6 HOLY GRAIL AT HOME BEAUTY TOOLS || Acne, Anti-aging, Glowing & Healthy Skin

6 HOLY GRAIL AT HOME BEAUTY TOOLS || Acne, Anti-aging, Glowing & Healthy Skin

hey loves its Elle and welcome back to my channel and it is skincare Sunday and spa time today we're gonna be talking all about my top tools that people use in professional spas and what I used to use in my spa to get salon spa results but you can actually do this at home so before we get started hit the subscribe button give me a little thumbs up and let's do it so when I have my skin studio I definitely use modalities that's what we call them I have all my hair pulled back I am ready to rock and roll because I'm going to show you how to use these and all the products will be linked below where you can get them some of these are spa grade but I have found ones that are exactly like this and you can purchase if you feel that your skin care game needs to be stepped up or if you might be somebody with sensitive skin and can't always use topical treatments that we've talked about so the first one is going to be this little guy so this is a professional version this is by a company called Lemieux you know I talk about them forever I used to carry them in my spa this is the facial scrubber alright and then this is their ISO cell recovery solution I'm going to show you how to use this and why this is so fantastic especially if you have acne prone hormonal skin okay which we all do but I've been getting a lot of comments lately on how to help treat hormonal acne and I will be doing a whole video on that coming up in a near future but what this basically is is this is that what they call a facial scrubber so it looks like this what it does the sonic vibrations as you run it across the skin and it brings up sebum from underneath the skin and helps to exfoliate and extract excess sebum pollutants oils any kind of debris it really was beneficial in my practice it's something that I never did a client I didn't ever do a client without unless they had a flare-up of rosacea and basically a lot of people have rosacea here and so we would just skip that area until that inflammation went down why this is so special is because it does more for the skin by detoxifying it then a lot of topical treatments will do the sonic vibration basically moves at the such a high rate and moves that sebum and and all sorts of debris up to the top of the skin and basically Slough sit away it also does exfoliation very gentle but it does do a little bit of exfoliation you can flip it over and also use this as a penetration for serums so when you turn this over it will penetrate or will make your serums penetrate deeper so it does have a two in one quality I used to use this when somebody was very sensitive to extractions because you can use on the nose place it next to a open comedone which is a pimple and you can actually gently press from all areas and release that sebum and debris from those acne flare-ups the only thing that I would never do is use this on broken skin of course anybody that has any kind of pacemakers inside the body that is something that you really want to be careful with with this modality but everybody else can pretty much use this also I wouldn't use this on somebody that has a cystic acne coming up because I guess I would because I know how to use it but if you get some this hunt home and you're trying to use this for cystic acne just be very gentle and careful and use it on the lowest setting and gently press around your flare-up it's a really an amazing tool so let's get to demonstration for me this tool requires the skin to be moist this isoh cell recovery spray actually heals the skin it has I have the Box serum I again used to carry this all the time this actually is great for bug bites it repairs the skin it heals the skin this is an amazing spray for after treatment so as far as any kind of lasering any micro needling because it really heals the skin it has eight beneficial minerals in it and eight synergistic amino acids which instantly smooth stress skin it keeps it hydrated and it obviously helps to prevent any scarring or any skin irritation so after I would do extractions and before I would use this treatment and this spray because it is kind of antibacterial and will keep the skin from getting any kind of pock marks or scarring as well as it will heal the skin so what you do is you spray this on I don't have another honestly another recommendation for another spray this is what I use you can go onto the limb use website I'll put it all below and you can pick up yourself one if you have something like this I'll put all the details below you guys alright so I have sprayed one part of my face it has a button for power and then it has a button for mode I do it on high because I'm extra and let me get you real in here so you guys can see so all you do is you go gently it's super gentle super easy to use and avoid the eye area and then all of that stuff on there is dirt and grime and excess sebum all right so I won't bore you with the rest but if you guys can see there's a bunch of dirt and grime on there and then all you do is just wipe it away and you can see the difference in pore size between the two and in my opinion different in radiance and you can absolutely feel the difference this is something that I used to do on every treatment but you can of course do this with probably I would say maybe every couple of days maybe twice a week once a week at the most maybe be great for our Sundays that would be fantastic some people can use them more often it's just really up to you and your liking and then all you would do is obviously wipe this off you would put I like to use the peptide serum from Lemieux or your favorite peptide serum the dual-chamber one consider old-school super close or whatever you want to use as a peptide serum put that peptide serum all over the face and you can turn this around put it on the pulse mode or whatever mode your machine has it on and you literally drag and we just take this off here cuz I don't want to get anything on me it's so dirty gross you basically drag the serums across the skin like that so staying in the vein of light therapy dr. Dennis gross just came out with this cute little guy so this is the spotlight on breakout gone it is an acne treatment device so the reason why I decided to bring this up is because in my practice I used a ton of light therapy I'm a huge believer in light therapy I think that it is one of those therapies that everybody can use it's very gentle the only thing you have to be careful of is if you take a prescription that makes your skin sensitive to the Sun that is going to obviously be what we call a contraindication which means that you need to ask your healthcare provider if you can use light therapy so this though is so fantastic because it's a pocket little light it has a blue light and a red light so the blue light is actually a bacterial it kind of goes into the skin not super deep so what it does that kills bacteria it helps heal the skin it helps heal any breakouts it will make sure they don't spread make sure that they are less likely to scar and then it also has a red light that they go on at the same time and the red light goes deeper into the skin it is anti-aging but it is more about cellular renewal healthy skin and making sure that the skin underneath there was also cleansed and in good shape for not creating so much excess sebum and you know acne causing inflammation so this tool will also help with the redness of your acne flare-up it will help with inflammation of it so we'll sue that basically you want to use this every day on each breakout that's why it's not a full-face one but say I had a breakout right here all you do is hold this on here like this see the light that's what you do and you just hold it on here for three minutes and it will actually shut off by itself and you just basically go over the face and put it over each acne flare-up that you're having and it will help to reduce that you can do this every day until that acne mark is gone I just so you guys can see that is the light that it kind of gives off it's very strong I'm really excited about this product because it's really fantastic at home great acne fighting it is FDA cleared so it has been fully looked over by the powers that be and so it is very safe for at-home use and especially for my women that are dealing with hormonal acne now staying on the light therapy I always did light therapy for my clients I basically did a tool like this this is a spa grade tool and I've talked to you about the doctor nurse gross I'm asked they recently now just came out with a full mask I do not have it I have not tried it but I will put up a picture of something that I did just recently buy and I will let know how I like it it does have a neck piece to it it does do a lot of different colors for things like collagen production overall brightening of the skin obviously acne discoloration all of those things that we are concerned about I'll let you know how it goes but again I'm a big proponent of light therapy this I again it's only professional grade but the reason why this one comes I don't know if you guys can see it this one comes with a bunch of different lights pulsating lights different colors and different strengths and when you turn this bad boy up you really can tell that it is working it was one of my very favorite tools that I used in my practice but now they have tools that do this they aren't going to be as strong as the ones that I would use in my practice but lord knows they are going to be fantastic I would do light therapy so when I do my Nocturna scrolls mask I do it about you know three four times a week it really depends on how much time I have I usually do it during the day you know before I want brushing my teeth or something like that you can use it every single day if you want to you can use all of this light therapy every single day if you want to just make sure that you are not using any serums or anything underneath it that are acids or that have any light sensitivity to them so for example I would use things very gentle like your peptide serum niacinamide ceramides just basically I don't want to say benign but basically they are not active ingredients so no PHA is a Ajay's benzoyl peroxide I really even don't use vitamin C underneath these you absolutely can but I just choose not to I just want to make the serums that I have on penetrate deeper with the mask and have the light therapy each wavelength a color of the masks or tools does go into different layers of the skin red goes probably one of the deepest and red is actually one of the most stimulating in collagen production and elastin protection that we have light therapies that is my favorite go-to light therapy and then I will talk about this bad boy this is the Clarisonic smart profile with the face massaging attachment to it I do this as again four to five times a week again just depends upon how much time I have I do do this in the morning and I use this right over my serums and oils before I put my moisturizer on I really notice a huge difference in the tightening of this area right here I find it very effective there are some clinical trials with that that are very impressive I used to use the new face in my skincare practice before Clarisonic came out with this I never saw a huge difference but my clients have really always asked for the new face so it's just my personal opinion that I never saw a tremendous amount of results from new face I have seen more results from this head if you are going to a good skin specialist one that customizes her or his routines to your specific needs they will do tools like this they will do toning tools and that is something that I pride myself on when I had a studio I absolutely customized that facial for my client so I never had an all-in-one facial like hydrating facial acne facial we really attached attacked each problem head-on and what was happening at that time and what their goals were but I always did light therapy I always did my little scrubber guy and I always did some sort of toning device no matter cuz I used to do obviously you know everyday people as well as my select clients and so obviously toning for everyone was super important now something else I used to do and I've done a video on this is lymphatic drainage this is what I would do when I would have my sheet masks on using a sheet mask hydrating sheet mask with a Jade Roller rose quartz roller if you don't know I guess you guys don't know I haven't really talked about it but I am very into crystals I love them they're all over my house I'm very excited about I have a rose quartz crystal roller coming soon and I will put the benefits of the Jade below so you guys can do some research you need to make sure that the ones you get though are actually real Jade and this one is it's very common that some of the cheaper ones will not be real Jade and you won't be getting the benefits of the Jade that's crystal itself or the stone itself now lymphatic drainage you I have a video again let me know if you guys want me to do an updated version of lymphatic drainage for you guys but lymphatic drainage I used to do with either a tool or my hands it was it's a type of massage technique it basically drains the toxins all from your different parts of your body you can do it all over the body but we do on the face and neck through your lymph and it detoxifies D puffs and does a whole host of great things for the skin and again I would put the sheet mask on and I would roll away lymph it limps are down here it's again it's a longer video than just right now but I would run it and the mask was down for about 10 minutes so I would do this for about 10 minutes do a little massage on the hands the feet it was all kinds of yumminess and I'm a huge fan these have been used all over Asia for eons and it is something that I absolutely believe in as far as lymphatic drainage especially for overall puffiness tone and texture especially for the under eye area clarity of skin acne prone skin inflamed any kind of inflammation on the skin as well so those are my top at home gadgets to get your spa-like quality facial at home they're also a great way to keep up your spa results that you get for you know that you get whenever you are going to the spa and they also will honestly cut down on the amount of time you need to go to a facialist because you are taking such great care of your skin it's around this bad boy off you guys have heard me talk about this it's a derma flash you guys this has literally changed my skin I will try my best remember to put the video that I did on this below but this basically a dermaplaning– this is what dermaplaning is when you go get it done at an office and it's at home dermaplaning– it does not make your hair grow back in thicker that is a complete fairy tale or falsehood it's a misconception all you're doing is taking off that layer of dead skin as well as all of the peach fuzz this is something that will help your products penetrate better it's easy to use it's safe to use and it will also help your foundation moisturizer be a lot more flawless primer it just really makes the canvas a lot more smooth and a lot softer and a lot more pliable and apt for cosmetics and skincare so if you guys haven't tried the derma flash honestly it's life-changing it is very different than shaving your face or getting like a little you know a little tincture thing I mean I understand that a lot of you guys that's how you do it but this is a much different tool it has sonic vibrations so it's gentler on the skin it helps lift the hair up when you are doing it on the skin as well as it gives you that perfect exfoliation if this was around when I practiced skin this would actually be an add-on service that I would have per you know provided it is something that I think everybody can benefit from and it's super easy to use the second thing I want to talk to you guys about which I get a lot of comments on and questions is derma rolling at home I have been reached out to I can't tell you how many different companies that have been wanting me to try tumor rolling I have heard amazing results from you guys concerning derma rolling I know that a lot of you guys believe in it and wholeheartedly support it I know there's a lot of people on YouTube that I've done amazing tutorials on them and have gotten great results this is my philosophy on it I come from a skincare background I did practice skin for a long time and I just feel and it's just my own opinion please you can feel free to disagree with me is I don't think you should break the skin at home I don't think you should be doing any kind of treatments that break the skin because you are setting yourself up for infection possibility I mean even if you're so clean there is that possibility of infection for the most part I would hope that spa and skin specialists and dermatologists office and estheticians office do derma rolling and they know how to do it they've been trained on it they have done it many many many many times they know what to use before to make sure the skin is clean they know what to use after so it is my philosophy that you should not be derma rolling at home that is something that you should definitely be getting done in a dermatologists or skin specialist office thank you so much for being here I really really appreciate it I hope that this was informative and fun I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your weekend and I will see you guys on Tuesday let's live for media Wow bye you guys

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