7 Min Posture Stretches to Improve Posture – Better Posture Workout – Posture Correction Exercises

7 Min Posture Stretches to Improve Posture – Better Posture Workout – Posture Correction Exercises

hey everybody
it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 7 Min Posture Stretches to Improve Posture Better Posture Workout Posture Correction Exercises routine is specifically designed to
combat the stresses of our day-to-day life from sitting down hunched over
looking at our phone to being at our desks all day there’s no equipment
that’s required for today’s workout I’m going to be doing the traditional
exercises and I will be providing the easier modifications all right let’s
begin we’re going to start with a wall bent arm stretch so you need to make
your way on over to a wall with your elbow bent at a 90 degree angle go and
place your hand flat on that wall now as we bring ourselves closer to that wall
we’re going to feel stretch in our shoulder and in our chest try your best
to go and keep that elbow bent at a 90 the closer to you are to the wall the
more you’ll feel the stretch the further away the last little stretch if you need
some more stretch you can do so by opening your body up and turning away
we’re holding this one and let’s just go ahead and breathe four three two one
zero excellent let’s go ahead and switch and
do the opposite side now again starting with that hand placed on the wall elbows
bent at a 90 degree angle and closer we get to that wall more of a stretch we
feel and this one’s great for stretching out your chest as well as your shoulders
the muscles that get really tight when you’re hunched over for hours of the day
whether it’s driving on your cell phone at the computer whatever it may be and
let’s hold this one four three two one and zero
excellent go ahead and shake that one loose that was a good one to start with
we’re going to go to the ground for the next one we’re into a lying angel so go
ahead and lie down on your back place your hands above your head
elbows flat down on the ground and I want you to drag those elbows in
your hands straight down in towards your body while keeping your arms flat on the
ground when you reach the furthest point go ahead and stretch them straight up
overhead and on this one we’re trying our best to keep contact with the floor
throughout the move full range of motion nice and controlled other note on this
one is I want you to try to go ahead and keep your lower back flat on the ground
you don’t want a big arch happening while you’re doing this one which is I
know hard to do so it doesn’t look like much but it is a great one for overall
shoulder mobility hold those elbows in towards your side and then stretch all
the way overhead and as you’re going through this one you’ll feel your range
of motion and your mobility improve rep by Rep get a little bit looser every
time and again trying your best to avoid arching that lower back or allowing that
lower back to come too high off the ground let’s do this one four three two
one and zero excellent shaking it loose let’s go
ahead and come up now we’re going to come on to all fours next we’re going to
perform a cat cow so on all on your hands and on your knees it’s going to
make sure those hands are underneath our chest and a tabletop position here we’re
going to bring our chin up at the same time I want you to draw that belly down
to the ground and bring your glutes up to the sky and once you reach the top
position let’s reverse it this time I want you to bring that chin into your
chest and at the same time I want you to act like somebody’s have a string in the
middle of it you’re back and they’re pulling up on that middle of your back
just feeling that back stretch as you bring the chin
into the chest and reverse it again this time that chin goes up to the ceiling as
you draw that belly button down to the floor and it’s just one into the next
nice and controlled on this one no rush please does that stretch on both sides
of this one but we still really want to maintain a nice tight core as we’re
doing this cat cow movement so I just like to think of you’re pulling your
belly button into your spine as you’re performing all of these movements core
stays nice and tight and let’s do this one four three two one and zero all
right excellent okay coming up onto our knees now next we’re going to stretch
our hip flexors so let’s come up onto one knee both knees are bent in a 90
degree angle first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to squeeze your glutes
in the back side both glutes go ahead and squeeze next we’re going to squeeze
your abs in the front now just doing that alone you probably already feeling
that stretch in your quad and your hip flexor if you’re not or if you need more
now go ahead and gently and slowly bring your hips forward not too much not a lot
of range of motion in this one and you feel that stretch up and down your hip
flexor and in your quad just be sure to keep your core ads tight and your glutes
tight throughout but just squeeze and breathe that’s it let’s hit this one
four three two one zero good all right let’s do that opposite side now opposite
side leg up again 90 degree angles looking nice and pretty that squeeze
those glutes squeeze those ABS and now the hips come forward excellent now you could you know if you
didn’t squeeze your glutes and you didn’t squeeze your abs you could easily
just go ahead and drop all the way forward we don’t want to do that keep
them squeezed and it’s really going to isolate that hip flexor and make that
hip flexor stretch excellent keep that good posture straight up and down four
three two one zero excellent all right stand down go sit
down on our back sides legs out in front of you I’m going to do a toe reach plus
scarecrow so legs are out straight trying to best to keep them flat down on
the ground but you to reach towards those toes and then come up arms
overhead into a scarecrow pull back and down on those elbows so big
stretching your posterior chain up good posture head back hold out so one into
the next between these two movements of this little combo you’re really getting
your entire posterior chain nice and stretched out and again every time you
do this one feel that mobility improving that range of motion improving reach
just a little bit far further every time good let’s keep this one up five more
seconds one the next nice and controlled two one and zero nice thank you so much
for working out with us today if you like this workout you’ve been working
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today it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see
you at your next workout

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  1. Thank you so much! I really needed a good posture exercise routine. I have really been looking for exercises to do to help get my good posture back. I try to be mindful of not slouching, but I really needed more. I will put these into my day regularly and see how it helps!

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  3. Bro,Thank you very much It's a small word for all the goodness you are spreading in people life.Your workout are very simple and very effective Awesome work.Thank you very very much…All the best

  4. I am 17, I struggle to concentrate on what your saying becuase of that nicely shaped woman on your side. She should not be seen, I can't concentrate!! Please make it more teen friendly, kids are the ones mostly with bad posture.

  5. I started doing this sometime last week and I noticed doing the lying angels that I get a pinchy feeling in my left shoulder blade and somewhat in the back of my upper arm muscle. Is this normal or should I back off?

  6. Plz make a video for widening shoulders of women without lifting weights it's a request Plz. ..coz many women like us don't want to lift weights but do want wide shoulders πŸ™†

  7. you guys are the best i always follow your informative videos. liked and shared and subscribed ! πŸ™‚

  8. Hello Coach..thanka for the wonderful and informative session. I tried the Home work out thrice and it feel great. I would like to improve my posture, I have slouching shoulders and nerd neck. Plus weak arms and shoulders…can you please suggest a work out for 1hr everyday…which one should I follow. Appreciate your support. Love and wishes from India ☺️

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