7 Best Exercises To Pump Up Shoulders And Triceps

7 Best Exercises To Pump Up Shoulders And Triceps

7 Intense Exercises To Build Muscular Arms Anybody here who wants bigger arms? Oh, a lot of you! So guys, what muscles do you focus on to get
bigger arms? Biceps, obviously! After all, biceps are the most shown off muscles
on the planet! Well, that’s where you are wrong because
to build huge guns, you gotta work more on your triceps than on the biceps. Do you know that 66% of your arm is made up
of triceps and the rest is biceps? Oh and yes, big arms will look good only when
you have proportionate shoulders to go with them. In short, your arm workout needs enough participation
of the shoulders and triceps. So shall we tell you about some exercises
that will help you achieve the muscular arms of your dreams? Number 1. Rear Delt Dumbbell fly
This exercise when done with dumbbells strengthens your upper back muscles and shoulders while
working on stabilization strength in your spine, deep abdominals and hips. That’s quite a bargain! Anyway, this exercise requires you to maintain
your body posture of a neutral spine position while trying to avoid moving the torso. You stand with your legs about hip-width apart
and hold a dumbbell of suitable weight in each hand by your side. Then you bend your torso forward and bend
your legs a little so that your arms extend below your body with your hands facing each
other as you hold the dumbbells. Exhale and raise your arms out to your sides
with your hands facing down, squeezing your shoulder blades together during the movement. Now inhale and lower your arms to the starting
position. Repeat the exercise for two to three sets
of eight to 12 reps with proper form to get best results! Number 2. Lateral Raise
The lateral raise is one of the best exercises for those looking to build shoulders like
boulders. Standing in a shoulder-width stance, grab
a pair of dumbbells with palms facing inward and let them hang at your sides. Raise your arms out to the sides until they’re
at shoulder level. Pause, then lower the weights back to the
starting position. That sounds just too simple but don’t let
it fool you into thinking you’re in for an easy time. What seems incredibly easy in the first rep
would become devilishly tough by the 8th so choose your weights wisely! The benefits of the lateral raise are stronger,
larger shoulders and increased shoulder mobility. If you brace correctly throughout the lift,
your core also benefits, and muscles in the upper back, arms and neck will also feel the
strain after a few sets. But remember- form over weight! Number 3. Cable front raise
The cable front raise and all of its variations are fantastic for building up the anterior
of the deltoids. If you want those round, cannonball style
shoulders this is one exercise you cannot afford to neglect! Alright now, you select the weight on a low
pulley machine and grasp the single hand cable attachment with your right hand. Face away from the pulley and put your arm
straight down with the hand cable attachment in front of your thighs at arms’ length with
the palms of the hand facing your thighs. This will be your starting position. Now lift the arm to the front with a slight
bend on the elbow while the palms of the hand face down. Continue to go up until your arm is slightly
above parallel to the floor. Congrats, you have completed one rep! Do the required number of repetitions and
then repeat the process for the left hand. Number 4. Pulley Push Down
The triceps pushdown is one of the best exercises for triceps development. Variations include grip position and a rope
handle instead of the horizontal bar. Done properly, this one really burns! So shall we begin with this one? Alright then, attach a straight or angled
bar to a high pulley and grab with an overhand grip (palms facing down) at shoulder width. Now standing upright with the torso straight
and a very small inclination forward, point your forearms towards the pulley as they hold
the bar with the palms facing each other. This is your starting position. Using your triceps, to pull the bar down till
your thighs. At the end of the movement the arms are fully
extended and perpendicular to the floor, then after holding for a second, bring the bar
at the starting position. Make sure that throughout the movement only
the forearms move while your upper arms remain stationary next to your torso. Don’t forget to perform the recommended
repetitions! Number 5. Cable triceps kickback
Kickbacks are a great exercise for working the back head of the triceps. In this triceps exercise, you work one arm
at a time. To perform this exercise you start by attaching
a single grip handle to a low pulley cable machine and selecte the weight you want to
use. Facing the machine with your back bent keeping
it parallel with the ground, grab the handle. Now bring the handle to your side and tuck
your elbow in towards your body. This is the starting position and the effort
begins when you slowly extend your arm back as far as possible, squeezing your triceps
and holding for a count. Then return to the starting position and perform
the required repetitions. Once done, repeat the exercise for the other
hand. Sounds simple? Uhmm, try it and then say for sure! Number 6. One arm reverse push downs
This movement is performed with a cable push down machine, using a single-hand handle. By the looks of it, you’d say that it is
one of the simplest exercises but a practical will reveal how your muscles burn with it. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
and slightly bent to relieve stress from your lower back. Place one hand on your hip for balance and
stability. Grasp the handle with an underhand grip. Now you need to keep your arm close to your
side but allow your elbow to raise slightly. Once you are ready at this position, press
the weight down until your arm is fully extended and meanwhile contract your triceps. You’ve done it, congrats and now go back
to the starting position and do it again and after the recommended reps, repeat with the
other arm! Number 7. Weighted dips
We aren’t talking about the regular dips here- the ones where you have to pull your
body weight and maybe more if you use a dip belt also. We are focusing on the dip machines as of
now. Dip Machine is where you sit on a bench with
your thighs blocked under supports. You grab the dip bars next to you, bend your
arms and straighten them again. Simple! Not really, you select the weight according
to your capacity and then firmly grasp the handles. Now keep your elbows in at your sides in order
to place emphasis on the triceps. The elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle. As you contract the triceps, extend your arms
downwards as you exhale. Now slowly let your arms come back up to the
starting position as you inhale. Woah, this one rep will take a lot of effort
and will work its magic on your triceps. No time to wait, get going with your reps! Which of these exercise helps you the most? Tell us in the comment section below. Click on the bell icon and get notified of
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