5 Min Ab Challenge | Pilates Ab Series Workout with Tamara Newell

5 Min Ab Challenge | Pilates Ab Series Workout with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey guys! Tamara here. Today,
I have a five minute ab series for you. We’re going to be working every part of our core,
our six pack, our obliques, and the transverse abdominous, that lower belly muscle that pulls
it nice and tight, as well as our back extensors. So, stay tuned and we’ll get started.
[Music] Tamara: Ok, let’s start sitting up nice and
tall. Hold up underneath your thighs, and we’re going to pull the belly button in as
we roll down through the spine, all the way down to the mat. Ok, start by hugging your
knees in towards your chest. We’re going to start with the Pilates ab series, So, press
your hands into your shins, pull that lower belly into the mat, pressing your spine into
the ground, and curl the head, neck and shoulders up. Really use your hands, pulling the legs
in, pull the belly button in, extend one leg out, bend the other knee in, and switch. We’ll
do this 10 times. Nine, in and eight, you want to try and peel the shoulder blades up
off the mat, come up nice and high, and keep a nice natural breath for five, four, three,
two, last one. Hug both knees in, reach your legs out and reach your arms back by your
ears. Squeeze the inner thighs together, circle the arms, and bring it in. This is a double
leg stretch, reach it up. Circling in, and reach. Keep looking towards your knees, towards
your toes. Don’t let the head go back, protect that neck. One more time, then we reverse
the arms. And inhale, circle the arms back. Exhale in, and inhale. Exhale, two more. And
two, last one. Bring it in, lower that head down. Take an inhale [breath]. As you exhale,
extend the legs straight up towards the ceiling. Curl the head, neck and shoulders up. pull
one leg towards you. You can hold on behind the back of your thigh, calf, or if you can,
ankle if you’re super Gumby flexible. And, switch. Switch. Switch. Good.
So here, we want to pull that leg in towards the chest so you’re stretching the back of
the leg as well as working the core. If you need to, you can always bend the knees for
a modification. But really try and straigten your legs as much as you can. Let’s do four
more, four, three, two, you got this. One more time, bring the legs together, interlace
your hands back behind your head. Flex the feet, little scissors. ten, nine, eight, seven.
Anchor the hips and the belly, five, four, three, two, one. Bring the legs together,
bend in. Ok, make a diamond shape with your hands, bring it underneath your pelvis. It’s
like a little platform for your hips. Bring the legs straight up towards the ceiling.
Curl the head, neck and shoulders up, rotate the legs out. Squeeze the heels together,
roll the legs down. Reach those toes out long. Scoop and lift it up. And again, inhale down.
Exhale up. We’re going to do six more. This is a great exercise for that lower belly,
which is really hard to target sometimes. This is probably one of the best things for
it. Five, and up. Four more. Inhale down. Exhale up, three more. Three, and up. Two,
look at your toes, one more time. Down, hold it here. Hold three, two, one. Lift it up,
bend it in, take a breather, good. Turn the head side-to-side. Relax the neck. If you
ever need to relax the neck a little bit, just put it down for a moment and then come
right back up when you’re ready. Interlace your fingers back behind your head, thumbs
along the sides of the neck to support it. Curl up nice and high. Twist towards me, elbow
towards your knee. Extend the other leg out. Other side, twist. Nine, eight, seven, working
the obliques, that side [indistinct] five, four, keep breathing. Stay with me. Two, one,
come back to the center, lower down. Whoo, take a deep breath.
Let’s kind of rock a little bit on the hips. That was great, guys. If you’ve no time for
anything else, the ab series is a great way to really strengthen the abs in a short period
of time. Alright, straighten your legs all the way up. Flip over onto your belly, we’re
going to do a little back extension work before we finish. One hand on top of the other, forehead
on top of your hands. Pull the belly button in up off the floor, and slightly tuck your
tailbone. Really reach the legs nice and long, and you’re going to take an inhale, exhale,
lift up. So, keep your forehead attached to your hands, and really think of lifting from
your back and in-between your shoulder blades rather than the head. This happens a lot,
but keep that head attached to your hands, and lower it down. And lift up, lower down.
Two more. Lift up and down, lift up. This time, hands underneath your shoulders, elbows
reaching back. Press the hands down, lower down. This is full Swan now. And press, come
up a little bit higher. Again, make sure you’re not lifting the chin too much. Look at the
front edge of your mat, and lower down. Press up, keep the elbows hugged in tight towards
the torso so you’re hitting the triceps as well, and lower down. And exhale, lift up,
draw the shoulders away from the ears, a little bit higher now. And one more time, and lift
up, and lower down. Good, sit back into child’s pose. Nice, stretch that lower back. And let’s
sit forward, do a little extra stretch for the core. And sit comfortably, just crossing
the legs a little bit. And, let’s twist through the torso. [breath] Breathe, and other side.
Twist and breathe. Great job guys, thanks for sticking with me. Go ahead and subscribe
to the video. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up, and you can visit me at TamaraNewell.com, where you can get your free 15-minute Pilates workout. Have
a great day!

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  1. Appreciate how you kept reminding how we are to keep our body(eyes, neck, legs) etc lined up during the series. Loved this quick affective workout.

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