Abs Workout - Insane Ab Exercises - Get Abs Fast

Abs Workout – Insane Ab Exercises – Get Abs Fast

and this is your ab exercise but we're in dough from a plank we can do straight leg donkey kick hi I'm Josephine zere with Jim rah and today we have an amazing advanced ab routine for you make sure you warm up a little bit before you get started you're going to need a mat some water maybe a towel and just your body weight so let's get started our first move is close sit up with a side twist so we're going to do 15 on each side 30 total you're going to bend your knees you're going to lay back bring the palms together we're going to go from the right over to the left 15 times first here we go inhale exhale twist that's one it's very good to try to keep your feet on the ground I know it's difficult let's try to do your best three good inhale exhale four five this is an advanced move going to get those six-pack ABS six reach seven reach all the way across and twist eight nine almost there come up ten eleven twelve full my obliques are burn and thirteen 14 and 15 excellent now we're going to switch sides keep your knees bent reaching over to the left extending on the right let's go 15 15 reach good 14 cliffthea 13 12 good 11 if you can keep the arms straight these through or slight bends okay last 10 9 twist and rotate 8 7 whoo fifteens a lot here we go sick those obliques are on fire 5 4 3 come on to one who my obliques really feel it that was awesome good job excellent works next thing is a very advanced move – it's called add a twisting butterfly so the legs are straight you're going to crunch them in you're going to lay back we'll start on the right side 15 each side reach here come down the middle crunch in it extend out crunch in that's too good 3 right through the center inhale exhale four contractee out 5 reach to the right 6 right down the center 7 8 9 ten come on five more five four three two one pull the stop other side 15 here we go reach over to the left come down the center 15 reach 14 inhale exhale 13 12 11 10 9 8 you're doing great 7 6 5 4 almost there 3 2 & 1 blue I was tough that's a good one my obliques are on 5 next one stretch for just a second cross over the ankles squeeze the knees into the chest Rock right-to-left release that lower back sometimes when we're working on ABS our lower back and get a little tight so yeah feel free to take like 10 seconds here and just stretch it out real quick all right let's get right back into it no time further resting right no rest for the weary here we go crunches wrapped crunches with rapid fire for 30 reps so knees are bent and we're just pulsing up all right 30 times there we go 30 reach 29 try to get the shoulders off the ground 27 rapid-fire 26 little pulses 25 24 if you want to go double time you can you can double it up fast like that you want to 23 good 22 21 reach 20 try to go for the knees 19 18 17 almost there 16 belly button to spine 15 14 13 12 11 last 10 nine eight seven six five four three two one whoo how does it feel I feel that next one crunches with an arm and leg extension all right here we go so we're going to reach all the way back extend out inhale exhale crunch and like a crunch all right so you reach back straight arms crunch we're going 20 yes 19 inhale exhale 18 17 breathe through it 16 15 14 first and go to that happy place 12 we're going to have abs a steal 11 10 9 8 7 six five four whoo three come on two and one great job excellent let's bring our knees to our chest sometimes when our legs come out like that in our arms you can really go into the lower back good stretch it out all right let's get right back into it next thing and bicycle kids with overhead extension so lift the shoulders off the ground reach straight arms and you're going to extend like a bicycle good very good we're going to go 30 reps 15 alternating each side 30 29 28 suck the belly to the spine 26:25 really extend the leg 24:23 arms straight good 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 last ten nine eight seven six five four three two one nice job easier one for this advanced stuff so don't worry the next one's going to kill you it's an ab jackknife so you're going to extend the I've come all the way up that's one rep we're going 15 here all right let's go 15 come down 14 good 13 exhale whoo I feel these 12 good try to touch the show if you can 11 10 nice try to keep the legs straight eight seven get those legs up six come on oh I'm feeling it five four three two last one nice whoo I think we need to stretch out that lower back this Jack and I really deficit good roll it out take about ten seconds here comes your breath these are advanced moves so we got to take a little breaks in between all right let's go next one is a plank with a top hop twist you're going to come into plank position all right we're going to do 15 each side 30 total so you come into plank back flat core tight you're going to pass out tap in twist that's one rep very good tap test that's to come back to Center tap tap twist back three nice job tap tap for the spot really twist it back keep the legs straight six whoo abs are on fire seven tap tap twist it back that's eight feeling it in the obliques feeling it everywhere nine tap tap ten we got five more five for almost their brief 3/2 tap-tap one who left 15 other side quick little break here who push back into Child's Pose forehead to the ground start off that back do the work let's get right back and do 15 on the other side left side we're going to tap out tap in Swift it over very good 15 that's 14 13 tap it out tap it in and twist 12 go at your own pace 11 sometimes your foot gotta get your feet footing right there we go nice last eight seven almost there six five four three two and one whoo nice job no joke about these advance staff go into Child's Pose again take about five seconds here inhale exhale stretch out nice job next one is an alternating fit up with a pass back Pat back here I'll show you so we're going to start knees bent come into a full sit-up and extend it over this together you're going to tap back tap back come on down all right here we go 24 reps 12 each side let's go one two good three four so we're doing this 12 times that's two five six that's three seven eight for breach nine tap back ten good 11 really reach extend the arms reach back that's 12 we're halfway there come on 13 14 whole fifth 15 16 you're doing great reach back 17 18 come on 1920 straight-arm 21 22 almost there last one breech exhale up 23 24 whoo nice job excellent let's stretch it out knees into the chest release that lower back oh this feels good all right you ready for the next thing yes we are cross-legged crunch bring your right leg up over cross it over we're going to bring the feet off the ground we're going to crunch up and down we're gonna do 30 reps total 15 each side here we go 15 bring the elbow to the knee 14 really crunch that upper body 13 exhale 12 good 11 10 oh I'm feeling this one 9 8 7 6 five almost there four three two one good swish it out bring the left leg over cross it over bring the feet off the ground crunch the upper body up elbow to knee let's go fifteen fourteen getting a stretch in the glute – thirteen twelve eleven ten crunch those abs nine eight seven six five four three two one nice job crunch it in squeeze it rock out that lower back that one wasn't too hard so let's get right into the next one this one is a tough one it's called a bridge with crunches so you're going to come onto your forearm if you're more advanced you can come all the way up onto your hand you're going to come into a side plank okay come to the side plank but don't stack the feet you're going to have one leg here and you're going to crunch bring your hand behind your head bring the lower leg up and try to reach for it elbow to me okay we're doing 12 each side this one stuff you will feel it in the obliques here we go 12 good 11 breathe 10 ix try to bring the elbow to the knee if you can is seven if you're more advanced come on to the hand six five four three whoo 2 & 1 nice job 12 on the other side really feel that one come on to the forearm again again if you're more advanced come up on to the hand coming to side plank bring one leg behind the lower leg is going to reach to the elbow as close as the can here we go 12 good 11 crunchity 10 9 the more advanced you are more flexible bring it all the way elbow to knee good last six almost there 5 4 3 2 1 whoo we definitely need a stretch after that one huh let's reach back stretch along like a pencil stretch out those obliques good reach to one side then the other side all right on to the next move alternating crunch with twist bring your 30 reps total all right alternating so you have your knees bent can't find the head you come up with eyes you can't twist twist good that's two twist twist that's four nice twist twist twist twist nice job you're already at five good six come all the way up shoulders off the ground twist twist that's seven twist twist eight-nine you're doing great breathe that's ten five more like this it's good four more three more come all the way up breathe twist out those ABS last two twist twist give me one more extra credit twist twist whoo nice job next one coming up side bridge and crutch so this time you're going to do 15 reps each side 30 total again you're on your forearm instead of coming into a full side plank you have to this knee bend the one underneath you have your hand behind your head and you're bringing the top leg to the top elbow and crunching all right 15 each side here we go 15 good 14 again if you're more advanced straighten the under leg come into a full side plank or come up onto your hand good last 12 11 really crunch the obliques ten nine eight fully extend the leg seven six five four three getting a little hip dip action two and one nice job that's 15 other side again come on to the forearm if you're more advanced the hand bend the bottom leg come up good squeeze everything hand behind the head here we go 15 good 14 thirteen really extent twelve eleven ten I filled in the oblique nine eight seven six five four three two and one nice job let's stretch that out those side point bridges were hard we had two of them back-to-back almost there good squeeze the knees in hug them love em cool these advanced abs against me doing great here we go next thing plank with leg pulses we're doing 30 reps 15 each side so come into full plank we're going to start on the right leg so we're going to pulse it out to the side but don't touch the toe to the ground here we go fifteen good you feel it in the outer thigh inner thigh two good thirteen twelve tap eleven pulse it out ten nine eight belly button to spine seven six five four three two one switch sides fifteen on the other side here we go don't let that toe touch the ground fifteen fourteen out to the side thirteen twelve eleven ten keep those hips steady core tight last eight seven six five four three two one who pushed back in the Child's Pose real quick even got a little glute action in there nice job let's keep moving next thing is called legs circle starting from the top we are going to do 15 reps so come onto your back hand by your side leg straight starting from the top we Circle it and come up that's one rep good too good keep the legs straight try to come really low to the ground if you can three but keep that back on the mat belly button to spine good five we got ten more ten breathe through it getting a good stretch in the inner thigh two nine and eight seven really feel this in the lower app six five four last three almost there breathe through it two and one little breaks I stopped next thing this is very similar it's leg circles this time you're starting from the bottom instead of the top so if you want to put your hands underneath your lower back to support if you can do that alright so you're going to bring the leg circles down here and you're going to come up and around so it's like a reverse leg circle that's one we're going fifteen reps here too good so it's basically a reverse circle starting at the bottom three and for you want to make it more difficult from your shoulders off the ground like I'm doing otherwise keep them down five good we got ten more six really open up those legs get good stretch seven eight nine almost there ten 11 12 13 14 and 15 I think it's time for a little stretch don't you whoo my legs in my abs and use it this time good squeeze those knees in rock right to left grab some water if you need it all right keep it moving next one sighs link with cross crunch which is definitely an advanced move we are going to do 10 reps each side 20 total so come into side plank on your hand good really squeeze those obliques your bottom leg that's underneath all right you're going to take your hand overhead keep it straight this time try to bring your elbow close to me as you can but you don't have to all the way okay good one good to excellent reach and stretch three good to keep your balance for this one test five six seven eight nine ten whoo I feel that ten on the other side again if you're more advanced try to bring the elbow all the way to the need you can't good get your bearings come on up good again it's the bottom leg arm is straight overhead crunching it in ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one nice work excellent job let's stretch it out I definitely need a stretch these advanced abs or get me whoo let's get back to it next one is side elbow plank with hip dip into crunch this is an advanced move we're doing 30 reps 15 each side so come on to your forearm you're gonna bring your hands behind your head to start you're going to crunch in then you're going to hip dip reach over come down crunch good that's one hip fit good two hip dip reach good three crunch it hip dip for breach five six get a good stretch seven stretch eight almost there reach get those hips up nine ten come on five more last five four three two and one whoo good work other side 15 on this side those hip dips really get you good come on to your forearm starting at the bottom hand behind the head you crunch and then you reach overhead hip dip that's one to get those hips off the ground crunch it in three reach and extend four five six get the hips off come on seven work those obliques eight nine almost there ten 11 twelve come on thirteen hips up last two one and two crunch whoo think we need a little rest there for a second stretch it out whoo those really get you a great advanced move for those six-pack ABS nice work next thing is a plank into rotation with hip dips really work in those obliques with these hip dips we're doing 20 total alternating each side so come into plank you bring one leg behind side plank hips it that's one good now go to the other side bring the leg behind hip dip that's – we're going 20 alternating good reach behind straight our hip dip three work those obliques four keep the legs straight I'll be button to spine good five 6:7 everything straight eight hips all the way to the ground if you can woo I'm feeling these we're halfway good ten nine eight seven almost there six five for three come on to and one whew pressing a child that would really get yet those hips tips work the obliques inhale exhale stretch out the back good nice job no time to run let's get into it crunch with ankle reach come onto your back going to bend the knees we're going thirty reps fifteen each side start with your left hand behind the head right hand behind the head you come up you crunch reach for the ankle that's one rep staying on one side crutch reach for the ankle that's two we're on fifteen each side crunch reach that's three four really reach straight arm as you come up good that's six seven get the shoulders off the ground eight 9 ten come on last five for three two one let's go other side here we go I'll show you from the other side reach it around here both hands behind the head come up reach this one 15 here we go 2 3 4 straight arm 5 6 7 8 9 10 I'm really feeling this last 5 4 3 2 & 1 whoo nice job flip it around we got one more exercise coming up for you a little present pull the butterflies up very advanced you come all the way back here straight on straight legs you come up and out up and out here 20 reps 20 we felt like a butterfly 19 reach crunch the abs in 1817 good to the arm straight 16 15 you can flex the voice 15 14 your call 13 12:11 come on spread those wings 10 9 8 7 6 free fruit come on 5 4 3 2 & 1 beautiful butterfly stretch it out breathe good work all right roll out that back oh you're almost there here we go next one crisscross a little different of an ab exercise gonna have your hands palms down into the ground and come up into like a reverse tabletop we're going to do 20 reps 10 on each side starting with the right leg you bring the right leg over like a criss cross and then you send out okay so we go one good keep the hips I reach out extend straight leg to reach out crisscross out off three go three four squeeze a squeeze the glute two five six almost there reach extend seven eight nine and ten nice job the side good squeeze yeah good other side you're going to crisscross over extend going for ten here we go Ted trough nine hips I come on reach eight straight legs seven six five open up the hip four three two and one nice job on the script Ross excellent next one is the lateral plank walk you're going to come up into your plank all right that's flat course high we're going 12 reps total so you go out out into a wide plank hands are here then you cross over cross over uncross the hands bring the legs back that's one rep okay here we go out out cross over cross over here here here here's one good steps – nice job out out cross cross please back back together together that three good work for keep that back flat you really feel the apps engaged here six you're halfway there out out cross over cross over fun cross uncross seven eight nine come on bring it home ten eleven last one make it a good one make it count uncross bring it together that's twelve good push back into Child's Pose we are almost at the grand finale is going awesome breathe good come on to the back for doing high crunch so your knees are bent you're on your back your arms are straight bring your shoulders off the ground we're going 30 reps you just reach for the stars come on down is thirty come down 29:28 click the belly button if it's fine 27:26 reach those shoulders off the ground 25 24 23 22 21 feet press into the ground 20 crunch make a c-shaped with your spine 18 17 16 15 halfway 14 13 12 11 10 9 straight are 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 nice dog excellent work and for the grand finale our final move in our advanced workout today they're called crunch kick that we're going 30 reps again all right so come on to your forearms lean back as activated you're going to reach out bring your heels to the glutes okay here we go crunch it out and and that's one fresh kick to try to bring your heel to your glute three suck the belly button to spine four reach back five six they've got v-shape seven eight it looks easy but doing this 30 time no joke either advanced add 10 11 12 13 14 15 halfway 16 17 18 19 20 give me ten more make up account ten nine eight seven six five four three two one great job at home you did it advanced ABS you got it down 24 moves six-pack ABS coming your way if you keep doing this make sure to cool down great job everybody and you guys don't forget to subscribe to the link down below

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  1. My stomach is burning, my legs are shaking, the good thing is that my waist is getting small and even losing belly fat. Thank you Lord and May He bless you trainers

  2. Finished the whole exercise but didn't feel it. Pamela Reif's 10 minutes or so exercises make my tummy hurts a lot(in a good way).. Your body is great and i love the outfit:))

  3. I don't feel any pain in my abs.was just looking for something brutal but it's just the 1000th loss of times, people posting videos just to earn money not to do a proper job. Bah

  4. I love you Josephine ❤️❤️ Love your advance moves. This is my favorite. I kept coming back. Thanks?❤️

  5. Great workout. Looks difficult but she breaks them down in a way that makes them do-able. Plus she gives a short break between each workout. Love it!

  6. When I do these I have to put my feet under the couch in my opinion it still works I can still feel my stomach tightening

  7. I adore You Josephine! You are my best motivation ever! I do your cardio workout, your buttocks workout and many other…this ABS set is very good! Lots of love from Poland?❤

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  9. Just tried this. It wasn't hard at all. I am not even advanced. Some moves made my neck tired, but not abs at all.

  10. Damn this hurts…
    After doing this i regret why we have two sides…
    Should have added low mods…. over all nice

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