8 TIPS FOR HEALTHY + GLOWY SKIN – 8 Bí Quyết Thực Tế + Đơn Giản để có làn da khoẻ đẹp!

8 TIPS FOR HEALTHY + GLOWY SKIN – 8 Bí Quyết Thực Tế + Đơn Giản để có làn da khoẻ đẹp!

Hello! Welcome back to my channel. It has been awhile since the last time I got a chance to sit down and chat with you guys. End of the year is drawing near So many things have happened this year, and I think we’ve all been through many changes. Sometimes we get sucked in with life, trapped under many projects and plans that we forget to step back and take care of ourselves. So I think this is the perfect time to reflect upon our busy lives and reward ourselves for all we did this year. After all, we’re almost there! In this video, besides sharing many tips and skin care routine, I also want to inspire you to be your best self ever I want to feel empower and confident whenever I look at myself in the mirror, to further inspire myself to stay on track and continue to improve myself. And if I can do it, you absolutely can too! I am no dermatologist or professional to tell you what to do. All the tips I will be sharing today are realistic and works wonder for me. That’s why I want to share with you. I have tried these things myself and they work wonders. Without further ado, I will share with you my 8 Tips for healthy & glowy skin Always, ALWAYS remove makeup before bed. We have all been there. Long day, busy schedule with work and school removing makeup is the last thing you want to do before jumping right onto that comfy bed But, in the long run, this habit is really bad for your skin which is why I put this as the first tip. When you wear makeup all day long, all the oils and dirt are trapped under your pores To fully cleanse my skin, I usually combine with cleansing oil and face wash to melt away the makeup along with oil and dirt I’m using Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil It’s very gentle and works wonder for my sensitive skin I like to massage the oil for at least 1 minutes before rinsing Then, again with Gentle Cream Cleanser from Naturally Serious This cleansing cream has so many benefits. This cleansing cream has so many benefits. but also exfoliate and brighten your skin. It is also very gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin. Tip #2 – Maintain a consistent skincare routine I can guarantee with you that your skin won’t be the healthiest if you take skincare for granted. I am currently using a trio from Naturally Serious The first product is “Cold-Pressed Peeling pads” Each peel pad contains enzymes extracted from pomegranate that gently exfoliates and moisturizes I love how convenient and effective this product is. this product is worth a try because it works with all skin types to regenerate your skin, brighten and give your skin a healthy, natural glow. The second product is: “Anti-Fatigue Power Serum” This is an anti-aging product that rejuvenate your skin from stress and pollutions. I am a firm believer that we should start taking care for our skin as we reach the age of 25, because as we get older, our body cannot produce collagen as effectively as before If anything, an investment on a good, trusty serum is something you should consider. The third product is: Natural Peptine Sleeping Cream Whenever I’m stress, I have hard time sleeping Good thing is with our modern skincare technology, we can at least take care of our skin This sleeping cream has vitamin A, C as antioxidants that help even out skin tone. Moreover, flaxseed extract reduces wrinkles and boost hydration in dry skin I highly recommend this product for normal to dry skin, especially during dry winter months. Tip #3 – Get your beauty sleep During the day, when you are up and about, your skin works hard to produce sebum to moisturize as well as protects your skin from environment. At night, our skin is still hard at work nighttime is the time when your skin rebuilds. Blood vessels dilates to bring more oxygen to skin boosting the rebuilding process, and slows down aging. Hence, a good night sleep will give your skin a very healthy glow Try to be in bed and sleeping by 10PM, or 11PM the latest and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night Your skin, and you, will appreciate that! Tip #4 – Drink plenty of water Your skin always needs plenty of water to stay hydrate. Many sources say you should drink about 2 liters of water every day. This will also help detox your body and brighten your complexion. Always bring a water bottle to help reminding yourself to drink enough water: You can also drink herbal tea or non-caffeinated drink to spice it up Tip #5 – Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly Protein, fruits and veggies are very important and necessary in achieving a healthy skin Try adding these to your daily menu: Omega 3: in walnuts and all kinds of fishes and avocado They are all healthy fat and very beneficial to your skin Regular exercise can also add some benefits to your skin. Cardio gives your skin a very natural blush and glow because it helps with regulating your blood. You will definitely see results after a consistent time of working out at least 3 times/week, even for only 30-min Tip #6 – Always wear sunscreen Many of us knows the benefits of wearing sunscreen but many thinks that you only need sunscreen when you are out in the sun, but when it rains, or cold, you tend to skip wearing sunscreen. UV rays are always present whether you see the sun or not So sunscreen is the key to a healthy skin It doesn’t no matter how much time you spend in taking of your skin Sunscreen is still your ultimate go-to product! Tip #7 – Treat your acne gently and patiently use products that have glycolic acid, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide they really help clean out your pore and prevent acne. You shouldn’t pick or pop your pimples for it can lead to inflammation or worse, and would potentially leave scars. You also shouldn’t skim on your skincare routine thinking that it would trap moisture and cause acne. In contrary, when your skin is dehydrated, it will excrete even more oil to compensate it can lead to inflammation or worse, infection Don’t you notice that you get more pimples when you stress? Stress can cause acne, so make sure to set time aside to relax. Remember to take care of yourself first and and maintain an optimistic mind You can manage stress by spending time with your loved ones or simply listening to music Yoga or meditation also work wonder! To achieve a healthy, glowy skin, cosmetics aren’t the only thing that can do that. You need to nourish and take care of yourself inside out. Just like any other parts of your body, your skin will stay fresh and glowy if you maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise regularly. Don’t forget to try the 8-tips for healthy skin Thank you so much for watching! I hope you find this video helpful If you have any further question or concern, please feel free to let me know in the comment below. I will also leave all the mentioned products details and links down below please check them out yourself. And farewell for now See you soon in the next video! After finish filming, I’m just gonna head straight to bed Remember having beauty sleep is very important to your skin! Try to be in bed and sleeping by 10PM,

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