4 Exercises To Build Wider Shoulders

4 Exercises To Build Wider Shoulders

alright guys welcome to today's video I'm going to take you through a quick intense shoulder workout which is literally just gonna focus on the mid Dell that's something which I've been wanting to work on recently because I feel as though it's a weak point of mine and I feel like my chest has taken over so I'm trying to add a little bit more width to the shoulders so you can go to the gym you can do these four exercises back to back home take you about 40 minutes or something or you could just throw in another muscle group two exercises three exercises along with this workout itself okay so let's get started with exercise number one so we're gonna start off with a seated dumbbell lateral raise nothing too fancy I want you to do it see it to minimize any rocking backwards and forwards key things to think about keep your shoulders fixed in place and drive the weight up with the intention of looking your elbows up so first two sets of 12 reps we're gonna make the last two sets a little bit more intense so the third set we're gonna do 12 reps and then we're gonna do eight to ten partial reps or partial reps be the bottom half of the movement then on the last set what we're gonna do is the same thing again 12 reps full range then eight to ten reps impartial then we're going to drop the weight so I've got eight kilograms here and I drop the weight to five kilograms and I'm just basically gonna rep out until complete failure now when you aren't doing the drop sets the partial reps things are gonna get a little bit sloppy it's gonna be really really hard for you to keep your shoulders depressed and to minimize any trap engagement what you have to do is just really focus on trying to keep your form as strict as possible and just really pumping it out so if it feels like you've literally got daggers going into your delts that's a good sign your delts are working literally just keep going until you cannot move the weight up anymore it's now going to move on to a line cable that for race I'm gonna aim for around 12 to 15 reps what I do is I put my thumbs over the handle trying reduce the amount which my forearms engaging a lot of people tend to externally rotate when doing this one so that basically means when I come to the top of the movement their thumbs are pointing upwards and a lot of attention is being placed on the front delt this is happening because it's just easier for you to move the weight up and for your front delt do the work because most people do tend to have stronger front delts so to keep the tension on the mid delts you just have to keep checking from side to side to make sure your form is on point and make sure that when you are the top part of the movement your palms are flat next exercise we're gonna go back to a dumbbell lateral raise but a little bit of variation so I'm gonna set the bench pretty much on a full inclined to it's almost upright just leaning back a bit what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lean forward on this so this is going to prevent me from swing backwards and forwards and a place a little bit more emphasis on the rear part of my middle right so obviously this is the third exercise he's gonna be able to fatigue now so I'm going to use a lighter weight about five kilos here I'm gonna go to high reps okay nice and slow controlled free detention for about 15 to one side to see the tension where you want it to be right so I'm into my second set what I've actually done is lowered the way dr. by kilo because I was plenty difficult to stick to the tempo especially for the last six reps that previous set so I really want to keep it slow and controlled so don't be afraid to drop it if you need to so that's that all out it's good to failure partial reps now when you do in this final all-out set the same thing goes who I said perform the first exercise you just have to keep your form as tight as possible right so it's gonna take a lot of discipline for you to not rock backwards and forwards and for you to try and shrug that way up so if it means you need to lower the way then just lower the way well that makes for a great so the last exercise is going to do is a single arm dumbbell lateral raise we're going to tweak it a little bit we change the angle the torso sticking at the bench 45 degrees outside what is basically doing it means it's going to be harder this point in the movement so this one fixed range of motion no lower than this point no higher than this point to come here you're not working in the muscle use resting ok something which I do slightly differently with this exercise I keep my arm fully straight to the elbow is pretty much locked out now I wouldn't usually do this on a dumbbell lateral raise because I do find that what I do this my traps over engage whereas with this one because I've set myself up differently my torso is at an angle I find that that doesn't happen when I lock my arm out if you do have a weak side start with that one first straight into the other side once you've done one and then this short break you're not going to need as long as a break because one side is resting while stealers work alright guys so that is the routine like I said you could either just go to the gym and do that or throw in a few other exercise as well on top of that well like I said this is something which I'm trying to work upon so that is my focus I'm not really focusing on front del or rear delt because a lot for delft works get done when I do a chest and rear delt same with my back so that is that description of the workout is below check out you want to give it a try don't forget subscribe to my channel thumbs up if you enjoyed and I'll see you guys soon

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  1. Video tips: What makes a good gym?

    machines, weights, prize, location, people, atmosphere, lighting (most important)!

    Keep up the good work Miky T 🙂

  2. Mike need to shave carefully and every day. It is a shame in such an obscene unshaven form to appear on the screen, so you need to correct it.


  3. I'm going to sun / beach holiday in less than a month and want to sharpen my physique. Some good tips that work? What are you doing to get this lean at this bodyweight? That´s really impressing, but also confusing .. Greetings from a person who also lives in the fitness center throughout the year and has done so for years.

  4. Why do 3 same exercises? Lying side delt raise and side delt raise seated. Side delt raise keaning forward. One or the other eoukd b great…no need to cont working the same muscles over and over.

  5. Why do 3 same exercises? Lying side delt raise and side delt raise seated. Side delt raise keaning forward. One or the other eoukd b great…no need to cont working the same muscles over and over.

  6. so why aint this dudes shoulders wide he looks normal no quality muscle mass an with a regular tshirt on he looks like a weakling

  7. I'd show people how to warm your fronts rear and middle delts before even lifting for shoulder hence so many ppl with rotator cuff injuries …just saying

  8. Lol this guys shoulders are super small!! Hes just lean as hell, which gives a good look but no where near being wide or big what so ever lol

  9. I do that for recovery after heavy shoulder workout..but i add front and rare cables – makes shoulders nice and round

  10. Tried this today absolutely destroyed my shoulders loved it excellent session best on shoulders in a long time for me. Thanks Mike!

  11. Hey great vid … question… on the lying cable raises can I grip the end ball hooks basically grip the ends of the cable without the attachment ends ??

  12. This is the exact routine that i wanted, cause i have narrow shoulders. thank you so much Mike. I'm gonna try it now

  13. shoulder workout is one of the most difficult area to target,specially for beginners as they use heavy weight when doing lateral raises, dumbbell workout rely heavily on proper technique to maximize exercise by using lighter weights. this 4 exercise is a good finisher in a shoulder workout i think, specially that failure last set combined with partial reps

  14. Are you crazy bro? You have ripped shoulders anyway!

    I also want capped/wider shoulders, so I think I’ll have to incorporate longer drop sets for those lighter weights. Maybe even a lighter shoulder routine right after.

  15. Your shoulders are insane….. I don't think you need any extra focus on them.
    Some good alternative to what I normally do, which I'll try out…..Cheers Mike
    1-2 times a week 10-12reps @10kg, drop 10-12 @7.5kg, drop 12-14 @5.5kg, drop 12-14 @3kg, drop 15-20 with no weight do 3 sets and your arms will BURN!
    I've noticed a good increase in size with my side delts over the past 3 months doing this.
    I used to start off with 12kg but it just killed the drop sets…..just found it too hard and felt gassed by the 2nd drop set

  16. Mike you forgot to mention the steroids been pumping in your body and that special sauce to give you the competitive Edge you lying piece of s***

  17. Why doing different exercises but still targeting the same muscle which is middle delt? Why no stick to one exercises with a lot of set and load because it still target the same muscle

  18. Duuuuude, those don't even look real??? I can't believe how shredded you are. I can NOT eat enough chicken breast and/or work out long enough to achieve that in many, many years. WOW!!! If I saw this and didn't hope for better, I'd say, you are juciin bruh. No offense but damn. You look SUPER shredded and SO lean. What fat % are you running? minus 10%? If not juicing, I am done, fin neet O, no chance, over, done with, loser with a dumb dream, and shall go back to eating JUNK FOOD

  19. Its all genetics my back and shoulders are wide as fuck, to the point i need to not work them as much and i have only been lifting 3 years

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