Achieving Optimal Wellness While Living on a Toxic Planet - Dr. Gary Gordon

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  1. I HAD very bad heart attack 2016 ,,and they say no way to do bi pass operation for me and was just waiting for my death ,,I start follow this doctor instructions and others on alternative therapy and enzymes ,,now in 2 yrs I start walk normal and go to gym,,,I really want to thank this scientist from my heart ,,,

  2. This is a fantastic video but the sound SUCKS!!Can hardly hear it and I have good ears…Thank you Dr. Gordon for all you are doing for the world. Namaste.

  3. This guy has endorsed all the products this side of Wednesday. He is unrealistic about how many people get results from the products.

  4. Would someone please give the good Dr. a descent microphone next time?  I want to see this through to the end, but the audio is very distracting.

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