45 Minute Hatha Yoga (Detox, Twist, and Feel Good!)

45 Minute Hatha Yoga (Detox, Twist, and Feel Good!)

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga where it’s not about the pose and you don’t need to be perfect. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s practice is a 45
minute Hatha yoga practice. Sit up nice and tall, come into your Ujjayi breathing and remember be right where you are and content with each and every breath and every movement. Release your hands and make
your way onto your back. Draw your right knee into your chest, keep the left knee bent as you circle right ankle in one direction and then the other. And then reaching the right leg up, extended up any amount. You can use a yoga strap
or a belt if you have one. Hold on behind the leg or by the foot. Option to extend your left leg out and point the toes up toward the sky. And just breathe here, drawing the right hip forward allowing your hamstrings to
start to stretch out a bit. And as you breathe and relax
your shoulders and your jaw find some piece in this
pose and in this moment. Now take your left hand on your left hip to remind it to stay down as your right leg goes
to the right, any amount. Again, hold it anywhere, look over your left shoulder if that feels fine on your neck. And your right leg can be
straight or it can be bent. So this your body and your practice so listen to what messages
your body gives you. Check into what works, what doesn’t work and move with your best
effort without overdoing it. Inhale to center, exhale, take your left hand to the right leg and guide it to the left for a twist. Again, hold the leg anywhere,
knee bent or straight. Look over your right shoulder if you wish. And just breathe. And check in if you have any tension that you can let go of in this moment. Inhale the leg to center. As you exhale draw it in a little deeper perhaps lifting the head and shoulders, pull the belly in and play with reaching
the fingertips forward instead of holding the leg. And then release it. So the right knee bends and draw your left knee into the chest circling left ankle in one direction and then in the other direction. Inhale to extend your
left leg toward the sky. Draw your left hip forward and option to extend the right
leg straight onto the mat pointing the toes up. Remember hold the left
leg anywhere, use a strap, hold onto your pants or your
shorts, whatever works for you. And then just breathe, focus in on keeping your Ujjayi Pranayama, your victorious breath smooth and steady. Then we’ll take just
a couple more breaths. As you breathe here maybe
you can go in a little deeper but never pushing. Take your right hand onto your hip as you open the leg to the left, knee bent or straight, looking over the right
shoulder if it’s comfortable. Remember to trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be, in this moment, in this day, in this life. Take another long smooth
breath here and then inhale. Come back to center with your leg, exhale, use your right hand to guide
it to the right, looking left. Bend the knee or straighten the leg without locking the knee. Turn your belly up toward the sky. As you breathe allow
yourself to settle in. Trust that your body knows where to go. And enjoy each breath. Inhale through center. As you exhale, option to
lift the head and shoulders, pull the belly in and up. And then option to extend
the fingertips forward instead of holding the leg. And then release it. Hug your knees into you chest and just rock a little
bit here side to side. Then roll off to your right side. We’ll come up carefully. Use your left hand to press
up, the head comes last. And then come into a cross-legged position sitting nice and tall. Ground through the sitting
bones, lengthen the spine. Sweep the arms out, around,
and up as you inhale. Exhale, right hand to left
knee and left hand behind. Inhale, lengthen through the spine and exhale twist, rolling
the left shoulder open. Every time you breathe in see if you can lengthen a little bit more. And every time you exhale
maybe without forcing you can twist in a little deeper. Head to center, inhale. And then next inhale, sweep
the arms out, around, and up. Keep your ribs in. Right hand to left knee, left hand behind, sit tall as you inhale
and twist as you exhale. Mostly twisting through the rib cage, and the chest, and the upper back. Try and roll your right
shoulder back a bit if you can. And make sure the left shoulder rolls back as well a little bit to keep your collarbones nice and wide. Now come to center, put
your fingertips in front, inhale, nice long spine. You can stay or exhale, walk forward, hinging from hip creases any amounts. Can even rest your head on
your hands if you’d like. Or if you have blocks handy you can rest your head on blocks, whatever feels comfortable. We’ll stay just a few long breaths as we stretch open the hips a bit. Being content exactly with where you are. Inhale and come up, bring
your hands behind you, and switch the cross of your legs so the other shin is in front. Again, ground through the
sitting bones, lengthen tall. Reach your arms in front,
interlace your fingers, and then turn your palms out. Inhale, take your arms up, maybe a little bit in front of your ears or toward the ears, whatever works. And then exhale, turn to your left. Same idea as before, inhale,
create length, exhale, twist. But you’ll find it’s
a bit more challenging because now you’re using
all of your internal muscles to twist instead of having
your hands to help it along so do the best you can. Relax around the neck,
inhale through center, exhale, release the hands. And then bring the hands forward, put the other pinky on the
bottom as you interlace. Exhale, palms out, inhale,
arms up any amounts. So if your shoulders are tight exhale, turn to your right. Now you won’t turn to your right if you have tight
shoulders, well you could. But if your shoulders are tight don’t worry about getting
the arms up by the ears just do your best in this moment. That’s all any of us can ever do. Keep your breath steady and
smooth, inhale, lengthen. Next inhale center and release the hands. And then we’ll come forward
onto the hands and knees, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. And inhale, bring your chest forward, lift your chin and tailbone up. Hold your breath in a little bit and then exhale, slowing
round, nice long exhale. At the bottom of the exhale
pull the belly in and up, lift your pelvic floor muscles. Again, long breath in as
you come into cow pose widening through your collarbones. And then as you exhale slowly into cat’s press away from the earth,
round the upper back, pull the ribs and belly
in, lift your pelvic floor. Come to neutral spine. Still wrists under
shoulders, knees under hips, extend your right leg back, tuck the toes, and then lift it up without
letting your hip open. So try pointing the toes to the earth. Keep the ribs and belly
pulling in, left arm forward. So really here engaging
your lower belly muscles and your pelvic floor muscles will help your body to feel lighter as you stay and breathe here. Just another breath or two. And then release back to table. We’ll do left leg back,
tuck the toes under. So keep the leg in the same position. You can even keep the foot on the floor. When you lift the left leg if you do lift it from the inner thigh. Drop the other hip so your hips are level. You can even check with
your hand back there. And then reach your right arm forward. So stretch as if you were
pressing your left sole of the foot onto a wall and
reaching your right fingertips against a wall. Keep those ribs and
belly drawing in and up and the pelvic floor muscles,
all the muscles engaged and then release. Back to table, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips still. And then reach your right arm up toward the sky inhale, exhale, sweep it underneath the left,
come onto the right shoulder. Take your left hand,
pulling your left hip back, and then rest it at the low back or reach around and hook the thigh. Option to extend your left leg
back tucking the toes under and then drop that outer left hip down. See if you can roll
your left shoulder open and maybe even start to move turning the back of the head onto the mat. Be careful of your neck though. Breathing here is a nice
twists for the shoulders. And then come back to center. Make sure wrists are
still under shoulders, knees under hips, and
we’ll do the left side. So as you inhale lift your
left arm up toward the sky, exhale, sweep it under the right, come onto the left shoulder. Use your right hand to
pull the right hip back so hips are level. You can even check and just kinda windshield
wiper your hand there. Take the hand to the low back or reach around to hook
onto the left thigh. Option to extend the right leg back and then as you’re breathing here do your best to roll
the right shoulder open. Maybe even turn your chin
toward the sky a little bit as long as your neck is good with it. So you get a little neck stretch as well as the shoulders in the twist. And then slowly release back into table. And then walk your hands about a hand print in
front of the shoulders. Turn your inner elbows
forward, press into the thumb, first finger side of
the hand a little more. Come to down dog and keep your knees soft. Spread your fingers, press
into the base of your fingers. And then exhale, extend the right leg, and then inhale, bend them both. Exhale, extend the left leg. Inhale, bend both. Exhale, straighten the right
knee as much as it will. Inhale, bend both knees. Exhale, straighten the left
knee as much as it will. And inhale, bend both knees, stretch back. And then straighten both legs as much as they will
without forcing anything. So try and get some length
through the spine here as you press into the
base of those fingers moving the weight up toward the hips. Bend down toward the heels. Look forward and step your
feet all the way to the front. Inhale, hands to shins,
lengthen the spine halfway up. Exhale, fold forward and bend
your knees as much you’d like. Press down through the feet, inhale, circle your arms out, around, and up. Keep your ribs and belly in. And then exhale, hands to the heart. We’re gonna practice a
little bit of balance. Tree pose so ground down
through the left leg first. Then picking up your right foot, take your foot anywhere
below or above your knee. Find a spot to focus on as you settle in, dropping the right hip down and squeezing the left
hip in towards center. And if you wobble and you fall out thank yourself for trying so hard that you actually had
to come out of the pose. Now release the arms and then the leg and we’ll do the other side grounding through the right
leg and then left foot. You can keep the ball of
the foot on the floor today if you like or take the
foot below or above the knee and then drop that left hip down. Oops, sometimes I have
some trouble balancing. Today was one of those days. (laughing) Especially on a picnic
table that was wobbly. No excuses though. Reach the arms up when you’re ready. Keep squeezing the right
hip in towards center. Engage your bandhas. Low belly lifting, pelvic floor engaging those are your bandhas. Soften around your neck. Release the arms, release the leg. And turn to the long side of your mat. Step your feet out nice and wide so your wrists would be over your ankles. Turn your right leg all the way out and your back toes in slightly. Inhale, arms to shoulder height and exhale, bend the knee warrior two. Dropping front hip down and making sure your knee is
right above your middle toes. Press your back thigh back and turn your palms to the sky, inhale, straighten the legs, reach up. Exhale sink in again. Try and lift your back inner thigh just a little bit up toward the sky. Lengthen through all
four sides of your waist. Inhale, straightening
the leg, reach arm up. Exhale, bending in. Again, just make sure the
knee is above the ankle pointed over the middle toes. Wanna keep the knee safe. Relax around your neck and
reach through your arms. Press down into your front heel on the outer edge of your back foot. And then dropping your left arm reverse, exhale, bend into your right
knee just for a breath. Now straighten the right leg but keep reversing, take a breath here. And then as you inhale come
on up, both legs straight, shorten your stance if
you like to for triangle, it’s just an option. Hinge from your front hip crease, reach out as far as you can. Take the right hand wherever it lands, on the shin, on the foot,
on a block, on the earth. If you’re taking it to
a block or to the mat put it on the little toe side so you can draw your rip hip under you, leaning your torso over the thigh. So a shorter stance, inhale,
reach your right arm forward. Exhale, sweep it down in front of you, take it behind your back to rest there. Or you could hook it onto the right thigh. A shorter stance in triangle pose can feel more stable and steady. A longer stance will give you more stretch but then you wanna make sure that you really engage the muscles if you take the longer stance. Look down to the foot, inhale, come up. Bring your feet to parallel, turn the left leg out, back toes in. If you shorten the stance for
triangle lengthen it again and then bend your left knee
over the ankle, warrior two. Make sure you’ve lined up
your knee above the ankle. And point it over the middle toes, back inner thigh lifting,
turn your palms up, inhale, straighten the left leg. Relax the shoulders, exhale, re-bend. Reach through your arms, even here pull in through the lower belly engage your pelvic floor muscles. Wanna keep a little bit of
engagement for stability. Palms face up, inhale,
straighten the leg, arms reach. Exhale, bend the knee again. Widen across your collarbones. Draw your shoulder blades
gently toward the waist as they press forward toward the chest. Inhale, straighten the leg,
reach through the arms, and exhale, sink in. Perhaps a little bit
deeper but never forcing. Making sure the back arm
is as high as the front, shoulders are right above your hips. Firm the back thigh, lift
the back inner thigh, and keep the right knee
pointed over the middle toes. Breathe. Now dropping the right arm reverse, exhale bend into the left knee. Relax around the neck, keep reversing as you
straighten the left leg. And then inhale, come up, you can stay with the
longer stance or shorten it. Hinge from your front hip
crease, reach, reach, reach out and then take the hand
down wherever it falls. And it might be different
on the second side. Stretch up through your right fingertips, press into the big toe
mound of the left foot pressing your calf toward your shin, making sure the knees aren’t locked. Remember draw the left hip underneath you. Look up toward your top hand
unless it bothers the neck. Reach your right arm forward, inhale. Exhale, sweep it down and
around to the low back or hook it onto the thigh. Rolling your top shoulder open and bringing your bottom wrist forward, bring the top ribs back
as you breathe here. Find some ease and comfort even though you’re firming all of
those muscles in your body. Look down to the foot, inhale, come up. Bring your feet to parallel and we’ll turn the right leg out again setting up for triangle pose. If you have a yoga block
it does help in this one but if not, no worries. Hinge from the hip, reach out and down. Right hand wherever it falls. We’re gonna move into
half moon pose this time but you can stay right in
triangle the whole time. Your call. Right hand to hip, look down
to the earth, bend the knee, take your right hand in front of you on the little toe side of the foot and line up your wrist
underneath your shoulder. If you’re steady you can
reach your left arm up. Lots and lots of engagement
in the core muscles and the pelvic floor. Reach your left sitting
bone toward the heel and point your toes
straight ahead if you can. Return your hand to the hip, we’re going back to triangle pose. Bend that front knee, take
your hand back to your shin or wherever it was, straighten
the leg, reach up, triangle. Take a breath here then look down, inhale, come up we’ll do the second side. Feet to parallel, make
sure you have enough room. Gonna move so I don’t
fall off of the table. Left leg out, back toes in, lined up heel to arch with your feet. Arms at shoulder height,
hinge from the hip crease, reach out, get some length. Taking the hand down wherever it reaches. Doesn’t have to be close
to the earth at all. Reach through the right arm, stretching through the side body, it’s a good lateral
stretch for your spine. Take your right hand to your hip you can stay in triangle or look down. Bending the front leg and then take your hand on the
little toe side of your foot lining up your wrist with your shoulder. Stretch through the right arm or not and then reach your right
sitting bone toward the heel. Firm those muscles in the
pelvic floor and the belly and through the legs. And relax your gaze. Return your hand to your hip
we’re going back to triangle. So bend the front knee,
take the back foot down, and then slide your left
hand back onto the leg. Reach your right arm up, look
down toward the front foot, inhale, to center. Take your feet to parallel,
point your toes in a little, hands to hips, firm the leg muscles, inhale, look up toward to sky, hinge from your hip creases as you exhale take your fingertips down. Then inhale, make a nice
long spine, chest forward. And keep your right hand
down, left arm up twist. Now check that your hips are still level, they’re gonna wanna turn when you twist but try and twist from above the waist. If you can keep your hips level you can take your right hand over toward your left foot some more, twisting deeper, just an option. Keep your breath steady,
turning above your waist. Now bring the hands to center. Once again inhale, lengthen
from the crown of your head all the way to your hips. Keep your left hand down, turn
your rib cage and your chest, keep your hips level, and then reach up through the right arm. Even here with a twist, every
inhale you can create length, every exhale, twist a little deeper. If you’re gonna take it deeper with your left hand toward the right foot double check that your
hips are still level. Take another big breath
here and then release. Come back to center, inhale, lengthen the spine, look up, exhale, hands to hips. Inhale all the way to center. And now turn the toes
out and the heels in. Rest your hands on your
thighs just above your knees, tilt your pelvis forward a little bit, pull in the belly and
gently rock side to side as long as it’s okay with your knees. Take your arms out at shoulder height and then just come to center. Now interlace your
fingers in front of you, press your palms out like we did earlier. Inhale, lift the arms any amount. Try to straighten the elbows if you can. Drop your sitting bones
down toward the earth and lift your frontal hip points up towards your lower ribs. Slowly straighten the legs, inhale. Exhale, release the arms. And we’ll do it one more time. Take a breath here. And then exhale, start
to bend the knees again, make sure your knees are still
inline with your middle toes. Drop your tailbone down, lift
your frontal hip points up. Gently rock side to side with your hands just above your knees as long as your knees are fine with that. And then taking the arms
out to shoulder heights. A little more rocking
and then come to center, drop those sitting bones down, lift your pelvic floor,
pull your belly in and up. Bring the hands in front, interlace the other pinky on the bottom, turn your palms out. Inhale, take the arms up as
much as you can comfortably. Soften the muscles around your neck and then gently turn the
corners of your mouth up. Slowly begin to straighten
your legs, inhale. Exhale, release the arms. Inhale, arms at shoulder height, hold the breath in, step or hop together and turn and face the front
of your mat back to Tadasana. Take your feet hip socket distance apart or even a little bit wider. Keep your right foot in the front, step your left foot back. But then square up your hips
and shoulders to the front so your left toes face the
front left corner of your mat. Line up heel to heel or wider. Make sure that back knee doesn’t feel bad. Right hand to low back,
left arm up, inhale, hinge from your hip creases
as you reach out, out, out, and then take the left hand
to the inside of the foot or to the shin, or to the
little toe side of the foot. Pull the right hip
back, turning your torso but keep your hips level, and
then reach your right arm up. Or not, you can keep your
right hand at your low back. Engage and lift your pelvic
floor muscles in your belly as you inhale, lengthen from the crown
of the head to the belly. Exhale, turn your rib cage
and your chest twisting. Return your right hand to the low back. Now move your left hand over to the left and a little in front of you, bending your right leg. Gonna lift the left leg
up from the inner thigh just like we did on hands and knees, keeping those hips nice and level. Lengthen, lengthen, inhale. Turn again toward the right side and reach up through the right arm or not, you can keep it down. Line up your wrist
underneath your shoulder. In fact, if you’re looking at my pose, my right hand could be, or left hand could be a little bit more forward. Release and step your feet together. I still like myself though. Inhale, lengthen, and fold. Exhale and just release your neck, nodding it, your head yes or no. Hands to hips, inhale, come
up with a nice long spine and onto the other leg. Begin to ground down and
step your right foot back, turn your right toes toward the front right corner of the mat so hips and shoulders square to the front. Heel to heel or wider. Left hand to low back, reach
right arm up, inhale, get tall. Exhale, hinging from your
hip creases, reach forward, and then down. Right hand to big toe side or
little toe side of the foot or on the shin. Inhale, lengthen again as
you pull that left hip back. Make sure your hips are level, you can use your left hand to check. When you’re ready, reach
the left arm toward the sky. Press into the big toe
mound of your left foot, pressing the calf to shin, making sure that your muscles are firmed without locking knees. And engage those bandhas,
really helps in this one. Imagine you have a block you’re holding between your inner thighs. Return your hand to your low back, take your right hand to the
right, and in front of you, bending the left leg, we’ll
float the right leg up like a warrior three. Get your wrist under the shoulder, lengthen your torso, inhale. As you exhale start to turn to your left and maybe reach the left arm up. Now really engage again, I say it a lot but engage the low belly and the pelvic floor muscles all of them. Keep dropping your lifted leg hip down. Return your feet together and then fold, grab your elbows, knees
can be bent or straight. Feet hip’s width or even wider, and rock side to side a moment. Being content right where you are. Bring your hands to your
hips, inhale, come up. Feet together or hip
socket distance apart, outer edges of your feet parallel, inhale, circle the arms up. As you exhale, hinge from
your hip creases and fold. As you inhale, lengthen nice long spine, exhale bend the knees, plant the palms, and step to plank. Now hold plank a bit. So take your knees down as you like. If your knees are up gently
lift them toward the sky, pull the belly in, shift forward, lower all the way down to your belly. Hands by low ribs, all 10 toenails pressed
down, inhale cobra. Pull your belly away from the earth, lengthen sitting bones to heels. Release, tuck your toes under,
knees can be up or down. Take a big breath in, exhale,
press, press, press to plank. And then lift the hips down dog. Arms shoulder’s distance
and feet hip’s width. Spin your triceps back,
the outer upper arms. Press into the thumb, and first finger sides of
your hands a little bit more. Then looking forward take
your knees to the mat and come onto your forearms
interlacing your fingers. Line up your elbows under the shoulders. Then tuck your toes, and lift up, and start to press back for dolphin. Gently lift your shoulders
away from the earth, pull your ribs and belly
in as you breathe here. Press down into the hands, the forearms, a little bit into the elbows and then lift away with the shoulders and the upper back muscles. And then come down to the
knees, we’ll un-interlace. Make sure that your wrists
and your elbows are inline and elbows under shoulders. Point you thumbs up to
the sky just to start. And then if you’d like you
can take your palms flat. But we still want that action of turning your triceps
back toward your feet and your inner upper arms
forward toward your hands a bit. Lift your shoulders,
then step your feet back and ripple the spine
forward for dolphin plank. Chest is moving forward, try to get your hips and your
shoulders in the same line but remember you can always
take your knees down here. Engage the pelvic floor and the belly. Engage the leg muscles
from the outer hips in. Crown of the head lengthens forward, don’t let that head drop. Take your knees down and lower all the way down
onto your belly and rest. Let everything go for a few breaths. You are so much stronger than you know. And to prove it, we’ll do
dolphin plank once again. Elbows under shoulders, palms flat, come up onto the knees and
then lift them off of the mat. This time step your feet together. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs. You can always have your knees down. Chest is wide, keep the crown of the
head lengthening forward. If you drop the head you’re gonna drop the
flow of prana, our energy. We wanna keep that energy flowing freely through your body. Breathe and release. Rest. Nice job. See how strong you are. I knew it. Find some peace and
contentment here for a moment. And then take your forearms down again, draw your shoulders up back and down and pull your belly up away from the earth and lengthen your sitting
bones toward the heels. Make sure the elbows are
still under the shoulders. Do your best to keep
your collarbones wide. Get a nice little backbend
opening the front of the body. Stretching open the heart and breathe. Lower down and rest. Letting everything go for a moment. And then back onto the forearms, spread your fingers,
roll your shoulders back, lifting up sphinx pose. Press extra into the
thumb side of the hands. Option to lift the elbows but only if your low back is okay with it. So you really gotta lift
your lower belly in and up. Tilt your pelvis down toward the mat so hip points are lifting toward low ribs and sitting bone’s lengthening towards the backs of the knees. Release, let everything go. And then extend the arms
forward, pull your belly up, lengthen sitting bones to heels. Inner thighs lift toward the sky, up, lift everything into Shalabhasana. Keep the back of your neck long. You can stay here working
or swim the arms back, reach for the little
toe sides of the feet. Knees no wider than hips
as you lift the feet up pressing them back. Steady breath. Try and relax around the neck and the jaw. And make sure if this hurts your low back then come out of it. And then let’s all come out of it. Bring your hands by your
low ribs, elbows up. Press up onto the knees and take your hips to
your heels, child’s pose. Knees can be wide or
together, make it comfy. Kinda move around in there a little bit. Stretch your arms forward, press into the base of your fingers so you’re pressing your
back nice and long. And then if you wanna take
your hands someplace else maybe rest your forehead on ’em or take your hands by your
sides, whatever’s comfy. Deep long breaths. And remember you were born
with infinite possibility. Yes, you were. So you have that within you. Take a moment to connect to it. Now reach your arms forward, make sure they’re shoulder distance apart bring your knees together if they’re wide. Up onto the knees, turn the inner elbows
gently forward for down dog. Stretch up and back. Make sure to spread your fingers pressing into the base of your fingers lifting the forearms. Then looking forward
we’re coming to seated so step or hop and sit. And then extend the legs
in front of you, Dandasana. Sit up nice and tall. You can sit on the edge
of a blanket or a pillow to lengthen your spine. Bend your right knee,
inhale, reach both arms up turn toward the left leg a little and hinge from the hips to fold. Hold the leg anywhere,
hold the sides of the mat, use a strap, take your
foot, whatever works. Every inhale lengthen from your hips to the crown of your head. Every exhale release
into it little by little. Keep pulling your left toes back and press your left heel
down to firm that leg. Inhale, head up. Now reach your arms forward and come up with arms straight. I know it’s a little
harder but you’re strong. Extend the right leg and bend the left, left sole of the foot to
the right inner thigh. Pull the right toes back,
keep that heel down. Inhale, arms up, turn a little
toward the straight leg, hinge from the hip
creases to come forward. Holding the leg anywhere. You know it never matters how
deep you get into a stretch. It just matters how it feels and if you feel a little stretch then you body is taking in the yoga because the circulation is
happening through your body and it’s so good for you. Keep pulling your right toes back. Breathe. Now reach your arms forward and come up with a nice flat back as you inhale using those back muscles. Release. Bend both knees, carefully roll yourself onto your back. Keep the feet on the floor, knees bent and take your hips a little to the left and drop your knees to the right. Looking over the left shoulder
and if you wanna go deeper you could cross your left
knee on top of the right for a twist, try and turn
your belly up toward the sky. So along with your infinite possibilities you were born with gifts
that you have been given. So pass on the love that you have because you have a special
gift that nobody else has because there’s only one you. Bring your head to center,
bring your knees to center, take your hips over to the right a little, drop your knees to the left. Looking over your right shoulder if that’s okay on your neck. Going deeper if you wish by
crossing right knee over left. Turn your belly toward the sky and then surrender, sink in. Allow your body to relax into the twist. Enjoying right where you are being content with your pose and your breath, with you. Inhale, head to center, knees
to center, hips to center. Draw the knees in toward
the belly for a moment rocking side to side. And now we’ll sit up for
our final resting pose so lengthen your sitting bones toward the backs of your knees, stretch out the legs or if your low back is a little cranky you
can keep your knees bent. Shoulder blades away from the ears. Let your body just be
very heavy and relaxed. Our quote today comes from
Oprah Winfrey, love her, “Be thankful for what you have,
you’ll end up having more.” “If you concentrate on
what you don’t have, “you will never ever have enough.” Quiet mind, quiet body. A short Savasana, rest. Now if you would like a longer Savasana, which I highly recommended, push the pause button,
stay as long as you like. Otherwise deep breaths, move
your hands and your feet, stretch your arms overhead. Bend the knees, roll onto your right side, pause, honor yourself, thank
yourself for showing up and taking great care of you. Make your way up to seated, sitting tall, bring your hands together. Bring your hands to your forehead reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts. Bring your hands to your heart center, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions. Bring your hands to your mouth reminding you to have clear
and loving communications, sending this positive energy we created to all beings everywhere. Namaste. When my son’s we’re born
I had two C-sections. C-section they cut through
the entire abdominal area and so I was very, very weak in my core. I learned how to
strengthen it through yoga and I want you to have a strong core too. Whether you’ve a C-section or not we can all benefit from core strength to move through poses
gracefully, avoid pain, and so many wonderful things. So in the description below, I have a link so you can get a free core class. It’s also pinned at the
top of the comments. If you liked today’s Hatha yoga class I have another one right here that people really love. So click this link.

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  1. Wow…its too much good..nd also exciting.. tomorrow i will do this..nd i will try my best..mam u r looking soo gorgeous in this red costume..love you mam..u r my best teacher..u r like a shining star.. sending lots of love and respect..❤️🙏🧘🏻‍♀️🌹🧘🏻‍♀️🙏❤️…

  2. Yes I adore these longer workouts thanks so much for all you do for us regarding the videos.
    I feel like I have learned yoga through you .
    Thanks once again.
    Blessings from Natalie uk fan 🥰❤️

  3. Get extra strength to perform yoga poses you never thought possible by strengthening your core by clicking here https://www.myyogapal.com/core-sign-up and see how I started youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6PyK19jPas&t=5s

  4. This was lovely! I love holding the poses longer, like this. I’m also super excited that I finally got into a stable half moon pose! I used to be able to do it, then stopped practicing for a couple of years while I explored other styles of fitness. When I came back to yoga in December, I found half moon to be nearly impossible, until today! Thank you for the wonderful classes and your encouragement, Leslie!

  5. Hi mam,i love to do yoga and I ve been doing this since 2016 but recently I ve diagnosed a L4L5S1 spondylosis and sciatica.. Is there any pose that help me to come over.. I m doing shalabhasana, naukasan1,2,3 bhujhngasana,dhanurasanna and physio.. Is it OK to do so.. Thanks

  6. A ruby vision this time, leading a wonderful practice, a perfect balance between strength and relaxation plus a pinch of self-confidence! What else?


  7. You're looking great – you lost weight, wow itś perfect… are you having special training and nutrition plan? 🙂 thank you you are the best

  8. Thank you for being so sweet! You like yourself and I like you, too! I learned how to be patient with myself in my practice. 🌷🤗

  9. Great practice. Thank you so much & no chatterangas today. This felt very restorative for me after a week of hard vinyasa/ashtanga style yoga!! 🙏🙏🙏

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