6 steps to an anti-aging (elastin + collagen boosting) strategy

6 steps to an anti-aging (elastin + collagen boosting) strategy

so as we age one of the first visible signs of change is our skin and that is June a large part to a loss of collagen and elastin so here to help guide us through to better skin from the inside out its skin specialist dr. Julie Rio [Applause] this important matter because we all want skin that looks good and the collagen and the elastin is the thing that we should be focused on now there are a lot of things vegetables fruit vitamins that you can start eating at any age that will help you out right so we're gonna start from them and work our way down perfect right so the aging is inevitable but the good news is there's things you can do to basically prevent the loss of elastin collagen and then protect yourself from from certain aging factors and then even boost it so fantastic so this all looks good oh it looks really good about now so vitamin C these are all sources of vitamin C so we know the citrus fruits are really commonly thought of but also remember sweet potatoes and red peppers are great sources of vitamin C and that's actually necessary for building the troppo elastin in your skin and the collagen they're like precursors to actually building brand new collagen elastin so very important to have in your daily diet daily okay we recommend 75 to 90 milligrams a day about 90 so what would that be about it's like how many is that like 17 it's actually not so when were younger of course we absorb everything better so yes somewhere somewhere in a reasonable range of having your three to four servings of fruits a vegetable day will absolutely get you there okay that is doable that is right okay so let's move down the line right here where what are we getting from these so something else that's critical to forming elastin and collagen a certain micro minerals specifically zinc copper and manganese and those are found in your leafy green vegetables so we've got some kale and some other sources of leafy greens but also pineapple and mushrooms so if those are in your palate already then keep going with that and if not make sure you've got a good multi mineral multivitamin that you're taking daily to ensure that you've got sources of those micro minerals okay now what do we have over here what are these things doing so also for supporting collagen and elastin production in the body your micro man so these are examples of where you can find the zinc copper and manganese so we have our leafy greens our kale pineapple and mushrooms so those are in your diet already fantastic if they're not in a regular diet that of a good multi mineral multivitamin is important to be able to have those co-factors to produce good elastin and collagen nice I mean you can do a mix of both right look at the vitamin and have the the real foods that are bringing it into your system now we know nuts are good for you what is it from nuts that you're getting that's going to help your collagen your elastin so we call them phytoestrogens and those are the good guys right so phytoestrogens are one that help in your overall hormone balance but in particular what stone in flax flax seed pecans cashews and almonds it's excellent for precursors to producing your own collagen and elastin and preserving what you have and keeping it rich we know that the omega-3s and different types of oils really support skin this is in particular important for you to be able to kind of protect your own collagen elastin and keep it going yes so remember that's all about tighter fitting skin yes so you need to knot tighter fitting jeans thank you sort of be doing a little bit of all of this and if you're doing all of these things they're gonna help now what you do daily really counts really counts now when it comes to trying to keep that skin feeling tight and looking tight I mean the Sun is not necessarily your friend I mean unfortunately we need to produce vitamin D we need some sun exposure but yeah we're 90% of all aging of our skin is attributed to Sun over 90 percent 90 percent is is preventable right it's a big message so we know where to wear hats and sunglasses and slather with sunscreen and reapply I think the SPF 50 is pretty much considered the minimum there could be indirect Sun that's all known yeah but unfortunately I think that we we aren't always kind of in the optimal position to wear the sunscreen or hat or you know because life goes on and so we have to be as careful as we can there is something that's a little bit of a of a cutting edge possibility for people known as something called astaxanthin okay have you heard of this well basically it's you can take internally as a tablet or it can be mixed with maybe some omega-3 oil you can find it out there but it protects you from UVA UVB damage from the inside out it's 65 times more potent than vitamin C so it's very interesting and it's something that people should become aware of and realize that they can add that to their regimen for protecting from Sun again from the inside out okay like that clouded that up finally bio SIL is something that you told me about before we start in this segment what is that about well bio still sounds like it would just be hair skin and nails biotin or silica that's not what it is it's actually interesting one-of-a-kind patented ingredient from Belgium but most people have heard of it because Christie Brinkley takes it and she advocates for this she hasn't aged in about 50 years the bottom line though is is to research is 89 percent increase in elastin is produced by this actual compound so what's interesting is it's promoting new baby elastin in your skin so something wonderful to add into your regimen that you can actually use as your anti-aging kind of strategy let's call it really good information and thank you so much for that

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  2. U can save yr skin from wrinkles. But real ageing happens BC of loss of muscle tone & fat pads in d face & body. Gravity makes all things fall & stretch downwards. No one can beat gravity ?

  3. Also try collagen powder and bone broth….remember a healthy gut also affects the skin and ypur body

  4. Well, I'm vegan and can attest to the power of a good, diverse diet: lots of fruits and veggies (all colors), nuts and whole grains. I am almost 65 and look no older than 50.

  5. The lectins in the skins and seeds of all peppers can cause people problems and should be removed, Cooking bell peppers kills the vitamin C. Maybe I’ll try a vegetable peeler on a bell pepper.

  6. Inner happiness is nr 1. Smile a lot is nr 2.Keep the mucles strong. Our wrincles also comes when we have burdens
    Eating good i also important.

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