30-Minute, Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout

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  1. Alice is so on point with your movements it’s crazy! I know you guys have been together for a long time

  2. This a fun workout for people that are already sexy, but for me is't a waste of Time. ☹️
    I need stronger workout.?

  3. AMAZING workout! Great intensity, really easy to follow, super effective! One of my favorite Pop Sugar workouts!

  4. This is the best, more Simone video please! She is the best. Love all the outfits too!! Thank you

  5. THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!! It was so funny and hard to do I am so proud of myself!!

  6. Definitely one of my favorite workouts. It's always fun and rewarding, even when I don't feel like working out. 🙂

  7. didnt like this one. was too robotically repetitive and didnt feel much of a workout. but seeing as i already ran a 6 km this morning with a 45minute conditioning session, its a good evening fun session.

  8. This workout gave me a great cardio burn (about 300cal according to Fitbit) and I enjoyed the overall routine. However, I really didn't enjoy the instructor or backup dancers. Compared to some of PopSugars other instructors – especially any of the cardio kickboxing ones – this one lacked the helpful move queues and fitness commentary I've gotten used to in these workouts. Still, I loved the burn and am still sweating, just would rather have it with a different set of instructors.

  9. I love her workouts. But I don’t have much space to do them in my room, so I accidentally kicked a couple of things of my desk. ❤️

  10. Love the workout but gave in after 20 minutes. Don't do jump workouts with already sore nipples! Lol

  11. this is that kind of workout you think you can handle and then it kicks you right in the butt 😀 LOVE IT! <3 perfect combo for cardio and coordination training.

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