5 Nutrients to Boost Your Immunity

5 Nutrients to Boost Your Immunity

we all want a strong immune system and did you know that your diet plays a huge role in keeping your immune system in tip-top shape now having a healthy immune system is all about getting a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals plenty of sleep regular exercise and low stress levels so today we're going to look at certain foods and nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system ok so zinc is possibly one of the most important nutrients when it comes to looking after your immune system and this is because zinc helps to keep your immune system strong and functioning efficiently now for a healthy immune system adults should be aiming to have between 8 and 12 milligrams of zinc every day and you can get this amount by having just one oyster so here we have a nice variety of zinc rich fruits like red meat Easters some chickpeas and seeds and cashews and throat so you may have heard of vitamin D because of its important role in bone health but thanks to new research we're now starting to understand the importance of vitamin D and immunity vitamin D actually works with our immune cells to fight off infection and disease so the best source of vitamin D is from the Sun however we also get smaller amounts of vitamin D from specific foods so over here you can see we have salmon sardines eggs and mushrooms and these all provide us with small amounts of vitamin D so try adding a handful of mushrooms to your meal just to give it a nice little vitamin D boost it is common knowledge that vitamin C is really good for immune system however remember that you need to get it in your diet every single day not just when you're sick now fortunately vitamin C is found in a range of foods that we eat so most of us don't need to take a supplement healthy adults should be aiming to have around 45 milligrams of vitamin C each day we find vitamin C in a range of fruits and vegetables but particularly good sources include citrus fruits green leafy vegetables capricans and Brussels sprout the health of our gut directly impacts our immune systems and this is because around 70 percent of our immune system actually lives inside I've got so I've got the literally brimming with live bacteria which we call probiotics and it's these probiotic bacteria which directly impact our immune functioning so over here we've got some foods where you will find probiotics so we've got kaffir yogurt kombucha sauerkraut and also probiotic supplements iron is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world now women vegetarians vegans and athletes are at particularly high risk of an iron deficiency now when it comes to those foods that are rich in iron we can split them up into two groups so firstly we have animal based sources of iron and they've includes foods like red meat chicken and fish these types of foods contain heme iron which our body is able to absorb and utilize more effectively on the other hand we also have plant-based sources of iron which includes foods like legumes tofu nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables many of you will know that low iron levels can make you feel tired and weak however low iron levels can also weaken your immune system so if you're someone that feels tired all the time or you get sick really easily it could be worthwhile getting your iron levels checked by our blood tests when it comes to nutrition that there are no silver bullets and there's no one magical food that's going to fend off the cold or flu but eating a diverse diet that is full of these nutrients we've spoken about today is one of the best ways you can naturally support your immune system

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