5 chair exercises that reduce belly fat fast | Lose Belly Fat By Just Using A Chair

5 chair exercises that reduce belly fat fast | Lose Belly Fat By Just Using A Chair

Before watching the video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the subscribe button yo and 5 chair exercises that reduce belly fat fast | Lose Belly Fat By Just Using A Chair Clicking the bell icon to be notified whenever we published a new video 5 chair exercises that reduce belly fat fast lose fat By just using a chair Many people think that the only way to fight belly fat is going to the gym every day But let’s face it sometimes. It’s not possible to go to the gym However, it is also possible to burn fat using routines at home, or at the office especially the abdominal fat that we are so eager to get rid of Chair exercises are one example, and they help reduce belly fat and less time than you think Check out these 5 simple chair exercises and see results in no time one knee raise with twist Sit up straight and move toward the edge of the chair Place your feet in front of you Raised your hands touching the sides of your head to perform the exercise Lift one knee while touching it with the opposite elbow right elbow with two left knee and do the same step on the other side left elbow with right knee You should feel a contraction in your lower abdominal muscles To double me race to lose belly fat This exercise will work your entire abdominal region Place your arms on the armrest of the chair for support and lift both knees to your chest Do your best not to support the knees? Let your abs do the work to bring them to your chest 3 oblique double knee raise With this exercise you can do it just like the previous one But this time leaning to one side on one buttock this movement will target the sides of your abdomen to work a larger area Repeat the movement on one side until you start to feel the burn Then lean to the other side and do the same movement for touch the floor Tired of saddlebags Don’t worry this exercise will help you get rid of them to Keeping your position in the chair place your feet flat on the floor in front of you Slightly open and stretch your arms out to the sides Then lean forward and bring one hand without bending the elbow down to the opposite foot Five chair lift If you’re going to do this in a wheelchair you should definitely perform this exercise pressed against the wall to prevent it from moving Once you’re stable place your arms on the armrest and lift your body up off the chair as you Do this use your abdominal muscles to pull your knees up and inwardly?

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