Abs Butt and Thigh Workout - Bodyweight with Cardio Interval

Abs Butt and Thigh Workout – Bodyweight with Cardio Interval

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  1. Thank U for this wonderful workout and your motivating words helping to really work it out!! You're unique, absolutely matchless <3!!

  2. Was about to start this workout, then I read someone in the comments section say something about a one-leg burpee. BYEEE!

  3. Titled very poorly, not hiit or tabata in actuality. Toning maybe, no weights. I liked the instructor but the work out was a waste of time based in description. Not hard.

  4. I’ve loved him since the day I tried his first video here. And he’s out of this world. All that hard work with so much motivation and ease… more videos for other body parts toooo

  5. This work out was awesome. Will definitely do it again. Love Ranier since he is so motivational and funny. On one hand,I HATE the 1 legged burpees but on the other hand. I know it will make me stronger. Thank you!! I've lost 11 lbs since about a month ago. Eating healthier and working my butt off.

  6. His brilliant tactic of being funny and adorable kept me from cussing at him for the pain he caused me in this workout. I’ve seen him on PopSugar Fitness and I love him.

  7. What a nice workout. I have done so many times and still make me sweat a lot. Thanks

  8. Isn't he a stand up comedian? I thought this was a comedic sketch and I can't believe this is serious, lol.

  9. Killer workout! My booty is begging for mercy!!! I had to wave the white flag at the one-legged burpees!

  10. Raneir?? Love the energy and motivation. I always push myself when he says, "Notjing to it but to do it!"

  11. I want loss my weight fast my weight is 60 height 5.1 n half what i do pls any suggestions this is hamble request to u

  12. Oh my gosh! This is such a GREAT workout. I am so in love with him. He is one of my fav GymRa trainers.

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