30 Min Advanced Full Body Workout With Weights // Burn 220 Calories

30 Min Advanced Full Body Workout With Weights // Burn 220 Calories

Hi guys, I’m Christine Khuri and welcome to your interval blast workout so for this workout We’re going to use two sets of weights, and I really want you to have a heavier set of weights It’s a little bit of a more intense workout, and I want you to try to challenge yourself So try to get at [least] above a 5 I have both just in case alright So we’ll be going up down around make sure you have the space to do this and let’s warm it up So we’re going to stretch [it] up, and we’re just going to take it down We’re going to come in and out so a little bit quicker than you think [and] you’re just going to pulse it out for 15 14 13 12 11 10 [9] 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and then side to side So you’re going to reach 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8? 9 10 11 12 so 8 more swing the arms 6 5 4 3 2 [good] now hold it to the right turn to the right stretch back right arm lifts up Bring it back down lengthen bring yourself up. Take a big stretch Bring it down lengthen to the left side Lift the left arm up twist [cut] bring it all the way up squeeze your inner thighs balance stretch up Come back to Center [inner] thigh stretch hold your other side hold breathing over [to] breathe and Then again, [just] ten times to shift it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten good, take one big straddle stretch Bend the knees roll up, and then we’re going to start so we’re going to start with your heavy weights need to bring them in Turn the toes slightly out and you’re going to hold the weight on your shoulders, so I don’t want them to come here I want me to go here and my weights are heavier So just going to sit into a deep squat My elbows are coming to my knees don’t be afraid you’ll be fine and come up, so we [knew] [fifteen] of those three [oh] one and up two three four five six [seven] [eight] nine ten five more go five four three two One whole turn to the right and you’re going to pull in 115 [-] [three] [-] 15 of everything four five six seven eight nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen [fourteen] Fifteen switch and row remember we’re using the heavier weights now one two three [four] five six seven eight nine Ten Five more four more three more two more now, listen weights down Hands down, and you’re going to jump your feet to your hands 15 times, so in one back two three four five eight nine ten five more four more three two one Grab the weights back up [alright] that was round one right into two so right back down so lift one two three four five six nice and low Remember seven eight nine Ten five more five four three two One okay [Rows] one two three four five six seven [eight] nine Ten five more four more three two one switch sides one two three four five six seven eight Nine ten, okay last five four three two last one bring it down ready and Interval jump it in one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three Two one Grab the weights Last time bring it up. There’s no break. I’m sorry bring it down one and two and [three] and four and five six nice and low seven eight nine ten so five more four more three more two More one More turn and row it out one two three four five Some of you can even double it up right you’re strong enough, so right here so pull Ten so last five five four three two One so remember your back muscles are really strong muscles You can use a lot of weight here one and you won’t get big you can’t get big with this three four and then if you doubled it up on the other side Ten more nine eight seven six five four three two one down last time here Remember beat two hands not feet two hips and we go [fifteen] one use your abs drop two three four five six seven eight three two one Come up, no wait Nice job, all right, so let’s slow it down for a second you can use your light weight to your heavy weights Bring it in and we’re just gonna do a straight set of arms. All right, okay left Leg back right leg forward arms up alternating one palms in two three four five six seven eight nine Ten give me ten More ten nine eight Seven Six five four three two one Arms down feet together we’re going to do alternating lunging backwards But instead of going straight back to six o’clock you’re going to go out to an angle [four] o’clock So then you go out to the right and center Left and center, and then we’re going to have bicep curls remember you’re stepping out so seven o’clock five o’clock Seven o’clock five o’clock. So just uses a little bit of a different muscle than just going [straight] back here Great [alright], so let’s do 12 more 1 2 remember stepping back in an Angle 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 for more two and one bring [these] down. Let’s take a tiny tiny tiny little outbreak. So you’re going to take your feet wide You’re going to bring your hands behind your head so side bending, right? so we like to have this nice cut here, so you come down 1 2 3 4 and make sure you’re flat 6 7 8 9 10 [11] 12 so 8 7 6 5 4 3 [2] 1 now Twist down to Down 3 Twist 5 6 7 eight nine ten Ten more squeeze rotate rotate rotate rotate [six] five four three two One hold right arm left leg squeeze into obliques [20] times one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten more nine more eight Seven to really squeeze five four three Two one left side oh, please squeeze 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 5 Squeeze 4 3 2 1 breathe inhale Exhale take it down inhale Extend the Spine handling pride Exhale take it down Stop on the knees roll up, and we’re going to do our second blast so heavy weights again this time You’re just going to use one wait to renew three rounds again Two exercises one cardio blast this time we’ll be doing a burpee squat thrust whatever you want to call it all right? so we’re going to do fifteen a Fake kettlebell swings use your weight work, and then we’re going to move into burpees so right here So you’re going to bring it in and bring it up [alright]? And I want you to snap your hips forward so when you’re fifteen one Two so really swing but don’t go over your head five six and snap your hips forward seven eight nine Ten Give me five more four three two One step the feet together Hold this weight really strong in the right arm. Okay? I don’t want to bend. I want it straight left hand to your hip One right side – do not let the right arm bend three strong for 510 on each side five more hold it strong and three two One bring it in left Arm strong [lock] and [load] the left shoulder blade one two three four five six seven [eight] nine Ten draw it in okay here. We go hit the deck into burpees. We take it back clap the hands one. Take it back [to] four doing ten five six seven eight [nine] and ten Come down grab your weight again heart rate should be way up counts down and [into] swings so down one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three Snap the hips to one feet together right hand [lock] and [load] right leg ten times one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten So your heart rate [should] be way up by now because I’m bad so left like one two arm loaded three four five six seven eight Nine, okay, wait down. Let’s hit. It burpees. Take it in jump up last five four and One okay last round weights up Wide stance swings one two three four five six seven eight [9] [10] [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] forward lunge, right Leg 1 2 3 4 5 strong Arm strong Arm 6 7 8 9 10 switch last round we got this [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] 10 all right drop it burpees last set 10 times take it out and in and up Halfway [5] more up Two and one all right check it out All right straight set grab your heavy weights again. If you need to go to the light ones at this point. Go ahead so you’re actually going to drop one weight [on] [to] the ground and You put one way to the side we’re going to grab it in a second, so you’re going to lift this up Send it to the sky Bring it down big squat switch arms. Send it to the sky bring it down up Down the entire time you’re looking forward and up it’s your glutes that push back [and] reach okay, and up And up, so you have ten more so one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten Okay into the tricep second set one to 15 of these three four five six seven [eight] nine Ten five more keep it strong three two One bring it to the right arm bend at the elbow one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten Five more four more three more two more okay now hang in there. This is the hard one take it right between the legs down and up one and two and three and four And now we lift five, so [fifteen] jumps one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five more four more three two one last set Bring it down. Take a breath inhale and hit it exhale down one two three four five six seven eight [nine] Ten so Halfway Ten More ten nine, eight seven six five four three two We hold on one up and here. We go one two [three] four five six seven stay strong eight nine Ten five four three two one second set tricep go 1 2 3 4 5 six seven eight [nine] Ten five four three two one home stretch, we got this ready 1 2 3 4 5 and we jump way to jumps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5 4 3 2 1 bring it in turn the left foot in right foot out soften the right leg Take the left arm up take the right palm in and drive down Draw it up, so abdominals draw it down Draw it up, so kind of quiet down and soft knee down And up so use your core down up left Arm stay straight down Up two more all the way down if you wanna make it harder you reach for the foot up last one down Up bring it in right foot turns in laughs it turns out so both feet are turning to the left Soften the left knee Bring this arm up straight [hamed] and you go down all the way down one and use your core. This is all core two three Four and start reaching towards this look five Six so remember this is all core good and Last one bring it up bring it in all right. Let’s take that down Let’s take it down to the mat stretch it out a little bit do a little bit of core and we are out of here Take the right foot forward stretch into the left hip so just breathe into that left hip and Then if you have this in your body, I want you to lean to the left Bend the right leg reach back grab it stretch if you haven’t done this since high school, please don’t do it Bring it back and then [gently] release it Flex the right foot Bring it back left. Foot forward sink into the right hip so right hip flexor Right hand down. We’re going to lean a little bit to the right bend through grab the right foot open the chest and stretch Beautiful let it go left leg back hands down Come into a plank position here. You’re just going to shift back and hit the tree, so you’re going to lift the left leg up and You’re going to bring it in bring it to the right elbow Shift back send it up bring it to the left elbow bring it back right elbow back left Elbow back right elbow back left elbow Yep, two more one and last set right left here Hold it up put it down straighten yourself out drop it down for ten and nine and eight and seven and six five four three Two one Take it back stretch Shift it forward left leg up bring it to the left elbow Bring it up bring it to the right elbow up left up, right up left up Right up last set left right down ten push-ups one two three four five six seven eight nine ten stretch it back little downward dog bend the right knee bend the left knee Look forward to your hands. You already jumped before jump it in Lay it down bring it back hands behind the head crunch up one two three four five Six seven eight are you still with me nine? Ten Eleven [Twelve] Thirteen, so we’re moving really quick through the end of this Okay, legs up bicycle one two three four five six seven eight nine. Ten Eleven twelve fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen really extend really twist Twist twist twist twist twist [all] I care about mostly is the twist and the extension not how fast you go Doesn’t matter how fast you go if you’re not twisting [alright] and Last Thirty one two three four five six seven eight nine, [ten] [Eleven] [twelve] [Thirteen] [Fourteen] [fifteen] [sixteen] [Seventeen] [eighteen] [nineteen] [Twenty] ten more nine eight seven six five four three two one head down legs up give me a reverse curl looked up and Tap down lift up and tap down. So way up Tap down way up Tap down now. That’s pretty easy, and this is inert Easy workout So I want you to hold at the top three two one tap down three two one Tap down Three two one tap down three more sets three two one tap down Three two one now. I say tap and when you hurl down three two one take a breath and We’re going to add on to lift up twist right left, right? Take it down twist left right left Down [right] left right? down left right left Down [right] left right? down left right left Last set right left, right? Left right Left bring it down stretch your arms overhead stretch your legs breathe [so] take a breath We’re not done All right, curl yourself up breathe. Take a stretch. Just open just open the hips very laughing I swear to God Bring it up Right arm up left arm up right leg up Left arm up some of you have extension in your body some of you. Do not keep it bent. Take it down breathe Take it up, breathe Take it down Take it up Take it [down] Take it up pause very lasting double time ten times we round so one up two up three up arms up four five six seven eight nine ten Hold it down breathe breathe arms over the head three ten nine eight seven six five You’ve got this four three two and let it go Bring your right knee in twist it over Bring it back to Centre lift it up stretch bend the left leg cross the right over the left drop the whole thing to the left and just Breathe so twist it out So this should stretch all through that hip But don’t hold it. Just let it go Bring it back in Lengthen the right Leg Lift and twist it to the right so spinal twist keep the left shoulder down So try to relax enough that you get a little bit of a twist out of this Bring it back up Stretch it up Then the right cross the left over like you’re sitting in a chair drop the whole thing To the right side, but keep looking [left] Okay, roll to the right side Take it up cross the legs Give a little shake roll through the rest inhale lift it up Exhale [right] Arm down left arm up just quick stretch here up other side [shutting] bring the arms down [so] I hope you’re as wiped out as I am cuz I’m ready for a nap. Good night

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  1. Christine, I love your workouts…. I feel the burn every time. My body sculpts so easily and I've put on good muscle and gained significant strength, as well as losing weight. I can not thank you enough. PLEASE can you do a dedicated thigh workout (inner and outer). Thanks in advance!! Keep up the boss workouts (best on YouTube). Ps I do all your workouts, two weeks in and my family have told me my bum has got bigger and firmer (they didn't know I was working out)

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  12. Excellent workout. I agree with what others say, re not having to listen to inane chatter throughout a workout. Very good, no nonsense, get the job done!

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  18. Hi Christine. you are right this is a very challenging workout. I did it for the fourth time.
    I am a man of 62 with level between beginner + and intermediate.
    I found out this one OK for me at 75%% speed and some useful rests in the second half. In addition I almost skip the last movement (abs), quite impossible to me at the end of this workout. I mostly use 5 kg (11 pounds) dumbells, otherwise 3 kg (6,6 pounds).
    Aniway thanks a lot for the great job you make ! I will struggle again with your videos.

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