30 Min Full Body Workout // Abs Arms Core Glutes Legs Thighs

30 Min Full Body Workout // Abs Arms Core Glutes Legs Thighs

Everyone I’m Rebecca louise and today We’re gonna be doing a full body workout, [okay]? So we can be working our cars do the quads our booty our abs our arms. You’re gonna feel amazing Afterwards I’m Gonna start off with a little warm-up And then we’re just [gonna] do 12 reps of each exercise So nice and easy [gonna] keep you motivated [and] give that body [ok] let’s start up. We’re just gonna do a light jog We want to get that heart rate up [I]? Remember the whole time throughout this 30 minutes exercise You need to keep breathing because what breathing does is it gets the oxygen to the cells and [able’s] your muscles to keep working Okay, give me some [high-needs] Bring those knees nice and high to the chest. Here’s your heart rate getting up. It should be we’re gonna be feeling amazing Okay, and some booty kickers those hands behind your back Chest up, and it’s going back into those high knees Breathe come on guys. We got this I’m back into those booty kickers Okay, let’s take you into a stretch want your legs nice and wide I’m Gonna Bend down I will just go to hold for a second each side. We’re gonna be stretching out the inside of our legs So [you’re] ready to get pumped today cuz I’m ready. I’m ready to feel the burn in my legs and my abs and my booty Okay, let’s work those arms circle them around Really stretch up as high as you [can] go And let’s bring them forward Good start everyone are you ready to start being the burn in the legs? Awesome. Let’s do it your first exercise We’re gonna do lunges we have 12 on the right leg, so let’s take it down [I] want you to watch so that knee doesn’t go over your toe we have 12 That’s 11 Hold that back up nice and straight keep your core tight This is gonna help you pull up if you don’t have your back straight You’re not gonna be able to bring your back your legs together Keep it going You’re Gonna feel amazing You’re gonna feel like your legs are on fire. Keep it going two One okay when you come back down. We’re gonna pulse for 12 That’s it calm down knee to [the] ground as you [can] don’t let your knees touch the ground just keep coming up and down Can you feel the burn in the quads? Gimme three two One bring it back together. Okay. Let’s go straight over onto that left leg down we go squeeze those abs Good job everyone. Just think [about] how your body’s gonna. Look afterwards. We’re gonna look [pumped] breathe Keep that tummy nice and pulled in Just remember we’ve only got 12 reps of each exercise So as soon as you are you start really hot? We’re gonna be changing over Give me two more And you’re ready to [go] [in] for those pulses Bring it up our legs down 12 pulses 12 11 10 squeeze 8 7 6 5 4 [3] [2] 1 [okay], give those legs a shake. We are gonna. Go into squat jumps cloak the legs nice and wide [will] you do 12? Go spring up nice and Softly for your feet Going through the ground oh [three] two one Okay, I’m just gonna give you [two] a quick stretch on your quads you see that We’re stretching our muscles out you just tighten them all with some power So just hold that here take a moment to breathe Now let’s take on to the other leg breathe in And out okay. Let’s get ready to work those calf’s bring your legs together [your] legs hip width apart We’re Gonna go up to 12 Keep that tummy pulled in come on guys. You’ve got this I don’t want you for your heels to touch the ground okay? So just keep going up And down squeeze those abs one more hold at the top. We’re gonna pulse quickly Ten nine eight Seven Six five four three two one Okay, let’s go into a one-legged squat so leg out in front coming down. We got 12 Nice, and slowly squeeze those glutes as you get to the top Down and [up] how we’ve been in [every] [one]. It’s been a minute ago Yes, come on guys. We got this in the bag you can do it. I promise you As long as you just keep your body moving Are you gonna be working those muscles to? Give me one more bring it up straight on to the other leg. No rest. You should be feeling the burn. I’m feeling it 12:11 as you come to the top squeeze the glute Feel your butt working I’m trying to improve my booty trying to get bigger and more perk and this exercise is definitely [Gonna] do the job three two one Okay, we go back into those squat jumps. You just got 12 you can do it. Let’s go 12 11 10 count down with me. [hey] 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Okay, give your legs a shake now one thing that’s super important when you guys are working out is to stay hydrated [that’s] what happens when you work out. You sweat your body loses all of its new tricks We’re gonna make sure that our body keeps working efficiently, so I always make sure I keep hydrated ah can that pace can Okay, you ready to work that booty yes, you are come down to the ground Are you to extend your right leg in the air and we’re gonna pulse up for 12 keep that tummy pulled in and just pulse 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 [ok] bring your knee into the chest and extend your leg out we have 12 of these We’re gonna be working from right side first, and then [gonna] take it over to the left. So you really are gonna feel that burn Squeeze those glutes pull that tummy in you’ve got it just envision what you want your body to look like and work there do the exercises and [just] keep on improving. Maybe you can just do 10 or maybe 5 to start with ah Each time you’re gonna be able to do even more Last one ok I’m going to take it into fire hydrants out to the side you’ve got 12 of these Can you feel the burning me but I can definitely feel the left side is burning, but you know what it means. It’s working Keep it going squeeze and breathe Excellent job everyone keep up the good work We’re going to go next by exercise. Give me two more One okay, you’re gonna stay on this leg. I know that’s burning it feels good. We just got up and down for 12 10 9 keep your tummy pulled in 7 6 5 [4] 3 [2] 1 and guess what we’re gonna finish it with those pulses come on. You can do it just 12 Pull that tummy in on your head just a little bit in [front] of your hand keeping your shoulders open and Squeeze I can build a bird can you feel it it feels so good okay? Bring that leg down Let’s go on to the other side, so put your heel up to the ceiling and it’s pulse up to 12 [are] [you] doing exactly the same? Cuz I remember you doing one side you’ve got to do it on the other side gobber’s you’re gonna be lopsided [we] definitely don’t want that. Can you imagine of yourself being up to me [to] ripped out through the other side not know okay? We’re gonna do both sides you got to get both sides the most effort you can Okay, let’s take it through to the chest and out for 12 Are you breathing? Excellent remember if you’re not breathing when you stand up from doing exercise like this So super important. You keep hydrated, and you keep breathing. [that’s] [it] squeeze those squeeze those good Okay, what five to go five? Four make sure everyone counts three two Last one on this one, okay? You remember what’s next those fire hydrants out [to] the side keep those [abs] pulled in we just got 12? Nice, and easy, okay. You’ve got this breathe Mama I feel good. I feel my body morphing into shape already 5 4 3 2 1 okay, remember extend that leg [out]. We’re Gonna go up for 12 squeeze those glutes make sure your arms are nice and Straight to just [double-check] what your postures like it’s always importantly you just take a moment Maybe just stop the exercise have a looking for a mirror and double check [that] you’re doing it, right Who would you want to make sure [that] you’re maximizing your performance last one okay? Let’s pulse it for the last time. I know it hurts. It burns back. It’s gonna get us those results come on keep going Your lesson to go five. Oh three Two one and let’s just have a nice stretch Stretch out those arms sit back on your booty Poor and just take ten seconds just inhale and exhale as well gently oh Come up to sit. Okay [good] Keep working our booty so just when you could come down Flap on your mat and what we’re going to do is we are gonna do some bridges so arms out to the side Are you to come up to the top squeeze your legs together and then bring it down and then relax your legs, okay? So we’ve got 12 of these when you’re do it nice and slow Squeeze those legs together and bring it down Now sometimes I do this all in a different order sometimes [I] get a bit confused [who] so it’s okay Just as long as you’re squeezing and lifting at one point. Don’t worry You’re gonna feel it squeeze those legs together really working those quads, and the glutes bring it back down and relax up squeeze Come down good job. Everyone. See if you can go a little bit higher bring your hips up to the ceiling put your knees together squeeze and down Excellent job everyone how we feeling we’re feeling ready and raring to go whoo [I] feel good. My booty is working. I can feel the burn no pain no gain [up] We go few more keep it going Give me three more squeeze now nice and gently down And up again [bring] those knees together Down and give me one more make sure you’re making each one curl squeeze and down I can’t we’ll just stay in this position. [we’re] gonna extend our right leg out in front I I have a nice line all the way through okay so we’re just gonna go up for 12 nice and high are we to come down for about an inch or two off the ground bring it up and Down now the slower you can do it the more control the better your results are gonna be okay, because you’re really Controlling your body squeezing all your muscles bring it even higher Can you feel it and that left glute? [oh] my fields on fire? Feels so good right keep it going. [we] got five left on this side five Four come on guys you can do [it] just three to go are we gonna swap on to the other side Too why I want you to hold up here And bring it down. Oh Give your legs a [little] bit of a shake if you need to can get me feel the bed in my back Right left leg up we go squeeze and down When your arms are out to the side, I just want you to relax them [down], okay? Don’t rip onto the ground we want to use your glute and your pelvis to bring you up to the ceiling okay? So just for a little bit of support We feel alone. We’re getting a good workout it. Are you sweating. You should be? breathe That’s it guys. You’ve got this keep it going We’re gonna be working on our abs next so let’s make sure there’s last few of our booty ones. We’re really killing it 110 percent – And the last one up we go hold it here and release okay Let’s go into those abs so coming down We are just going to do 12 crunches. So just bring those shoulders up and down Squeeze those abs using those abs to bring you up squeeze Great job everyone. [we] just [want] to gently warm our abs up bring those shoulders off the ground Five you’ve got this four three two and the last one Okay, now I want you to come up to sitting We’re gonna do my [favourite] workout my [favourite] exercise. We’re gonna be doing the russian twist I’m gonna give you a couple of different [ways] to do it Just depending on which level you want to go to the first one. You’re gonna have your feet on the ground The second level you’re Gonna have it up and the third. You’re gonna cross So let’s try and give the cross in the [dog] straight away, okay. We’re gonna twist each side slowly Now when you’re doing this [exercise] you need your eyes to follow your hands you want to twist all the way around And just bring those legs across each other on the top. Where can I bleats okay? So this side muscle here? And squeeze five four three Two one now stay here. Don’t rest. Okay? We’re gonna go into bicycles [we’re] gonna Switch either side, so I want you to bring your elbow to [the] opposite moon We have 12 of these you’re doing this one after you do the russians Which you can really feel it in those leaks and feel it in this belly area and if you want to get a six-Pack always say abs are made in the kitchen [and] 80% but you look and feel like it’s out to nutrition, so Important a very important role, [okay] your abs should be on fire. I know mine Are we’re gonna keep working on them are we just flip over we’re gonna get into the plank position And you can either do this with your hands together or if you want to make it harder You can put your arms out like this, and you’re gonna open up the shoulder blades We’re gonna hold the plank and we’re gonna lift the right leg up Well to keep your back nice and straight you want to keep your tummy pulled in you’re gonna squeeze those glutes Squeeze the abs and just extend that leg into the air You’re gonna press hard with your toes onto your left leg to keep you supportive So I just want you to keep that leg standing up and down Nice and straight pull that tummy in give me one more on this side And let’s switch over to the other side get yourself nice and Pottsville Alex extend That left leg up for 12 Keep it going guys come on You’ve got this just envision what you want your body to look like and then [just] work to get it. [oh] Just a half an hour each day, or just every other day is really Gonna improve [your] overall toning and with the right nutrition. Oh, you’re just going to be on your way then he’s flying keep it going [ah] – And last one extend up and down, okay coming over onto your side We’re going to put one leg on top of the other one foot on top of the other You’re going to come up into a side plank, and we’re what you do is Just bend your knees, so your hip step and go down You can concentrate by looking at something just in front of you. It’s gonna help you keep your balance So up we go. I want you to really come up to the top so down and then stretch out Tip all the way down don’t let that booty touch the ground Slow and controlled [it’s] Gonna make it harder for you. Make sure the arms are in one line squeeze those abs working on so [bleat] and Keep it going guys. Come on. You’ve got this just one more Up you go hold it and you guessed it. We’re going to the other side You’re going to find one side easier than the other okay, so just make sure that the side you find harder [you’ve] got to work a little bit harder Okay up. We go. Just bend those knees now [and] [you] guys should I drop your hips to the ground and then push all the way back up again? So it’s just nice and slow movement. Just make sure that you come into that straight line as you come to the top and breathe Come on guys this feels good [right] there any time you need to take a break [just] [press] pause I’m not going anywhere. Keep yourself hydrated Remember what I said with sweating loads, so we want to make sure that [our] body stays efficient squeeze three two Give me one more come on. Keep smiling are we go? Okay, now just to give ourselves that extra burn We’re gonna go back into those russian twists and bicycles just 12 of each come on. We’ve got this Nice and slow use those oblique muscles The more you twist the more you’re [gonna] feel it in those obliques Twist round and if you’re finding that too difficult you [can] just keep your legs together [if] you want you can pop [it] down to the ground give me one more let’s go into those bicycles breathe inhale and exhale Excellent job everyone you’re doing amazing. [just] keep it going ah you can do this believe [in] yourselves Give me one more Pen Relax those legs the shoulders and rotate and I’m gonna take a quick trip Back down to the ground when you’re working that lower pooch This is the hardest part to work So if you’re struggling with this area, it’s okay, just so you [know] it’s super hard to work out Let me give you a great exercise. It’s gonna help you’ll have our legs in the air. We’re gonna do 12 flutter kicks We’re gonna open and that’s one okay So bring [that] lower leg as low down to the ground as you can and just switch it over Whoo come on three guys, abs working nice and slow Which in your legs? Put your [hand] underneath your bottom that’s gonna help, but sometimes people like to have it outside Just try and see what works for you. Give me two more come on Okay, relax those legs. Oh, [you] just flip over again And you’re gonna rest your head [onto] your hands or your chin, and you’re just going to extend the legs up at the back So nice and slow squeeze those [glute] Use those muscles So your abs working [whew] [the] [faster], I give them fire. Oh you [guys] feeling good you feel like you’re getting a good workout in Awesome keep it going you’re over harper’s group. How does that feel give me one more? Okay, let’s go a nice cat stretch just to stretch out those glutes in the back And then we’re going to start working on those arms Okay, so just think about opening up your shoulders just [in] [tail] for me and Exhale, okay, let’s start working those biceps and the shoulders. I want [you] to get into a nice white starts here with your arms We’re going to extend one leg in the [air] and we’re going to do a press up, okay So I want you to come down and up we’ve got [12] with our right leg extended And then we’ve got 12 with our left leg okay, so always making sure we do both sides Now when you calm down Just almost touch your nose to the ground keep that left leg the right legs are extended up Squeeze those abs in use your arms and shoulders To bring you up come on feel powerful. [oh] three Two that’s it. Give me one more Okay, switch over to the other side having no rest. I’m gonna go straight into it Twelve again, can you feel it in your arms [I] can feel the shoulders working [whoo] Keep it going guys. You’ve got this you watch your legs you weren’t your buck you [weren’t] your abs It’s no time to dedicate it to your arms and [your] back keep it going three Two come push the [letters] one one Okay, [so] [we] worked our shoulders. Let’s go into our triceps. Just come down sit on your bottom You’re gonna put your hands so that they are facing towards your feet and put them nice and close to our body Are we gonna come up? and we’re just gonna use our arms and our body weight to dip us up and down so don’t want your bottom to touch the ground I Just wanted to come up about an inch or two and push up squeeze those elbows towards your body oh You feel it now in England. We call those bingo wings, so if you want to know what you’re working out You’re working out your bing going keep it going three two keep that chest up one Okay, I’m gonna make you flip over onto the other side We’re gonna get back into that [seventh] position [Auri] to come up onto your toes, and [you’re] gonna bring your right leg towards your elbow You have 12 of these on each side all your tummy in Keep your arms nice and strong keep them straight press the left toe into the ground and push 5 4 3 2 and the last one Okay, [owen] [just] stretch out in between we’re gonna go on to that left leg Open up the shoulders Breathe in breathe out Okay, let’s go straight into that left leg. How do we get nice and comfortable make sure your spine is nice and neutral and [12/11] Are we feeling good can you be your arms working might be later a fire? Feels good though guys. I just think do this workout Just every couple of days. You’re gonna really see the difference in your body Keep it going two One excellent stretch out one more time for me open up those shoulder blades And then give you a nice big circle with your arms We’re gonna be working those triceps again. So same position as we were before hands facing to your feet [I] do it slightly different. I want you to extend your right [leg] up and we’re gonna dip down for 12 Now keep those arms Pull into your waist. [you] should be feeling it in your glute Underneath your legs and in those quads see if you can keep that leg nice and straight four three two One keep smiling you’ve got two exercises left to go we can do it stand out [1211] Now just waiting to a little slight touch on the ground and then you [got] to spring it back up wow use those tricep Muscles to bring you up and Down [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] okay your last exercise. I want you to give it everything you have okay This is the last part you’re gonna start in a plank, and you’re gonna come up That’s one then they were back down on the other side two three that’s it keep those abs tight and pulled in keep your Spine as neutral as you can and then keep swapping over which arm you’re using oh Sometimes I forget which one I’m doing that’s okay. Just keep switching it up Breathe come on guys. We’ve got this I’m last exercise. Oh three two Come on. Push hold and relax those knees down gently. I want you to calm down sit on your bottom Open up those [shoulders] stretch out Now with these hands just [gonna] do a nice gentle cool down, okay? Because it’s really important after you’ve exercised to give your body a nice stretch. So just reach those arms out in front of you Open up that [chest] are you gonna come through then you’re gonna stretch out those abs So get these arms where it’s comfortable look up Open that chest be all those add stretch now [oh], you feeling good feeling you’ve got a good workout in my body’s burning my heart rates up. I’m feeling good Okay, oh, he’s coming to downward dog so back onto those toes stretch out those back legs That’s a really feel the [stretch] in your hamstrings [neither] All to your arms [slightly] just get yourself comfortable [and] really feel that stretch now bring your right leg through and [we’re] just gonna come into the lunge position [and] hold it here Breathe we’re feeling good feeding on fire. Oh Yes, we are. God. I feel good nice is so good once you’ve done a workout your energy is up We’ve kept ourselves hydrated One of the most important things to do Is [to] make [sure] that we’re recovering our body properly at the end. Okay legs nice and wide right It’s gonna stretch out the inside of our legs. So just going over to one side just gonna hold it here Make sure that we’re breathing all the time remember [we] want to get that oxygen to the muscles. It’s gonna help us recover keep going Feels nice now just to cool down doesn’t it whoo let’s switch over to the other side It’s super important that you are cooling down And we are stretching out our muscles because what happens is you get all the lactic acid that we’ve been getting to our muscles After we’ve been working out, and [when] they stretch those muscles, so the next day. We’re not as sore Okay, we’re gonna bring one leg across the other we’re just gonna stretch out those glutes So hold it here each stretch. Which is Gonna hold for about? 1215 seconds Well, I can feel it. I know my legs and butt have been burning cuz I can feel that stretch Okay, good job everyone move over to the other leg [Hang] come down and breathe It’s [holly] here four five four three Two one if you want to increase the stretch you just bend down a little bit further Let me show you another one that you [can] do for those gluts Just in case you weren’t feeling it [am] I on your back. You know put one leg across the other and Loop your arm and just pull [that] Leg towards you okay. I don’t want you to grab onto any part of your leg Just put your hands behind your thighs and just put it in and you’re gonna feel it all where that glute is Okay, all the side of your leg here Okay, well this is the best bit isn’t it we’ve worked hard. We’ve done it and [here]. We get to relax Okay, [that’s] it. Just hold it here for 12 seconds Adjust yourself if you need to feel the stretch and breathe Okay, five four three Two one Okay Arms it stretch out those arms Lift them up stretch up to the ceiling keep breathing Remember you’re gonna get dizzy if you’re not breathing The other most important thing that you guys need to think about When you’re working out is what you have afterwards Now to rebuild my muscles who make me stronger for next time to maximize [my] role results every time [I] go to the gym It’s just two scoops of powder with some water shake it up nice and easy look you don’t even need any ingredients That’s it. You don’t even need a recipe to follow. It’s just this two scoops of powder in my water And it tastes like chocolate milkshake my favorite whoo, okay. Let’s keep stretching as I say Post-workout meals are super important because it’s going to repair all the nutrients that our body’s lost What happens is when we’re working out our muscles are tearing so we need to give them the nutrients It needs to make them stronger. Okay last few exercises just to stretch out our arms One arm over top of the other if you can see just like this Okay, keep it there. Oh Do you feel like you’ve had a good workout? I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling ready to go kept ourselves hydrated hold up, post recovery meal and building our muscles stronger That’s it now stretch out these muscles across here as it is one arm across the other you’re gonna feel it all across here Okay, and switch over to the other side Good job everyone. Let’s just swing our arms over five backwards three two one and forwards [oh] really stretch as high as you can and [let’s] stretch up to the ceiling we want to put our feet together up. We go. We’re gonna Drop down Nice, and gently hang your head over your feet stretch your legs out at the back let your head loose Just feel the stretch in [your] hamstrings and then slowly Vertebrae by Vertebrae coming up nice and gently oh Give your legs a shake give it a wiggle rotate your shoulders, and you’re done Awesome job everybody. It’s been a pleasure working out with you. My name is Rebecca louise, and I hope to see you guys again soon

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