Aging unemployed Americans struggle to find work

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  1. I think that car sales person is awesome I think he should go into real estate he has the perfect personality.

  2. So most the time when I pick up the phone to get something done I know more than the person hired for the jobs they are supposed to be doing HMM could it be that the person they hired has NO EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

  3. Thank the ruling class for putting the women into the workforce and decimating the family unit. Things have improved so much for everyone. Our wages are 1/2 what we need to survive. What a great country.

  4. Many older Americans are having a hard time getting a job with any benefits which is wrong and unjustified in every manner. All people get sick,any when they reach a certain age want to retire.lts wrong for Companys to cheat their employees out of decent salares, and benifits.

  5. Back in the early 80s. A company could kick you to the curb past 65. There were no laws back then. My dad used to work for BF Goodrich and would see people get kicked out when they found out their age. I am 44. I would not hire anyone over 55. Your pay is maxed out and you are looking toward retirement and will not give 110 percent. It’s just how it is…

  6. So why isn't anything being done about this? If it was race or gender you'd have every politician speaking out.

  7. Reading some of the comments below. You cannot blame your situation on an old white dude or anyone else ,you got to where you are because of your own actions. Good or bad. Nobody is putting you in your situation except YOU. !! Sorry but accept it or not. Most won't accept it , they will blame everyone but themselves…..

  8. Some work double and triple jobs forget the lazy welfare living illegals it adults who are the American workers.

  9. I'm 55 years old and started a technology startup.

    I will hire alot of older people.

    I'm the last of the babybommers

  10. When really smart people say "money doesn't by happiness", are just in Lalla land.
    I'm sure if the working poor, the homeless guy or lady around the corner had a better opportunity, like better jobs, & so forth. They would be much happier as much better off. So I'm thinking here?? that maybe money could buy happiness. Ugh, food for thought here people, take that you stupid Christians ??

  11. The Human Resources Dept, has a special APP that kicks out your name when you turn 55. Now your days are numbered ! You will never see your salary again even if you find new work. Welcome to the under employed of America.

  12. Come on guys, I turn 63 in June, my foreman is 70. We work in the low voltage industry. Learn a skill. My college degree is worthless. The government does not give a damn about you. They care more about the illegals than Americans. We both make over 50k with a great benefit package. Think outside the box, work with your hands!

  13. Forget it honey, you're over 50. Your 30 years of hard work and overtime with 'our family' has ENDED. This is a reality for women.

  14. Nobody tells you anything. I wanted to buy a house when I was twenty but they laughed at the idea of a single woman buying s house. Best be devising a sinister plan of my own now. The rest of you all can go pound salt.

  15. All you need to get "hired" as a car salesperson (commission only, no benefits, etc) is a pulse and respiration rate above zero. It costs a dealership nothing to have six people standing around waiting to pounce on the next mark. These are NOT real jobs by any measure, but then when they shipped all our good job overseas, they did replace them with . . . nothing. Essays for the 99%.

  16. My tip.. buy some tools.. and tender for jobs you’re good at..that tip if followed will help heaps of people..and give them direction .not everybody will dig it..let’s face it employers are a fussy lot with iffy old guys..stuff em..we’ll show them..there are loads of talented disposed of guys.

  17. Wait until the Great robot revolution that coming. What I have read, by 2040 75% of working jobs now will be gone. Where is the future of work? Just say revolution,

  18. "This is still the best damn coutry in the world!" As long as people keep mindlessly repeating that no matter what happens, it's just going to keep getting worse. We are a nation that is in deep denial about itself.

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