30 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners - HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

30 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

30 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

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  2. I'm 20 kg's overweight and did the workout as the man in this video did it. I haven't sweat this much since I smelt that turkey at Christmas diner. I'm also surprised that this is heavier to me than going biking for an hour or more, or giving my wife the loving she wants. So cheers for making this vid! Time to step up my game.

  3. Omg excellent work out.props to both of you! I do this in my gym every time and it makes me sweat up a storm! Thank you so much

  4. I have a knee and back injury and finding a workout routine that worked for me was impossible until now. I have been following your videos for the last 3 week's and not only am I able to complete them with intense pain on my back and knee but ive seen an improvement in my energy and flexibility. I love that you guys provide us to different ways to do each workout. Keep these videos coming as I will continue follow you guys thru my fitness goals

  5. I want to get in shape because I lack strength and stamina and everything I tried was too hard, but I was able to do all of this while still getting a sweat. Thank you!

  6. That was wonderful guys! Thanks a bunch. FYI may be TMI but just wanted to include I am sweating up a storm. Believe Im not that type of person. Loving it.

  7. Love this workout! Due to an injury I have to do low impact workouts now and this one gets my sweat on! Thank you so much!

  8. Starting this in the morning before i take my daughter to school.
    I'm down 45 lbs by diet and trying to get back in shape.
    It's harder when you're 40 with a bunch of military injuries…. but you gotta start somewhere to make a change

  9. I found these recently they keep me calm and feel like I can actually finish the workout. This would be my second week attempting and I didn't have to put the weights down once during my workout this time. Feels good.

  10. I have a type of Arthritis where my joints begin fusing so I have to work out with low impact. This was a great workout for me. The workout challenged me but wasn't so hard that I couldn't do it. Keep up the encouragement!

  11. i started exercising with you. this is really cool and good, altough i almost died. i hope i make it to healthier me. i still am alone in this, like everyone else. thanks for the video.

  12. You guys are angels!!! I found your channel recently, I've been doing a few workouts to see how I felt about the channel and it's absolutely the best work out channel on YouTube!
    You're positive, withou being annoying. Encouraging, but not condescending. Adaptable for people at different levels of fitness and FUN!!!
    Thank you so so much for all the work you do! I had to stop going to the gym because of financial problems and I've been trying to get by the best I can and you guys just put me back on track to keep up with my health and drop the last few pounds I've been struggling with.
    Thank you for making our fitness journey so much more fun! I seriously can't put into words how much you're helping me.
    Lots of love from Brazil!!

  13. I'm 48 this year, I'm active but have NEVER worked out. I'm slimish but tummy is annoying me! Partly and age thing I'm sure! Anyways, I've just completed two weeks of this workout and although I end up a proper sweaty Betty I can do them and actually enjoy them. Thanks guys.

  14. Thank you! Ive been away from the gym for almost 1 1/2 years and really needed to prove to myself i could stilll do a workout. I sure have lost a lot of my fitness but your video will help me on my way again. Appreciate your work Thank you!!!

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