in a chiropractor three to four days a week for six months until the procedure and all that then I'm going to see the doctor a couple of times it's been a mess but that day was 207 and he told me don't get discouraged a lot of this gonna be water weight and bloat and it's gonna be you're gonna feel swollen all over front procedure just take this way and know that you're gonna lose the weight and get back to where you were before and then I told him I'm not trying to get back to where I was before maybe three years before when I first worked out and lost 84 pounds but not this before and he was like okay well let me know what you do in in 30 days so I left him a message on his voicemail Friday and told him I went from 207 to 180 8.8 sir excuse you and so I'm sure he's gonna call me back I'll end it with something because he's crazy he's cool but I'm going back to see him soon just for checking my upper neck and just to check some more things in my lower back because I I just like the way they feel when I get adjusted now it was awesome and so I'm proud of myself 19 inches all over and that's just what I've measured that's not like me measuring like this way or I tell you like my underbelly you know that underbid I know it's going down I just like the weight is going down to it I can't describe it but it's going down because some of the things I would have difficulty button or we look different and like a dress looks better I just want get to a point where I don't have to wear shapewear in a nice dress when you're going somewhere nice you know to me I wanna be able to even though shapewear just it just smoothes you out I don't I want to wear because it smoothes out not because I need to nip took info fat you don't saying y'all know what I'm saying so it got out there and y'all working out don't get discouraged if you only losing two inches here three insincerity over a week over four weeks time calculate at the end and be like dang okay and then realize what an inch is realized let me show you something something realistically like realistically let me show you something let me show you some reason we visual creatures a lot of us right nineteen inches I lost off my body somewhere somehow in different parts right so let's go to let's go to something crazy like the Oh like when I was bloated with my stomach so let's go to so what did I lose over there total so this how much total I lost just off of my bloat stomach because my son was stuck out like this and then it wouldn't go down because six inches total it's gone you know what 60 that's a lot let me take something measure measure measure forget that skill I'm ever gonna show you someone mosquito it's me just in case she was wondering look at that so last last week I was felt bloated after heavy I was cramping or bad it was one eighty eight point eight is one eighty eight point five so I don't know if this cuz I had water in tea this morning all right because it's like really twelve o'clock when I'm doing this time later than what I have normally way myself but that that thing they move that's their better move but I got two and a half inches on my body like that scale is going like slow so from 207 is where I started right eighteen point eighteen point five in pounds of eighteen point five fat pounds off because I don't have like water no more I don't have water no more this is me this is just all fat and rose this and this is just got water this is just fat you know saying and most of that I'm building like I told you my arms are like starting to look like something look at that definition right there mom ooh and they so I'm so all over here I'm starting to see collarbones were you being will you being looking at collarbone girl you've been had she come in a bag she coming up bring them out bring them out yeah so it is what it is we're gonna keep working on him you don't keep going I thought by the four weeks twenty pounds would have been on actually though because their first week I weighed I think I had our wrist or to lose away because I was trying to consciously eat better whatever their first week was 197 so yeah technically any lost that much you know if you look at it and four weeks in weight on the scale but in inches your girl is losing babies nineteen inches that's a whole baby live I'm dissing my guys I'm about to go fix me some some think this morning and courage how to eat healthy this morning who is funding we starting over we start Novus a new week what are we gonna do different with this week we're gonna hit them stairs and we're gonna run you're gonna stay with them wait fingers and then we're gonna record that more I think when I recorded more I end up doing more because I pressed myself to do more you know I mean another thing this week we're gonna make sure we eat enough we're not gonna make a big huge meal and not eat it they're not eat for the rest of day we're gonna eat us three minutes a day you know be healthy minutes whether it's two meals and a snack in between a smoothie when the fruit things I'm liking in 11 right now or we just want to do like mini stylist want to do something to where we're eating three times we gotta get that metabolism going I don't want my body to be like oh she only East once a day and and there's she don't even finish her food now when it's eat its 133 so I put a little bit of that vegan butter a tablespoon of really table and a half a chair and a table and a half of flax and here to make some oatmeal it might good enough for me to have for today and tomorrow and I could just put the rest and they pertain er so I'm out of there nutmeg I just been to move for like fall I don't know y'all come about oh I'm so ready son put some in here let's have my nutmeg migrator I like old-fashioned oats oh yeah what it is about cereal I wasn't all excited about it so yeah the kids have instant oats and I do like still kudos if I had to fix it early in order for me to be able to eat it cuz it takes a while I'm washing home shower getting rid of from my throat ah hey alright come on just get in here Oh under this is not happening me running my mouth turn it down I should be but that's to cut down the eat like three quarts overcook a little bit more cash in on the cash you know I like this one I told y'all because it's only 25 calories per cup so I like that one definitely more than almond oh yeah so I have some chorizo this is feel those pretty so so it is a I think this is what be gone this is a very I think you have anything in it no eggs or nothing this was a sausage – like you cook it me take the plastic off so I think i'ma go and do that and nice I love wine there's 1242 and that's the guy went on soccer so I'm just gonna eat something anatta while I wait long enough the summary scans like a plastic boundless and they put on it close enough on your skin like analyst me so it's different plastic or some form of something they put on here like a casing to keep the saucers together since it's not you know real meat or whatever we're gonna it's hot these for these alright so no need to really measure this because almost don't put some in this bowl that's all I'm making a mess and nothing pretty about this the other day alright so I am ready measure this pocket cups yeah yeah there's still a lot left in here though a lot that's why he's just a little bitty little bitty boat at the little side dishes you forget it restaurant and I'm going to supply in here I'm gonna use this Blue Agave like I always do I use it when it's time to eat instead of putting it Sweeting into the whole meal that way I end up using this young basilica door open it's morning out at the dogs after this a fly in here me all over the place oh this one like to chow down on and a cup of coffee I have a taste for um upper tomato rice like a spicy over tomato rice and like fried corn so yeah I know right alright so I have two bags the open side have some leftover because I feel like eating the whole bag over I know Oprah – these bags a little bit of fun out of all up in here in just a little bit you don't hear about it all for this young a lot so do I use my liquids are really gonna come from your Tomatoes so I got two of these bags in here I'm gonna buy a type of all of like some Italian seasoning it's just when I'm Italian herbs it's all mixed in here which is like basil and oregano all right so we're gonna add some black pepper the same thing about a tablespoon so inside my pond right here it's like the taste funny that's what I say it's actually less them takes longer you get you get no seats are not want cumin in here come on little cumin just a little bit not a lot just a little something just a little something for that that flavor I don't know yeah just a little bit hardest half like this thing shot right here and this is way too much way too much all right so that's all that in there well move this around a little bit now to this I'm gonna try to add red onion some green onion we don't have come on don't have any bell pepper I don't think let me see what we have I know we don't have meeting outside going to hang outside but I did pick some peppers from outside today some of these hot peppers so I think I throw one ease in here some of these banana peppers for my side though somebody's in here and I just don't know how hot this one's gonna be though I think this one might be too hot either this is I can't remember but we're gonna chop it up and see you know each other now I'm going to add some garlic instead if I draw a powder or granulated go out almost might add some minced garlic in here I like green how many anything much I'm sorry the small one a small purple anything whatever you like one of these dots are the three onion let's get this all right so inquiring minds what I know what is y'all what is your like one of your favorite meals that you don't really eat a lot but you do eat it it go down might give you like yes like what is that what notice that for you for me it's like I don't even a lot later twice a year because that's how I eat it I don't feel well but it's like five fish with fried corn with all that butter and all that like Mexican corn net corn and I like I like Charlie my son go I like all Mexican food anything missing anything missing it's easy mr. honey all right peppers are all chopped up let's get these fingers chopped up in here sweating in producing some fragrance in this house some aromatic fragrance honey I hope this means thank somebody coming chew gum I bought them just to cut on your singing shut out to the person told me she's young I tried to thought ease out they left over I tried to saw these out and some water didn't I always thought up a child we want to work it out let's figure this out cover to put this thing here a couple of times but I want my fried corn I'm gonna put it as at this um what is that fish yeah as if it's a fried chicken so we can get it going you know just a regular quantize and I can't diced tomatoes to the Oprah with the fans and a suppers see but this is enough it might need two cans as I'm using two bags of Oprah so since I used to laugh at a tomato paste and the last of the tomato sauce on the kid so Sonia I just added another can just so happen to have another can that's pretty much own thing already buying cans is like the RO tail or the diced tomatoes and then sometime black beans and bro Bonzo every called chickpeas or whatever that's about it but that I buy when it comes to like cans we don't really buy canned food nine times out of ten we'll have like one of those cans one of these diced tomatoes in the house for sure I sprayed one stuff like the butter spray turn them over spray the other side put it back in here for about 15 minutes and you're gonna have some like brown like crispy air fried corn yeah it's so good at home to see it like this is better than boiling : I don't know and then you know it takes away from you actually frying the corn to your enemy so like I said I'm going to use this better spring so the adobo and then a little bit of garlic well I have garlic powder so I don't need garlic so see we gotta go to cotta somewhere hey I put like two and a half cups of this over here you go I just I'm just wondering just on payment of mine I'm using a cup of rice I probably need this much rice cuz I already eat this much rice hold on I'm just gonna put that on top like that or the okra and tomatoes about I don't know 3/4 3/4 cups of rice and here the air fryer ding ding so let's make our way over to the air fryer but this is what this looks like so far just a little bit of rice autosound airfryer traders to over us some kisses on your tongue okay I'm gonna just sit for a while in here we have the veggie crumbles at the veggie meat spinach mushrooms you're like tomato sauce that you're gonna draw like the spaghetti sauce but we bought the one who didn't have sugar at it and I can't remember the name it's like some organic Myers to one Myers and then it has like mozzarella cheese a little bit of sparkle on top of the yellow cheese because we held up in the frigerator green onions I think that's about it that's in there but they'll eat that a little bit really cool for a second we're gonna stop this thing stop this for a second light is I mean it's almost 8 o'clock it's kind of making me eat look at a car yes I noticed have a lot of sodium got so just every time yeah I know I'm gonna took a lot of water and I miss with all this sodium out in the morning when I work out it's all good it really is but I just have was taste with something really spicy and my spicy new tonight it's just okra tomato rice which is a crispy corn shut out to the airfryer so make sure this is cooked all day put him keys come down here because I know they're gonna bring they put down here trying to dig in here I just want to make sure because I don't want them to come down here look at all that spinach I love him come out here and it's not really so it's good alright let's get us one of these one of these one of those um I bought some big swigs about the which one is this this is prickly pear and cucumber and I Meneses the Kiwi lime this one tastes good I like the aftertaste you don't really have a taste as to aftertaste not I mean but these are so good if there's high as favi Chris it was so crisp when you drink it there so right they don't have it and just like the other sparkling waters I buy I try to make sure they don't have sodium after y'all jumped on me and just like always I did not feel my clothes thank you a shout out to our new subscribers I didn't say anything I just I hope the video but thank you all for watching I appreciate you all rocking with me throughout this weight-loss journey this fat loss journey whatever you want to call it thanks for hanging out with me watching me cook my little meals not a good stuff let me know if you eat okra and how do you cook your okra that's what I'm gonna know and I will see you guys on the next video have an amazing day peace and blessings

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