4 minute home cardio workout for fat loss

4 minute home cardio workout for fat loss

so this is another high-intensity cardio workout that I used to do just stretch hope you guys follow along this workout right here is only four minutes long it's with no rest it's gonna keep your metabolism hide an entire day and it's gonna help you burn calories and burn as much fat as possible all right guys so this is gonna be the second cardio workout you guys follow along for about 30 seconds are you gonna jump in side lunges you can't do these like this just go slow like that really out of shape as well like this well like that really out of shape for those of you it's going back six now going to swat jump forward side Mack now going to push-ups go down more like that we need as long as you can everything so just repeat this workout for another two minutes for those of you that are not active throughout the day I suggest that you do it twice a day just for us four hours or six and then just continue to work out do it again for another four minutes for I'm also gonna put a nutrition video up I know well you guys should be eating to get the maximum results on burning fat nutrition is 80% of your workouts so you guys have to take that real serious I'm gonna post a video pretty soon so just stay tuned later guys

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  1. Is there a way to build my arm strength so that I can hold myself up for the length of time needed to do the pushup routine? I have little upper body strength and can only do pushups on my knees.

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  3. Your a big inspiration mate , i hope to get out of this depression i been in for four years and change my life like you did, big respect

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  6. dont eat starchy carbs for 2 weeks and only drink water, also take a low salt intake. ( that means no bread, potatos, beans, rice, pasta and so on ) its hard too do but it fucking works. got me a ripped out sixpack

  7. i've been going to the gym for quite some time. i'm kinda lean person but i stil have problem with my stomach. i know there's still fat there and my abs are not visible. what diet would you recommend? should i focus more on cardio

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  9. at 2:02 you fart it lol me n my cousin are laughing but this is a great workout i am doing this workout. 🙂

  10. @Manggg16 Sorry about that but yea the first video i was doing it for about 3 days i rested now im just doing this video for another 2-3 days i change my workouts to confuse my body and muscle

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