5 Cool FITNESS Gadgets you wanna try out 2018

5 Cool FITNESS Gadgets you wanna try out 2018

are you suffering from back pain would love to have a good posture do you want to be in shape have a strong core and build muscles would you like to challenge yourself it is proven that doing planks is the best and most effective workout to build a strong core align the spine and activate many important muscles in the neck arms shoulders chest abdominals back glutes and legs as the focus is on the core region planking prevents lower back injuries and reduces back pain significantly it is amazing the aim of a plank workout is to hold the static plank position as long as possible the longer you hold the plank the better you perform the faster you reach your target but the difficulty is when you start blanking you count every single second so instead of shaking your body while counting seconds you can hold the plank we have created a solution that distracts you from this and is way more fun the plank pad the plaint pad combines a fitness device with a game on your smartphone or tablet by playing a game your focus is more into the game than on counting every second this makes you plank much longer reaching your goals faster while the time flies by having fun the plank pad itself is made of a fine long lasting and high-quality wood with a walnut finishing to make it look outstanding the top is covered with a special foam to assure a comfortable planking it comes with a special mat so you don't slip don't make any noise or damage your floor we also added a nice handle to carry the plank pad to start an exercise you just need to download the app place it on the straight aligned plank pad to synchronize and choose a game or a workout the app also teaches you to do the perfect plank to play the game you have to balance the plate pad left and right the app and the gyroscope of your mobile device are in perfect sync with the plank pad there is a game for everyone like candy monster circles asteroids Waverider and snow cruising and in the future there will be even more but games will challenge you to collect more and more points and you will forget about the time so your workout will last much longer besides the games there is a workout section the plank pad has to stay straight while you are following the plank exercises we tried plank pad at more than 100 friends and also many people at the gym and we figured out that no matter what age and if you are well trained or not the person could hold the plank position almost 50% longer than before since the plank pad can also be used as a balance board to train the motor coordination improve reaction time and to prevent injuries we created two games especially for balancing the balance board turns into a surf or snowboard and you play fun games while working your lower muscles out and increasing your body balance and stability now the game is up to you strengthen your core build muscles eliminate back pain and get a six-pack in no time thanks to the plank pad introducing Neil fit roller the world's most compact convenient and travel friendly foam roller neo fit roller collapses to just four inches expands to three times its size to 12 inches and goes anywhere you do we live in an on-the-go world where travel as a part of daily life where our bodies are under constant physical strain leaving you tight sore and stressed and when it comes to looking after your body a few things are as powerful as foam rolling but anyone with the bulky foam roller knows that they're almost impossible to travel with even only a short distance that's why we created neo fit roller now you can experience deep tissue massage and myofascial release anywhere anytime whether it's a flight across the country for business a long-haul vacation a trip across town to play sport the ultra portable neo fit roller goes with you everywhere if I'm rolling to be part of my fitness routine and work in professional sports industry for almost 10 years it often spends six months a year on the road I'm not planes four or five times a week my back and my body is really stiff tight and sore and the more I traveled the more I needed my foam roller which would sit on the other side of the country my land room just when I needed it most it didn't make sense to me that just because we travel we compromised our health and so I decided to do something about it and created near fit roller simply if you're on the go and care about your health neo fit roller is for you just wrote in your bag and get on with your active life but it's not just convenience we've created we designed a foam roller that performs at the highest level precisely configured high density VV a foam connects with the contours of your body it breaks down muscle tightness adhesions and stiffness it's deep into painful trigger points to maximize recovery and performance and enhances joint health mobility and flexibility made from ultra strong lightweight durable materials neo fit roller can handle up to three and fifty pounds while weighing less than two pounds it's all part of an innovative patent-pending design that expands to 12 inches and collapses to just four inches in just seconds with one easy motion athletic training devices aren't new weight trainings not new fitness trainings not do but this product it is a lot of people say they have a revolutionary product we truly do you know wrist weights have been around forever they're filled with sand or something else clunky that moves around to add some weight inside and we just took that entire category and reengineered it and made it comfortable made it fun made it fashionable the trading lace because of its flexible weighted core simply just wraps around a piece of equipment it's truly the only product that's one size fits all because of its ability to wrap around a hockey stick a baseball bat tennis racket any piece of sports equipment even your wrist and your and your ankles really separates it from anything out there Jay and I grew up together and we reconnected once his son joined my lacrosse program so I had an idea of creating a training product for lacrosse and when I looked at all the products that were already out in the market they just they were developmentally appropriate and honestly most of them didn't make sense so we were trying to figure out a way how can we add an appropriate amount of weight that's gonna build muscle and they came up with the idea of the training lace when we started with training lace we originally just had packaging for lacrosse we realized that it was much bigger than sports even bigger than Fitness and started getting into physical therapy and just general healthy living this product is good for people from 8 to 80 and for that older population it's not gonna hurt them it's actually going to help them they can exercise at a lower intensity and still achieve the same desired results I'm Fleur and I'm Nick welcome to the work Jin family what's so good about it is that you don't actually have to village lieutenants I have an okay and make it as part of that one it's easier that one just by changing the weights and what I really wanted to challenge myself get all the weights in you can still do every exercise with it yeah there's only two hundreds of different exercises you would literally have to have a mountain in your living room to have all of that equipment yeah and it's all in one place you're just thrown away by how many things it can do and we've added why don't you start for doing next there's no excuses it's like the gym to your house literally just pull it out from under your bed when you ain't good and have a full body workout and I don't have to have a pile of equipment in my living room anymore you take it anywhere weight anywhere Hotel stylish and actually works I'm going to be doing some videos showing you how easy it is to actually get a full body workout this is the beginning of other lifestyle you know we want people to exercise feel good eat well we want to do the app you want to make sure that people actually have a personal trainer that they can follow so yeah really excited for you guys to join us on our journey join the Whitcomb family yeah less is more see Lipsy got a gym in a box we all know that working out makes us think we are feel more energetic and look better but the traffic cold mornings and same boring exercises at the gym make it easy to hit the snooze button and push that workout permanently to work my name is Jason I'm a trainer fitness junkie and loved creating stuff calisthenics have always been a staple in my training regimen for the past year I've been working with an amazing design team and experienced manufacturers to build a product I could use in my apartment at the beach or Park to perform full-body workouts we're finally ready to introduce you to the base blocks its patent-pending design allows you to perform over 50 body rate exercises for your upper body core and lower body the adjustable uprights allow you to change the height changing the leverage to make the exercise more difficult or easier depending on your training level it's assembled in seconds and slides on the event for storage dips levers handstands else it's they all sound that look pretty but to perform these exercises you need a strong foundation our system categorizes exercises as beginner intermediate or advanced most the existing training equipment is either faulty or requires attachments to external features when we came over the design we made a practicality checklist we asked ourselves three questions could have fit in the trunk of the car could it slide under event to storage and could it be carried into ads or workouts the uprights can be attached or removed with a simple click they then slide through a set of holsters allowed into storage and there's a handle in the base allowing you to touch plywood to the base of blocks the base measures 34 inches by 19 inches the uprights are made of high-grade steel when compact them is 18 inches and extend to 35 inches

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  1. What about the bench, a barbell, a squat rack and or a pull up bar? People have weak abs yes, but I have a hard time believing the plank will magicly cure back pain. Back pain can be a result of weak abs, but also so much more. saying plank is amazing at curing back pain is foolish

  2. Not a supporter of VIRGIN anything. Considering he has the biggest chunk of our NHS! Love Fleur East and the gym in a box.

  3. I had no idea what the heck was that but cool invention by the way.+ the time machine needs to be amazing and fast.

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