Achieve Your Weight-Loss Goals With This Hack

Achieve Your Weight-Loss Goals With This Hack

[Applause] Silicon Valley entrepreneur who started an international sensation when he put butter lay this into his coffee to boost his brain powerd and we've talked about on the show the creator of bulletproof coffee is back with more simple ways to sharpen your mind and improve your mood including the new ingredient he wants you to add to your coffee now that is also going to curb your hunger that's the beauty of this whole thing please welcome the ultimate brain hacker Dave Asprey how are you Dave you packed your body we're going to talk about this really cool idea you're gonna share with us today that let me take some one-level past that but let's talk about you as a young man you were not the the the peak physical fitness guru you are now you were sluggish you're overweight you weren't the person you want it to be I was 300 pounds and I kept exercising and eating less look at you yeah a little younger I guess that much though yeah I just I feel like I was failing because no matter what I did the weight was always with me I worked out an hour and half a day for a year and I couldn't lose the weight just to be clear the physical change is one part of the puzzle but it's the mental change that I'm more focused on and a lot of us are struggling why is that why were you struggling I was struggling because my brain was weak and I didn't understand why so how'd you figure it out I figured it out by testing everything I interviewed hundreds and hundreds of experts and I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars hacking my biology and realized it's all about the energy in my brain right so Davis devised that instant test you could take right now to determine your brain strength I would take this quiz on dr. Oz calm grab a pen and a paper and keep track of how many yeses and noes you have it's super simple to do and there's lots of good news if you don't fare as well as you might have hoped so first question do you lose track of important dates if you're not sure ask the person sitting next to you if I ask my wife Lisa I would get yes for that all right it's first questions if they're all yes or no they're only five questions second question you crave sweets after a meal yeah you people putting their hands up here I'm actually not in that category but I know lots of people I know who are are you late for appointments all the time are you often late even more than you should be I'm definitely here unruhe fresh from sleeping when you wake up you feel like you actually got to sleep you were supposed to get even if you slept a couple hours okay yes or no questions I'm actually pretty well here and finally do you snap at people over small things well I do staff at people sometimes people related to me in particular you call this the the middle finger syndrome the overactive the middle fingers that was indeed so how do we play this if we have three out of five yeses that means we have a brain weakness you do so that's okay everybody because guess what dave has a simple way of hacking our brains we're gonna do today to build a stronger memory game more energy and better your mood and it all starts with burning fat for fuel which is a very big concept this is a fundamentally important part of how our body works now we all have in ourselves these little power plants they're called mitochondria but you're not have a quiz on that later these power plants work very elegantly they take in food and they convert it to sugar oftentimes which goes through the factory and rapidly makes energy and you've got very clean smoke coming out when you're young it's perfect everything's efficient clean smoke lots of energy and you got the sugar coming in that once in a good place right here's the problem as we get older these factories begin to age and that same energy the sugar comes in and very slowly allows energy to trickle out and look what happens up here those beautiful white happy puffs of white smoke are gone now you get this scary looking touch of green smoke coming out that is bad for us at many levels Dave is challenging this paradigm he's arguing that if you replace sugar with fat this is what happens now why why would you challenge orthodoxy that has more when we go into this mode called ketosis where we have just a little bit of fat burning in our brain our brain cells get happy and the more energy that you have in your brain to happier you are – so sugar I understand that could risks of interesting fats not always so easy to do your most famous hack to do it and you have several but the most famous is this bulletproof coffee which I honestly I've started using Wow now and I use it in Park on weekends I don't get on the weekdays I'm total orange green eyes making the shore but weekends I've been experimenting a little bit and I'm intrigued so you've got your own version which is you know very special beans and you've got this MCT oil but everyone at home you argue can make it right now and it's a pretty basic so we can get close with coconut oil actual coffee obviously and then ask adding grass-fed butter why does this work it works because you're having zero sugar and zero protein in the morning so your body has nothing to burn but fat and when that happens your brain wakes up usually within 15 minutes of drinking this you feel more like yourself and your cravings go away so instead of having to say no to the donuts at 10 a.m. you just don't care about the donuts why do they get rid of your cravings that have specifically for example grass-fed butter grass-fed butter has fat in it that raises the level of ketones in your body the ketones signal your hunger hormones to just turn them off be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new

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  4. Does this work if you don’t follow the keto diet or is it just something you do in the morning and go ok with your regular diet?

  5. Hello lovely people 🙂 Im starting a much needed weight loss journey on my YouTube channel and would love to have some help and support! I’d love you to subscribe and help my channel grow! I make a variety of videos now but the weight loss vlogs are a work in progress. Thanks for stopping to read! Have a great day ❤️

  6. Where's the scientific proof? This is the biggest load of dangerous crap I've ever heard but I expect no less from an entrepreneur.

  7. My dad put butter in his coffee to coat his stomach son he could drink liquor I saw this in the 70's???

  8. I said yes to them all except being late to appointments, I set reminders in my phone. I thought keto diets increase cholesterol? I already have high cholesterol.

  9. I drink bulletproof coffee almost everyday along with giving up sugar & wheat. Down 27# and 18 1/2 inches.

  10. things like this may help but it’s always best to have a complete weight loss plan like the ones we prescribe.

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