After Work Pilates Routine. 30 Minutes To A Balanced Body

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  1. Thanks a lot Caroline, I feel so much better after doing this work out! I love your feel good fitness❤️

  2. Hi Caroline, thank you so much for all that you do! I love loved this workout. Your workouts are really helping me go back to a healthier lifestyle ❤️ Much love and light.

  3. The last exercise was so hard. Really grateful for this video. I spend sometimea houra infront of a computer at work and knowing you have thia video it is so great.

  4. I absolutely love this workout. I first did this after feeling a little sorry for myself as my ankle isn't healing as well or as quickly as I wanted. This just put me back on track giving me the enthusiasm for keeping fit that I needed. Back on track with you Caroline. Plus I've been recommending this to my work friends today after a lunchtime stroll.

  5. What a great workout Caroline! Have been doing it for a few days & I just love it. Just love your upbeat attitude. Thank you!!

  6. I loved this new one. It DID feel great to do this routine after work last night. Thanks Caroline!!

  7. Thanks, again new workout, love them. My husband started with me last week doing Your workout and was dying 🙂 He thought it is some women stuff….I said to him, it will get better …

  8. thanks Caroline. I'm finding your Pilates workouts very useful since I've been dealing with an ankle injury. thanks again soo much

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