8 Tips to Stay MOTIVATED with Fitness!

8 Tips to Stay MOTIVATED with Fitness!

the limit raise what's up guys take work in a pump you up we're gonna motivate you this is it guys this is the video that's gonna change your life can you do that yes okay you know because I know I can't keep this up for more than five seconds okay okay relax this isn't gonna be one of those cliche motivational videos but seriously I have been doing YouTube for you know a reasonable amount of time now I get asked a lot of questions on a variety of different topics related to macronutrients and nutrition and training strategies and programming appeared ization supplementation of genetics and metabolism yeah there's a lot of stuff but honestly guys like to this day probably one of the most common questions that I get asked to simply put how do you stay motivated and guys that is the purpose of today's video I'm going to share eight of my kind of personal you know tidbits of advice or tips to help keep you motivated primarily and especially if you're in your first thing you know we know one maybe two years of training it is during that time that I think people are very susceptible to kind of getting frustrated not seeing the progress they want or not seeing it as fast as they want and unfortunately getting demotivated and giving up one thing which I'm really proud of myself for doing when I was younger is when I first started working out I actually took a decent amount of progress pictures and even though I didn't look back great I was like 6 feet tall and a hundred and fifty five pounds it was still an improvement over a few months before and that those you know the small changes month to month week to week or in some cases years to years it motivated me like fucking crazy it was awesome the big problem is that when you look at yourself in the mirror every day let's say you wake up you go you brush your teeth you're looking at your body no matter what you're doing the gym you're probably not gonna see visual changes on a day to day basis fat loss is a relatively slow process and muscle gain is an even slower process then that kind of makes sense and when you think about it you're eating food taking it in your stomach breaking it down with stomach acid down to it's pretty much like molecular components transporting it to dip and parts of your body along the bloodstream and then rebuilding it in the place that you wanted to like proteins assembling individually in your biceps you try some it's a pretty damn awesome concept and yeah takes a little bit of time so if you look in the mirror on a day-to-day basis you're probably not gonna see it but if you step back look at the big picture yeah I think you're gonna like it keep it simple stupid this one this is something I see a lot of people making a big mistake especially in their initial first year of training and it's something which almost immediately at least two people getting be motivated frustrated and a lot of times they end up giving up this is a way I like to look at it your body a lot of people you meet everybody out there we like to think of ourselves as you know Lamborghinis when in reality we are generally use 2013 Toyota Corollas what I mean by that is that you can't go 0 to 100 in two seconds so they may do something like ok it's your first day in the gym and I'm gonna do 6 days per week an hour and a half two hours in the gym high volume high frequency high intensity doing overly complex I don't even know how to bench press and bicep curl and you're already onto like do I clean and I don't even know what this is you know people find themselves in the gym pretty much treating it like it's like you know a side part time job and a lot of people out there who aren't you they haven't a cute eyes acclimatized exactly I cleared this embarrassing Fitness is supposed to complement my life not completely take over my life and then they give up so tip number one is simply put taper it down a little bit there is nothing wrong with that a really good way of doing this and I highly recommend this is simply cut down your training frequency to something like three maybe even as little as two workouts per week ideally doing a full-body split and this could be something super basic like five to six exercises maybe like three sets of eight three sets of ten reps for each exercise and you do one to two exercises per each major muscle group in the body and you essentially just repeat that three maybe even two times per week and just change up the exercises it doesn't have to be that complicated and you don't need to spend seven hours a week in the gym at least not in the beginning down the road you know if you stick to it you could get a little bit more complicated you start to throw in additional variables and frequency and volume periodization and all these things but at least for your one maybe first you know two years of training keep it nice and simple this video is sponsored by Nordby pn because supporting a semi obese dog is expensive see the problem is 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extra precaution for a little bit of time you can get 75 percent off of a three-year plan at Nord VPN comm slash for truven physique this offer makes your subscription just three bucks a month and you can browse securely on all your devices including your mobile phone also as an added bonus use the code for Truman physique at checkout to get an extra month free so guys if you are interested just hit the link in the description box below okay for this next tip it might come across up as a little controversial but this is something which I do when I mentioned as it is at times a source of deep motivation for some people out there and I don't necessarily want to tiptoe around this one be careful of seeing just this bombardment of physiques out there and compare yourself to them because I gotta be honest guys and I'm not over exaggerating I would say that with the majority over 50% of the most popular fitness social media personalities or whatever you want to call them out there a lot of people are on there taking a little little something extra a little vitamin s a good example of this and I've actually never talked about this on my channel but I think it is kind of relevant so when I first got really seriously into working now not in high school when I kind of dicked around with weights but when I was in college like my first or second year I was like 19 20 years old there was one guy at the gym and you know that every gym has like that at that one guy that one Jack motherfucker who comes in lifts like 50% more than anybody in there yeah I saw that and I was like that's that's my goal now I knew that steroids were a thing I didn't know how prevalent they were at the time but I knew that okay I'm not gonna look like Ronnie Coleman I'm probably not gonna ever look like Arnold Schwarzenegger either I mean I love Arnold the guy was the most entertaining interesting person I have ever seen at the time but at the end of the day I knew that listen Arnold luckily was asked about the use of steroids have taken ADA named ten weeks before a competition do you did you take headache I took them yeah up until the competition then I knew that I'm probably never gonna look like that and I thought that's okay but this guy you know he's not Arnold but he's still pretty damn I still pretty damn checked but this guy I'm praying I believe he didn't really talk about his use of vitamin asks I'm pretty free even he might have even claimed natural and I thought okay well he's not Arnold at 2:30 you know 240 pounds and six foot two this guy was like one that think he was like when he was at his leanest he might have been like in there like in one mid-19th okay he's like Arnold minus 30 pounds this this is a good lifetime goal to aim for yeah I thought I can get here in five years if I really train hard give it my all hard work and dedication and then I found out no that's all bullshit he's on the juice and I found out not from like thinking like oh he's too big or too short no I actually found out from a friend of a friend who kind of you know somebody who directly knew the situation I'm gonna leave it at that I don't wanna get more into it but essentially I found out that uh yeah that chicken isn't exactly organic now I'm not saying this cause like some terrible existential crisis where I thought like oh no my whole life has been a lie it wasn't that exaggerated and dramatic but I'll be honest it did kind of stuff it for a few months there I kind of felt like well you know that it's kind of shitty I mean that was a big source of motivation that was like my end game that was my end goal and it turns out that end goal is probably not it's not that I'm not going to get there it's just that there's nothing I could to get there it's just not possible period looking back when I now like I should have known because those stats are pretty fucking insane yeah I was young I was naive and now I know I think I know a thing or two more about natural capabilities of the human body but nonetheless it did it did suck a little bit so that's pretty much my advice when it comes to this topic I'm gonna leave it at bad just letting you guys know that when it comes to social media you know you got to treat it a little bit with a grain of salt and you got to be a little bit more a little bit more cautious at least more so than I was when I was young naive you know 19 year old kid Goku and Vegeta Sylvester Stallone and arledge Ward's nigger Thor and the Hulk Naruto and Sasuke even Ash Ketchum and that's self-entitled little asshole Gary rivalries just make things more interesting nine times out of 10 it's gonna result in both parties pushing their limits two places work by themselves they probably would have never gotten to it and yes I could sit here and I've said this a thousand times before guys like you should only compare yourself to yourself train to be the best you that you can be a Yatta Yatta that's all nice but at the end they say sometimes you just wanna buy someone kick their ass I have found personally that it really helps to have someone to just and have a little bit of a friendly competition going back and forth with them um ideally I would recommend someone who is relatively similar to you because if you're gonna go you know toe-to-toe with someone on you know who can get stronger on a certain lift or gain more muscle or improve and you're you know going against someone who is six inches taller 50 pounds heavier or you're your first year of training and they're in ten years of experience in the gym it might it might throw things a little off but if you can find someone who's relatively similar to your current physical proportions or experience level I really think it's gonna help motivate you next up is goals because specifically what kind of goals you actually set yourself that really is gonna have an impact on your motivation to actually reach in hits of those goals and specifically when I'm talking about goals I'm referring to RCS realistic challenging and specific these are three things I want you to keep in mind because if you don't have all three of these there's a good chance that you might you know somewhere along the way you may get demotivated you may fall off the horse and you may never actually get to your end goal you want something that is actually realistic because if you you know if you benchpress 135 pounds first set of five chances are you're not gonna hit 315 in the next six months you may not know this now but in a month or two you're probably gonna figure it out when that time comes yeah you're you're probably not gonna be that motivated to to keep going and fall short of your goal by 200 pounds but I will give you credit because that goal was sure as hell challenging if you set your goals as being something that you can easily do then fuck are you doing why even set yourself goals that's just you going through the motions going through life you're gonna do that anyway you don't need to set yourself you know that goal to begin with this is why nobody plays video games on easy mode it's like okay you're just sitting here like pretty much just doing a manual labor job they're just there's no point to it you know when you were a kid you're eight years old you played soccer and the coach came around like everybody gets a trophy everybody gets a participation medal and you get in your leg I don't give a shit there's something about the human spirit which just naturally drives motivation and your feeling of success from actually overcoming some level of adversity or something of a decent challenge otherwise you're not gonna be that motivated and even if you do hit that whatever little goal you have it's like you're just wasting your time and finally specific goals I'm a big believer that if you set yourself something which is actually you know ideally quantitative with actual numbers there's a much higher chance of you actually getting to that goal if somebody comes to you and they're like oh my goal is to be healthier or or be more fit it's kinda like okay I mean that's great and you know I'm happy for you but what the fuck does that mean giving yourself somewhat of a specific as opposed to this wishy-washy ambiguous goal in my opinion and from personal experience it's really gonna have a much much higher chance of you actually getting there getting to your end goal otherwise you're like a ship that leaves the harbor and has no idea you know where it's going this gun doesn't have a mat does it have a heading doesn't know shit it's gonna be lucky if it makes it home it's gonna be keep it doesn't sink capsized and everybody drowns so one day I want to make perfectly clear is that when I talk about fitness I am not specifically in solely talking about working out with weights bench bicep curls squat and you know we're diving and doing like bodybuilding or trying to look good no when I see Fitness I mean anything at all which is going to get your ass off the couch get you moving and have a positive impact on your life I mean I went from purely focusing on bodybuilding especially the beginning of this channel back in like 2014 and 15 then it kind of did I mean a few powerlifting competitions just for fun just just to experiment with a different style of training then last year you guys know I jumped into a bit of sprint training I really started doing sprint interval high-intensity cardio training just to give myself something something new a different type of exercise a different way of using my muscles that I've never done before and this year I actually haven't talked about on this channel probably do feature videos I did talk about on Instagram once I've been getting into rock climbing I actually saw free solo which because haven't seen it's a documentary on Alex Honnold he's this guy he pretty much climbs like 3,000 foot tall mountains with no ropes like literally it's just it's him his hands his legs and underneath there's like 7,000 feet of air and if he drops then then he drops and so for two or three months now I've been a rock climbing fairly consistently it's it's just awesome it's just it's a new type of fitness a new way to use your body that I've never experienced and because of that it's like it's like you're a kid on Christmas so essentially what I'm trying to tell you guys is that if you want to try something new and maybe moving to a different different style or a different form of fitness do it go for it don't feel the necessity to just let go in the gym like our robot day in and day out for the next three decades just bench squat you know bicep curl don't ever deviate from that plan because fuck the plan the plan is whatever you want it to be as long as you're moving and using your body it's all part of the plan okay for this next tip it may sound a little weird but bear with me CrossFit okay okay easy they're not that this when it comes to CrossFit what did it have which I gotta be honest like I do think it is somewhat missing from the typical standard recreational gym is a very tight-knit and close feeling of community this is something which I don't really see oftentimes in the gym I mean at the end of the day that's what you know bodybuilding really is it is the ultimate of solitary solo sports which isn't necessarily a bad thing but for a lot of people out there when they first get started especially in their first year so this is a time when things like positive reinforcement are so crucial and it can really help you actually stay the course that actually stick to fitness for the long term you going into the gym and kind of just doing this solo solitary thing and kind of do your bicep curls or you do your ab crunches I got to be honest for a lot of people out there it may not seem like that fun of an activity but if you're doing this high-intensity quick paced workout you're doing those like your entire gym kind of like a team or maybe like you and a partner or something like that it is a bit more fast-paced it is a bit more fun it's more of an activity as opposed to you know really putting the work in workout and guys finally tip number eight this one is a little bit more philosophical than the other points I mentioned previously in the video but essentially remember why you started and I know that some of you guys out there may be thinking like well obviously that's common sense you don't need to make all you know include this in the video Iger we know but there with me I do think it's something that a lot of times myself included we tend to forget when I first started with training back in high school and college when I first really fell in love with it there weren't certain reasons why I was actually in the gym why I'm in there you know lifting the weight doing things which at times are kind of hard kind of painful eating these ways there were reasons uh has cheesy as it sounds I kind of wanted to look like my childhood heroes you know I wanted to I didn't want to be the guy who just watches even something like anime I know it's kind of nerdy but it's true I didn't just want to look like you know look at dope who'd be like always a cool guy about whatever I want to be like you and one way I can do that obviously I can't shoot frickin lasers out of my hands and save the world and fly but I can build a physique somewhat similar to that and I could work out hard like him obviously he's training under a thousand times earth normal gravity whereas I I'm just doing bench press in the gym but it's a similar case at hard work ethic that I admired and I wanted to emulate myself I wanted to improve my self-confidence I felt that in high school you know me being kind of like a skinny Twiggy kind of kid you know I look at guys who are a little bit more jacked a little bit taller or just a little bit physically bigger and I thought well you know they seemed a little more confident so maybe if I achieve that then I'll feel that way too and obviously that's not that's kind of oversimplifying it but to a certain extent yeah it has helped you improving your perception of your own body it improves your you know some sense of body image and that in turn is going to have a positive impact on your confidence and also let's be honest I kind of wanted to you know look good for girls which is always a positive I gotta be honest like I wish I could say I was perfect and for the last 14 years of me training I have never once lost sight of why I'm doing this but it has no happened in the past especially you know me a few years ago combining it from just like this passion or this hobby into my actual career sometimes you forget why you're doing things why are you losing weight you know why are you trying body fat why are you trying to you know compete or power lifts or whatever it is that you were doing why are you doing this and sometimes other things get in the way you know I gotta be bigger than this guy you know this other guy on YouTube he looks like this I gotta be better better than him I gotta be leaner than him or you know if I have a better body and if I do this and that then my channel will grow bigger and if your channel grows bigger then you make more money and all this other dumb shit and sometimes I gotta be honest I recently I've had to kind of step back and realize like wait a second why do you actually why did you start doing this you have to kind of remind yourself and it really does help you kind of fall in love with Fitness all over again and I've talked to other guys in the industry I'm not gonna call it any means obviously but I've talked to people and they're like you know like yeah they agree with me that's why some guys in the industry they start off being like pure Fitness and over time to kind of gravitate towards more you know everything but Fitness you know like more like life and vlogs and all the other stuff there's nothing wrong with that but then you realize like yeah some people do to a certain extent a little bit fall out of love with lifting it happens to all of us it has happened to me in the past and in those cases I really think it's best to sit down remind yourself why did you actually start doing this and whatever your reasons maybe you have to like kind of zero in on them and remind them and keep them you know at the back of your head and keep that there and I guarantee that even if you do have bad days or weeks you'll never you'll never actually fall out of fitness and you'll be in it for the long term okay guys that is it that is the end of the video I apologize once again as always if it went very long because I think I think it did it's freaking like midnight right about now my voice is pretty much gone so I'm just gonna wrap it up right around here I think you so much for watching I appreciate each and every one of you guys as always I'll see you in next video

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  1. I stay motivated by watching Igor, and some other fitness pros, especially the ones that are for real and sell no nonsense, from 230 pounds to 183 in 6 months. Not the greatest, but I am 40 already.

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  3. Sincerely thank you Igor..
    You are my best motivation.. seeing your videos helped me to continue and gave me knowledge and help with my day to day life and training lifestyle
    Thank you for the videos. they help me overcome my doubts and you telling me stop being a litle bitch might be a joke..but it sure helped me alot

  4. You sir deserved a new subscriber! And you got one in me. I’m trying to get back into somewhat decent shape. Keep motivating everyone!

  5. Love the motivation stuff… please buy t-shirts for your current physique not 16yr old Igor. Shouldn't see pit hair when raising an arm..then again if all of us were in your shape we might shop at baby gap too.. JK ?️ I lost 100lbs from your motivation.. thanks.

  6. Hi Igor,
    Again great video thank you!
    I have some questions about it and commentaries.
    I started taking fitness more seriouly around 7 months ago and I do have a problem to set realistic goals. I simply do not know what is realistic and what is not.
    From my perspective it is very hard to project a chalanging and doable goal. For instance in my first months I got very strong very quickly but the progress slowed down as expected so my question would be: How to set realistic goals ?
    For example if I am 24 years old, 1,7m, bench 60kg and I train consistently for 4 months what would be a challanging and reacheable goal for me ?

    As commentary to the video I would add that to track the days which you go to the gym. From what I read if you track it and looks to it regularly you get motivated to keep on with your routine, something on the lines:
    "I've done 3 good weeks this month, I must finish the last one so I get 4 in a row"
    As a short term gratification it is very good.

    Keep on with such great videos!

  7. Yeaaa I just realized recently how many people near me in the gym use steroids :/ like I used to think ooo they are sooo strong naturally or whatever and used that as a goal…but then I saw your video on how to tell if someone is likely on steroids. After that video the disappointment set in ㅠㅠ What are realistic body goals to aim for?

  8. good job making this video mate, I liked the part about doing fitness not doing gym.. very interesting…. well done.

  9. This guys like/dislike ratio is the most impressive I’ve ever seen. Implies he’s legit, genuine, and creates effective videos ??

  10. Disagree with the goal tip. I’ve no time at the moment but I’ll link some studies to give proof for this later. In short:
    focusing on trying to enjoy the process of weight lifting > setting specific goals > setting general goals > having no goals

    legend: > == arrow

  11. Mine is real simple I don't want to become a diabetic or have high blood pressure or die young due to I didn't get a healthy lifestyle. Granted I am at the point I look forward to the next day just because I get to go the gym again i love it i love seeing my strength go up i love seeing my weight drops i am so far dropping 10 pounds every three weeks.

  12. Hi great vid happy to see you on a new journey ! Been with you for a while now and I am using monix for over 1 year now. But lately I have been experiencing dandruff never had this before. Could it be a side effect im not sure since I only started having this problem after a year on minox?

  13. Hi guys! I just want to ask if doing H.I.I.T every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then Chest+Abs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is good for losing body fats at the same time gaining muscle mass?

  14. Make your mental health dependent on lifting every day and you never lose motivation ??? (kidding, seriously don't do that)

  15. Is it weird I never fail my bench press in the middle or the top, If I get to the middle that's when I have the most power and I always push it through. I only have a 135 bench but still

  16. “AcKchUaly I don’t wanna be super bulky I was just wanna be TONED so that’s why I do 150000 push-ups a day, weights are stupid I do 6 hrs of cardio a week so I can be T O N E D”

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