Amberlynns weight loss and seven days

Amberlynns weight loss and seven days

yes we are gonna be mining boulders for the rest of the night talking about your land and then we're gonna head off into the desert and grab some sand because I need to get some stone a lot of stone in order to start making concrete to fix my new base and in order to do that I need a lot of stone and unfortunately for me I cannot find my cave I've been looking everywhere for it I wrote out here specifically to go mining tonight I was gonna grind and talk about yam berlin's wait um latest weigh-in video in great detail but I can't find my cave even though I marked it up on the map it's not showing me that it's here so I figured I would just mined boulders which is gonna get me more stone than if I would have been doing it underground so that's what we're doing just getting stone and then we're gonna head off into the desert to grab sand so I can make my concrete mix in my mixer um so am berlin's video she hasn't uploaded a video in days because she doesn't need to that's what happens when she makes her quota for the month when it comes to money she stops caring um about making content you know let's just say that's around the 15th of every month I think it is I don't really pay attention anymore I used to when I was like brand-new to YouTube and was like trying to keep track of like how much views I was getting per video and how much money I was getting per video I don't give a about any of that stuff anymore cuz it's irrelevant to me um but I do believe that on the 15th of every month YouTube tallies up how much money you're gonna be able to get net for the following month if you make let's say I made three hundred and eighty nine dollars in April in May and on May 20th I would get paid that money um take away the taxes that you to take out of it you do have to pay at least federal tax on it I know that for sure because every year that I've had a channel and was monetized I've had to pay taxes clearly everybody does um and so she obviously made enough money to be comfortable between that and her live stream so she figures hey don't really need to put in the effort right now to upload any more content but she was proving to us that she was posting this video on the 24th of April and it wasn't pre-recorded but at the end of the day like if you have to prove that you're recording videos on the day you say you are that's really pathetic in itself that just means that you've lied to your subscribers so much they don't trust you at all and that's a damn shame you know a goddamn shame but um so she ended up weighing in at five hundred and fifty four point four pounds and that is an 18 pound loss then she started this diet journey whatever again I'm not gonna sit there and say that Oh 18 pounds that ain't technically she should be losing more than a pound a week because when I go on my fight bite diet and let's just say I gained ten pounds over the past 20 days and I'm desperate to get the pounds off I'm 200 pounds I'm sure I'm a little over 200 pounds at this point still don't know haven't put batteries in the scale because I'm actually not going to I'm gonna buy a new scale from Walmart or Amazon or something um when I get my check on the 3rd um so uh I got lost and what I was gonna say Oh like when I gain weight and I can tell it it being weight I stepped on the scale at the end like 10 pounds or whatever from eating too much if I go back to eating really low carb I don't count calories but if I go back to eating like really low carb or go back to my 5 buy diet I lose a pound a day and she's 300 300 plus pounds bigger than me I want to get rid of this glitch it's bothering me um we're gonna throw down some torches down here just so we can be lit because we are in the middle of the woods kind of and bears are plentiful up in this bitch so I'm not gonna be trapped by bears so we're just going to throw down torches wherever wherever we're gonna be working I'd like to get quite a few stacks of stone if I can that would be great it takes a lot of stone to make some men and it takes a lot of cement or not cement it takes a lot of stone to make cement mix so I mean yeah we're gonna have to be mining these boulders a lot tonight so anyways she's kept saying throughout the whole video pretty much is beyond proud of herself she did amazing she's taking control of her weight-loss finally and she's really upset and sad and was brought to tears by the fact that so many of the haters in the comment section are angry that she's not getting weight-loss surgery now that is not what people are pissed off about people are pissed off because you made it seem like you were going to get weight-loss surgery and you have paperwork to fill out and that you promised your subscribers that you were gonna hand-deliver that paperwork from the bariatric clinic who knows even if that place even existed or not we don't know what that paperwork was because she didn't show us so she could have very well just watched my 600-pound life for two months straight and then sat well if maybe if I pretended that I was going to get weight-loss surgery and I made people think on my channel that I was going to actually turn paperwork in I'd get more views because I'd be able to use the weight loss community for views that's why people were pissed not because you decided that you don't want to get weight-loss surgery for your own body it's because you lied about it for views again you're a pathological liar and that's why people can't stand your ass you're a liar you lie about everything you even lie about your government name for chrissakes it's pretty sad when you're so desperate to stand out that you're willing to tell everybody your name is amber lynn one word when everybody in your family says no her name is amber her middle name is lynn like you're just a liar your name's not in berlin read that's not what it shows up i as on your ID your name is amber / lynn / read so no people are not gonna sit there and get pissed off because of your decision to not destroy your body with weight-loss surgery that's pretty much what she's thinking to me i believe it does destroy your body um it helps people and it does a lot of good for people that need it to live but i wouldn't want to put my body through that if i didn't have to I would want to try everything on my own and that's why I never got the area attrex surgery because I knew that I hadn't tried hard enough and if I really tried hard enough and I push my body I would succeed and that's exactly what happened but nobody's pissed off because you opted out of the surgery they're pissed off because you lied about it for days for views just like you lied about that the casting call and you've lied about literally everything else about your channel but she kept saying how she was proud of herself and that you know she's got this boo-boo she didn't say that but that's pretty much what I am saying right now she's got this boo-boo let's see how much stone we've managed to get so far oops come on we got two stacks so far that's great oh and I want to tell you guys um this is how many deaths I've had so far in the game mind you I haven't had zombies turned on so if I did I would have had more deaths and I would have had more zombie kills how do I get to it it's not letting me get I don't even remember I thought that it was character huh yes I've died one time and that's because of myself I've killed 16 zombies and that's before I turn zombies off in the game my wellness is 134 out of 2,200 which I wish that I was 200 um my longest life in the game is 34 hours in games straight I'm at level 51 and right now we have a hundred skill points to spend I need to figure out what I'm gonna do with those skill points I still haven't figured that out yet I've put points and everything that I really care about off the top eventually I'm gonna have to put in points into making different types of ammo for my guns and stuff but that's usually the last thing I do I usually spend all of my points that I have saved up on other things first stuff to make my crafting go faster stuff to make me be able to mine these boulders faster to be able to hit zombies harder and kill them faster but anyways moving right along the sped up routine like the sped up arm and walking and stuff is very cringy and then I had to laugh because for her to claim and she didn't claim this immediately but for her to sit there and claim that she can only walk three minutes and she has to do it for one endures that she can't manage to go outside for a walk and walk for three minutes but to me to get out a teary-eyed with people not in this point in the video but a little bit later in the video to get all teary-eyed about how proud she was that she managed to walk two minutes longer than she you know was able to walk before and how that's so much progress and she's so proud of that you can walk a lot longer than three minutes on any given time of the day you're you've been able to walk three minutes in place or around the room all along you've just been lazy it seems to me not only is she taking everything that my 600-pound life has to offer as far as content you know what other people say about their own situation and trying to make it about herself her views and make herself seem like she's this hard-working person who was desperate to lose weight and she wants to be a success story all of a sudden but she's lazy as a lot of these fat people that go on my 600 pound length walk a lot longer than three minutes back and forth in the aisles in the grocery store when there's no while I'm scooter for them you know amberlynn can walk a lot farther than three minutes but she's making it seem like it's such a victory we should all be proud and she's crying over it only a narcissist would cry about that kind of stuff only somebody who is so full of herself and can't get over herself for five minutes would cry about that you can walk longer than three minutes we've seen you do it a million times before if there was food at the end of the rainbow for you you'd be walking ten minutes straight to get to food if Becky wasn't around to bring you there so let's just be real for five minutes so cringy and she was saying that she was wearing the same black and blue outfit this time when she did be exercising to show us how much better she's gotten over the last ten days in other words she's hoping that when she looks back at this video she can visibly see a different and the way her clothing is fitting and she thinks that we can too because of an 18-pound loss but that's not the case that's not gonna happen I'm sorry you cannot tell at all not even a little bit that she's lost anyway I need to take another grain alcohol because we're running out of stamina again my wellness will go down from drinking all this grain alcohol but that's okay we're gonna eat and then we're gonna get um as much drink on us as possible so we're not dehydrating but I mean it it's good for this she's doing more reps of the arm exercises and stuff good for her it's good that she is doing exercises that she wasn't before coming up with her own which I've seen a million times and exercise videos in the past um but it's good that she's pushing herself so I mean yeah I do have a lot of negative to say because I just hate her as a human being she's worthless to me but at least she's trying I don't even care what her motivation is for trying anymore I don't even care that it's about money I just care that she's actually doing it because that's showing a progress you know but she's still a worthless sack of so um I said could you imagine being so lazy that you can't manage to walk longer than three minutes and actually be proud of that but we I mean we all know that she can walk longer than that anyways she was saying that she's sorry that she hasn't been daily uploading that she needed a break for her mental um in other words she realized that she was losing money because she wasn't getting the views that she usually gets because she's not doing toward and mukbang so she went live for a couple times in a row this month and made up the money so now she figures well I've already met my quota I don't need to make any more daily uploads so I'm gonna be lazy and then blame it on my bipolar disorder um guy recently diagnosed myself with and I'm gonna blame it on my mental health that I needed a mental break because I was overwhelmed too recording me working out for you know two minutes a day and putting 7 ads in it so yep that was just a complete joke when somebody has to say absolutely in literally every two seconds when they're explaining something they're a liar no but get away from the camera please I'm using my fishing pliers to prop you guys up so you're not falling over and she must smell fish blood on it or guts stop get down please I don't want you knocking that camera over my tablet um once yeah like when somebody asks you have you murdered your wife and you say absolutely not 99% of the time they've murdered their wife if you have to overdramatize simple yes or no answers then you're a liar you're trying to like put too much emphasis on it and it's making you look guilty as a sin so when she says literally every time she's explaining something or absolutely she's lying you can already tell she's lying or I can already tell she's lying because I've watched way too many crying shows you guys people are mad because she isn't any weight loss surgery I'm just gonna say this again nobody's mad because you're refusing to get weight-loss surgery nobody cares nobody cares that you're not gonna do that to your body we care because you lied about it to give views and that makes you a disgusting human being you you have the money to get the OP to be a food and sign up for the up to be a program you had no intentions of actually doing it you just wanted to get more viewers and more and more subscribers and more views from Octavia the same thing is when you use going to the gym or when you're doing your your leg exercises and your titling the video that it's the same reason why you do muck bombs and torrent halls is because the weight loss community isn't good enough for you anymore you kind of have fell flat when it comes to people subscribing to you for you know your weight loss all the people that have pretty much for the most part came to your channel to laugh at you or already here and you're not gonna get any more subscribers for you to speaking a hot mess so she knows this because her views were like stagnant for a while so now she has to come up with different ideas to give views and get new subscribers and that's why she used weight loss surgery and you're not gonna be able to tell me any different you know you can tell when she's just doing something to get views or when she's really into it and she's not really into it as I said before she's watching way too much my 600-pound life and she's going to try to use all of their problems like lymphedema all of a sudden is a to get views and a way to make excuses and get sympathy from people um but at this point she was saying that she doesn't need to get weight-loss surgery because she's in control she's doing what she has to do she's like she's lost 18 pounds so she is the expert at this point and she knows exactly how to lose weight just like when she lost her famous a famous 89 pounds and so she knows how to lose weight guys because she lost 89 pounds one time five or six years ago and yet didn't keep it off they managed to gain 300 more so she doesn't need weight-loss surgery she knows exactly what she's doing and she said that she's moving the pavement um and pretty much all I got away from that was I feel the earth move under my feet that song that's exactly what I heard in my head when she said that because I'm sure as big as she is she does move mountains I'm sure that floor in her house moans as soon as she gets up in the morning like she's a big girl like that's all I thought of when she said that was I failed it earth move under my feet but I didn't hear it as the normal song I heard it as the girl who was doing it as on a American Idol audition that's what I heard it as in my head um and then she said this she because she hasn't been doing mukbang sand because people are leaving she's still trying to blame the fact that so many people left her channel on her doing better and her wanting to be better and I'm only sticking around to watch the train wreck nobody in their right mind is gonna subscribe to somebody because they're actually losing weight and and making themselves better people unsubscribe to you solely based on your disgusting cocky smug condescending attitude that you had recently in your videos but she always wants to try to flip it around like she's the victim and then it wasn't her own doing that it up people didn't unsubscribe because you're boring all the sudden because you're bettering your life granted you are boring as and you've always been boring even your train wreck content was boring so no but she's once again trying to play the victim and saying well since I stopped doing muck bogs and since I started taking care of myself I've been more serious I've been losing a lot of money and a lot of views and but I'm not gonna go back to doing my thongs because I'm gonna take my help more seriously and helps to me is priceless good health is priceless that's pretty much what she was getting at but she's really butthurt because she lost a lot of views because no mukbang sonship and that's exactly why to make up for the loss of views this month and the loss of subscribers she went live two times because she needed them super chat donations um it's pathetic it's sad but that's exactly why she went live I mean everybody knows that I don't know if people are saying it but we all are thinking it and then she was saying that her losing 18 pounds all of a sudden is the reason why she can walk for three minutes at a stretch you could walk for three minutes before you lost a pound you just chose not to because you were too lazy and because there's not going to be any scale victories really or any visual um change in your appearance you have to come up with something right so she's gonna say oh well I can finally walk for three minutes in a row because I've lost 18 pounds and then she went on to say that she finally was able to fit in the car without Becky pushing the door in on her not buying it I'm not buying it um I still think that uh hold on two seconds I have to look at my notes for a second I have to find because I wrote exactly what I thought but I have to find where I wrote it um I skip around a lot clearly claims she can all of a sudden fit in the car after only losing 18 pounds yeah that's what she was saying she was saying that all the sudden now Becky doesn't have to you know push me into the car I can do it on my own I'm not buying that are you an 18 pound loss is not gonna make it so all of a sudden you can fit into a car comfortably I'm sure Becky's still helping her in the car and pushing the car into her but because we can't visually see she's lost a pound she has to say those things to kind of make up for it to all these non scale victories and stuff but I'm not buying it I still don't believe she can into a car because an 18-pound loss is literally nothing it's mostly water weight and all of the build-up that was in your colon and in your intestines from eating garbage food that's like the first amount of weight that you lose trust me I know remember I told you guys how many hemorrhoids I got the first like two months of my diet from constantly having like water coming out of my ass TMI but it's because all of that nasty fatty gross buildup that's in your colon and stuff it's coming out and that does way you know it doesn't weigh a lot but it does have weight to it so that's what most of this weight was it wasn't fat at all and um no I'm not buying it I'm not buying it at all but moving on I kind of stuttered over that a little bit because I couldn't up see what I wrote on my nose and then she took with somebody upset on her channel about the busted can of biscuits that is a southern thing all of my friends that live in the south say that kind of my friend Trish says it my friend Amy said it before she passed away my friend amber Mac says it that's a southern thing and I'm sure she heard it on my 600 pound leg or heard it on somebody else's channel and then didn't come right out and say I felt like a Busta can of biscuits she felt like she had to kind of make it seem like she's coming up with it on her own so she's like oh you know when you will open up a can of biscuits and you open it too fast and the sides pop out you know trying to make it seem like she came up with it on her own like she came up with that saying like how a cringy can you get like honestly how cringy can you get we're gonna do one more Boulder and then we're gonna head into the desert real quick and grab some I'm gonna grab these torches and we're gonna grab some sand from the desert so we can make some some concrete when we get home I have done quite a bit of work to my base again you probably won't be able to tell but again I forgive you it's hard to tell when you're not doing all the work so I totally forgive you but I want to make some more concrete because I did collapse my church again well I did a lot of collapsing it on purpose and then I built up one of the one of the sidewalls the one that I showed you had collapsed before and I collapsed it again on accident so I've got a lot of work to do as far as that goes look at my minibike glowing in the distance oh I didn't see this potassium nitrate let me grab this real quick I'm kind of pissed that I couldn't find my mind because it would have been nice to get some more potassium nitrate because I'd like to start using some of my skill points to make um to make um ammunition for my guns because it's pretty soon I'm gonna be wanting to turn the zombies back on in the game date 50 the zombies are gonna come on whether I'm ready for him or not um so yeah bitch you didn't come up with that saying nice try though girl alright flipping it over got one more page notes here um yeah I said she I don't know why I could I'm continuing on the next page talking about the car but I said she still couldn't fit in the car her mind willed her to do it on her own and fit because before it was kind of like Oh Becky I can't fit in the car please help me because she was too lazy to try to do it on her own but now because she wants to say oh my god I could fit in the car by myself I've lost 18 pounds so I magically can fit I lost the 18 pounds on the side of my body and I can magically all of a sudden fit in the car no you willed your mind to do it because you knew that you could do it all along just so you could tell us that you were victorious over it that was it and then she was saying that she was googling how soon it was going to be before people could tell that she lost anyway because she was feeling like that she put in all this work and yet nobody could tell what you should be feeling like crap about is the fact that you allowed yourself to get so fat that nobody could tell that she lost 18 pounds to begin with my sister is really small um I told you guys before my sister what used to be about the same size that I am now until she got pregnant for my nephew and then she got it in her mind that the only way she was gonna get a man is a shoe rail-thin and tanned at the salon obsessively and here it is ten years twelve years later she still doesn't have a man um but uh huh she now is like 120 pounds and when she loses even five pounds I can tell um the average woman can tell if they've lost 20 pounds because it's a big deal you can't tell when I lose 20 pounds because I'm just a fat pig and um you know you can't really tell it you can only tell in my face really but you can't even tell in amber Lynn's face that she's getting she's lost anything so she was really butthurt and upset and sad that nobody could tell she'd lost weight but you should be more sad you've gained 300 pounds on YouTube like that's what you should be really sad about I don't know you guys I just don't even know but it's sad that you're googling how soon it's gonna be before people can can give you props it shouldn't be about other people giving you props they should be about how you feel it should never be about how you look it's about how you feel inside your body you know but anyways she's just the hot SMS and then she literally was crying tears almost you could tell that she was in tears when she was talking about how she really wanted to order pizza because she had company over but she doesn't really like pizza though how many times you gonna insist to us over the last couple days that you really hate pizza before you think we're gonna believe you nobody hates pizza pizza is the food of the gods tell me in the comments section you guys hopefully I'll be able to see the comments tell me what your favorite pizza is mine is grilled eggplant naan battered just grilled eggplant and um chicken breast like a grilled chicken pizza that's my favorite umm what's yours donut don't even just say pepperoni guys come on if you could make your own pizza and put anything you wanted on it what would it be tell me but yeah she was pretty much in tears about the fact that when everybody else was was eating pasta instead of pizza she was eating carrots and she's literally like tearing up over this like she's not gonna last you guys she hasn't already lasted because she already went out to eat a Mexican at least once that we know of and I know damn well she ain't more than just the sides of a fajita nobody's gonna pay like $20 a plate to eat the inside of a fajita when they can make it at home for five dollars like I'm not buying it no but it was funny how she was you know tearing up about how she couldn't eat food that everybody else was eating that made me laugh I'm out of stamina again because my brain alcohol wore off so we're gonna eat a little bit we're going to not drink because I want to be able to save my my drink my thirst for my green alcohol you know wait till I get my stamina back a little bit and we're gonna finish up in Berlin um so yeah she was snacking on carrots the whole time everybody else is eating like normal human beings and then she says she's no longer delusional after two weeks after two weeks of doing this she's completely different she's changed she's no longer delusional and she thinks that she can do it on her own without weight-loss surgery I'm glad you think that you think so hopefully you're able to UM but I'm not gonna buy it at all and she says she's still really sad that nobody is giving her props for taking control of her own circumstances in her own health and weight loss and not taking the coward's way out and getting weight-loss surgery I think that that's kind of what she's hinting at that the coward's way out would be to let the doctors do it for her but if she's watching my 600-pound life at all which I know she has obsessively weight-loss surgery is definitely not the easy way out it's the easy way out in the short term as far as you know quickly losing a lot of weight after surgery but the after-effects of having it is something that I couldn't handle I don't know anybody who could really handle it because the few people that I do know in my life that have gotten it regret it every day so it takes a really strong person long-term to deal with the repercussions of having your gut cut in half and not being able to handle eating and drinking at the same time not being able to eat certain foods barely able to drink alcohol without being completely intoxicated that's something that only a strong person in the long term could handle doing but according to her she's got this in the bag oh and she's gonna be able to do this work she could've proved us wrong and she's gonna make fools out of us but anyways that was the video um a lot of more a lot more things to talk about that normal but still not a good video I don't you want to jump down this cliff I want to find another way to get into the desert um we're gonna go straight across here and hopefully we don't fall into a cave all we're getting is a little bit of sand and then we're gonna head home and if I stumble upon a bear I'll kill it but I'm not gonna kill any stag at this point I can't wait to show you guys what I've done to my face so far I'm pretty proud of myself I'm like amberlynn I'm super proud of my progress I've done amazing we're gonna grab this coal I'm gonna grab any notes that I can find in the ground like this because I wasn't able to mine and usually if you don't find any notes really a coal above ground and potassium nitrate you're not gonna find them at all you've got to find them in on a note above the ground unless you're mining and cuz I can't mine I mean cuz I can't find my mine I gotta find what I can get on the top of the earth um so yeah I can't wait to show you my base it's coming along great I did have a little collapse again I unfortunately collapsed um the side wall remember how I showed you guys in my last video that half of my little church building was collapsed on one side well I ended up building it up again and I ended up making it look really great and then I tried to put a roof on the thing and I collapsed a whole wall again we're gonna stop and see if there's anything in this tree stump cuz you never know ah chilly I'll take it I will take it and not complain about chilly there's another one up here I still have not even went into the forest biome and all in this world and I don't know if I'm going to I'd already looted that one in the past I guess oh honey that's a great score I don't have much honey yet in the game so yeah I'm gonna be working on building up that wall and I'm still unsure about whether or not I'm gonna attempt to put a roof on it or not Oh health kits that was a great score alright let's go into the desert and grab some sand shall we I'd like to find one of those little sandstone things that are up in the air but this is gonna have to do leave the camera low Nova Nova don't I'm afraid she's gonna tip this camera over come on birds nest I'm only gonna take it if it has eggs in it I don't need feathers right now we're just going to get a couple stacks of sand and that's it but anyways after I'm done doing this we're gonna go back to my base and I can't wait to show you I've changed my mind about the grocery haul I am going to be doing a grocery haul just a week's worth I told you in my last video that I'm going to be doing a lot of seasonal cooking and that's what I usually do I tend to get vegetables and fruit and cook with them when they're in season and I like to get my vegetables as fresh as possible if I'm gonna eat fresh and I did make a week's worth of groceries of a grocery list I will be going shopping soon and I am gonna be doing a grocery haul and this is what I'm gonna be eating I'm not cooking it though so please don't even ask because I'm not gonna be doing cook with me videos I'm not going back to that I'm not into I'm not interested all I did was kind of tempt me to eat food that I wasn't planning on eating and any other point in my life and I didn't gain any weight but I lost money do we cook with me videos buying things for food that I was never gonna cook in my life and I didn't get any views so we really wasn't worth the money so I will not be recording any of the recipes I'm not but I am gonna be making my sweet potato hash again I'm gonna be doing my cheddar and rotisserie chicken stuff sweet potatoes I'm gonna be doing um some zucchini and squash um I wouldn't even consider a fry pan fried is more the word pan fried in coconut oil with a little bit of Parmesan cheese tastes amazing and incredible I'm not getting much sand here I'm gonna have to go into this area maybe yeah I'm getting more sand here than I am in that sandstone area um I want to try to get as much as I possibly can I'm gonna be eating a lot of pickles English muffins are buy 1 get 2 free at the store so I'm going to be doing some English muffins English muffins are versatile you can eat them with peanut butter and jelly you can even win Nutella you can make mini pizzas out of them I use them with tuna and mayonnaise and you could put locks on them you can put cream cheese on them dough so I'm gonna be getting some of those um pickles I don't know if I set that but pickles I love pickles are a really great snack they taste amazing um that's pretty much it I am gonna be making a big huge pot of pasta I love pasta that's one thing that I haven't really eaten a lot of since I did my five bite diet two years ago was spaghetti and goulash and you know lasagna but I am gonna be making some because it's on sale the ingredients are gonna be on sale so I'm gonna make a bunch of pasta and I'm gonna freeze it in a bowl and a big huge plastic Tupperware Bowl or a pyrex dish or something and then I'll take it out and I'll live off of it for a week and it's something that the dog can eat as well I'll just make sure that I make hers without onions but she can eat beef she can eat pasta I don't tend to give her a lot of pasta in excess but she doesn't eat it once in a while and I make my pasta pretty simple I make it with sweet Italian sausage hamburger I make well regular pasta sauce I diced tomatoes I use red onions I use green pepper fresh mushrooms and um a little bit of sugar and minced garlic so I'm gonna be making that let's see how much sand we have oh my god we don't even have close to enough sand to make anything I want to get back to my base you guys and time to show you before I have to leave because my phone's gonna earn my tablet's gonna cut off probably any moment but I will be doing a week's worth of groceries whatever I get a crazy shopper and I'll show you as soon as they get back from the grocery store I'm not buying myself anything this month I've already told myself no clothing no makeup no hygiene products the only thing that I need is Fraser's that's it but I'm not gonna be buying myself anything for a while I need to start saving my money because nobody needs a new kennel um I already through her kennel away a couple months ago but she needs a new one and I need to start putting money aside again for when I decide to put Egypt down if he continues the way he is by Matins like the way he is now by summer I'm gonna make the decision to put him down even though I'm not ready and even though he's not acting sick people are kind of associating associating him howling with him being in pain and dying but that's not why he's howling he's only howling for food because he has a disease that makes him hungry all the time um a lot of cats get it but he's not usually typically I don't I have never seen anybody that has a cat only ten years old get it so he's not howling because he's walking around in severe pain and distress he's completely normal other than diarrhea and eating constantly I'm gonna wait I'm just gonna get to UM mm and then I'm done I want to head back to my base all right we're leaving this is something that I could very well do off camera I don't need to do it here where's my bite I can see the headlights but I can't see the bike where are you bike I don't know if it's up on the hill here or if it's down below and pointing upwards do you guys know where it is I know you can't tell me but I'm confused oh it's over here it's over here I don't know where it is but it's over here here it is all right let's drive home there's nothing really else to say so hopefully we can just get home soon so I'm not boring you with the details I promise you guys in amberlynn reaction and that's exactly what I try to do even though there wasn't really reactive I mean there's more than there usually is are you kidding me I'm stuck in this rock for real let's see here um I'm stuck in this rock so I have to dismantle my bike I think I'm turning my wheel hopefully you can get out of it no we can get out of it lucky lucky lucky all right let's go home so yeah I mean I promised I was gonna do an in Berlin video but I wasn't expecting to do you know seven days at the same time but a Merlin hasn't been posting clearly she's made enough money so there's no real need for me to just make a specific video about in Berlin when I could be doing my 7 days that I grind at the same time that's what I was looking for was a sandstone thing like this I love digging these up the progress is a crate is great but you don't really get much sand from it it's more of a sandstone grab when you can get stone and sand and I really just need sand to be honest that looks kind of phallic doesn't it looks like a elephant an elephant penis very weird very sketchy alright we're almost home so yeah pretty much I'm done my period which is awesome sand I don't feel like so much oh let's see I think we've actually just barely alluded this tent city not to want well I can't even call it a tent city because there's really not only two tents in there that's it but it's not real it'll because we just were in here you know where I want to go with you guys soon the next time I record actually we'll try to do this and make it happen is go to the actual military base and pick up the landmines I had started doing that on camera a week ago and I deleted that video on accident I actually up and deleted the video but I was starting to pick up landmines there great to have her under base but like on whore denied far enough away from base where they're not going to blow up your actual stuff and they're just gonna blow up the zombies and you can get them for free without even making them yourself by going to the military encampment or can't matter however the you say that and I managed to pick up 21 but there's like over a hundred there so it would be nice to go and just chill and and do that one day that would be fun because it's been so long since I've been there it's renewable as well but I'm just gonna show you guys what I did to that to the house and then I'm going to let you guys go I just kind of wanted to make this you know about me or Berlin and not really get too much into it I'm still on strike when it comes to you with this bunker I'm loving the way our build is coming so far coming along let me turn these headlights off so we don't drain the battery of our bike I'm not sure if it actually does during the battery but I'm not gonna take any chances you film it um let's do it lay down our bed roll I'm lagging really bad right here I don't know why don't know why it happened to me last time I came that way too um so I've done a lot of work again I will forgive you if you can't tell but I did put a row of flagstone up top and eventually this is going to be concrete and then these these I started upgrading to reinforced concrete um I did pick the coffee and the blueberries that was in my garden they were done and ready and I did end up building this wall up again I built it up it looked amazing I read for stood out with concrete and then I tried to put a roof on this place my own roof as you can tell I kind of knocked the wood down and I dismantled the church portion see and I tried to put my own roof on it and I ended up collapsing it so the roof didn't collapse because I didn't even get started really on the roof at the side of the building collapsed again and that's why I wanted to go and mine all of this stone and all of this sand so I could make more concrete but so I ended up putting this all the way around so this is all done all of these main blocks here are upgraded already fully upgraded and I did put another set of bars up so no zombie is going to be able to reach this at all even if they do pile up on top of each other because I'm going to end up putting spikes down the only zombies that can possibly get in this base are obscure and even though they do take out my legs a lot and even though I do get killed by them sometimes I can handle them fighting them one on one here if they manage to hop over the base so I'm not going to be putting a roof of any kind over here and the only reason why I kind of wanted to put a roof on this building is it because the spider zombies get in here and let's say they just jump on top of this like they can scale the building and if they jump in here and they land on one of my wooden chests my chests are destroyed I don't lose everything that's inside them they can't ruin the forge of the campfire or the cement mixer but they can ruin this and they can ruin my my big square ones that I have on my other world and we're all of my stuff is so yep that's what it looks like so far I'm hoping you guys are loving it because I certainly am and eventually this whole building is going to be that gray right there that reinforced concrete all of it and all of these brick blocks here at the bottom are going to be reinforced concrete as well the only thing that I'm going to leave the way it is is the flagstone because I love flagstone I think it looks great against this and I was gonna be doing peach adobe peach because it's my favorite block in the game but I wanted to switch it up a bit I did pick corn and I dig dig pick the potatoes and they're growing right now again cuz I replanted some but that's really it guys that's really all there is to say so far I'm loving it and I'm not gonna play again I don't think until I start making concrete I'm not gonna film it I'll probably wait until amberlynn post another video and I'll do another reaction slash 7-days video it's kind of the best of both worlds for you guys um I guess that's it I love you all so much I hope you have a great rest of the day I don't have Anthony today so I'm kind of bored and just chilling I'll be with him tonight but during the day I do not because he is at church and doing Church Lee activities so I'm just pretty much walking around my house bored making a grocery list and chain smoking cigarettes like crazy but I love y'all I hope you have a great rest of the weekends I hope this is able to be uploaded before day I'll talk to y'all soon be safe here's the dog peace and love and this is why I do not record a video that dog is so far away from me it's not even funny like look at my face run but yeah it looks so close and it looks ridiculous right so let's just stick to the way it is see how she's looking all like mad passive angry because she's not getting meat anyways I love y'all I'll talk to you soon be safe peace and love hopefully you'll get this tonight Sunday night bye

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  1. Forgive my silly question, probably an obvious answer… Will you run into other people as you are building/killing zombies? Like can you turn on & off other humans (like you can turn the zombies on/off? ).

  2. Her name is AmberLynn because she has the right to choose her own name.

    She probably does not have to go through a legal name change as long as she is consistent about using her new name. At least that was true in the state of my birth. I asked about it at the courthouse while I was visiting and they assured me that nothing more was needed.

    I have filled out documents to get a certified copy of my birth certificate, and the state had spaces for people to indicate their current legal name as well as the name on the birth certificate if known. But actually they just needed the names of my parents and date of birth to track that down, since I really was not positive what they put on the certificate. That indicates that it is quite common for the legal name to change over a person's lifetime. Certainly people often change their last name after marriage and then they may change it again if they divorce. But they also often change their first name.

    Sometimes, as AmberLynn did, they decide to use their first and middle name as their full first name, often combining them into one word or hyphenating because it is so annoying when people keep dropping the second part of your first name. At least a friend of mine had to hyphenate to avoid that problem.

    Sometimes they decide to switch to using their middle name as their first name. One of my colleagues did that. Often they will use the initial of their original first name followed by their full original middle name to make sure people realize how they should be addressed. Other times they may simply drop the original first name entirely.

    It is very common to settle on a different version of your birth name or a different spelling. This often is because, as in my case, nobody ever used the moniker written on that damned birth certificate.

    My name is important to me but a different name (which even my parents never used) appears on my birth certificate, when I had no say in the matter. I get really irritated when people insist that my name has to be what is on that ancient document when I have the right to choose my own name (which is the actual name I was always called) and have used it consistently for decades. The government definitely knows me by my current legal name, so that is my "government name".

    So the one thing I agree with AmberLynn about is the fact that her name is indeed AmberLynn. Her family is wrong and disrespectful if they do not acknowledge her proper name, the one that she actually uses. It's just another sign of their general dysfunction.

  3. My favorite pizza is meat lovers, preferably from legit Italians. Bacon included. Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic about Amber. Maybe her personality can actually change for the better too, but we can only hope.

  4. Ok so I'm about 20 seconds in and your playing 7DTD?
    I'm subbed already girl
    Was directed here by Sabine!

  5. My favorite pizza is baked potato pizza with ranch sauce and bacon my second favorite and more common would be a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham or bacon

  6. Pizza is a fucking orgasm in a damn flat box!! She is such a liar. My fave is thin crust well done with onions..spinach…black olives…artichokes..and sometimes fresh tomatoes!! Oh and mushrooms!!

  7. Hi Shannon, I loved that! Yeah! Pizza! Cheese, tomatoes, lots of peppers, mushrooms, chicken, Oh! And anything else ! but not mad about pepperoni. Agree with you on all the ALR stuff, I only watch react: vids, couldn't cope with a whole vid of just her.Sabine Davis gave you a 'shout out', she likes your channel too.Love the 'new build' looking really good. Love &hugs xxxxxxx

  8. The "papers" were for both surgical and non-surgical intervention from the doctors and staff at the clinic. So why wouldn't she go there just for help? Either it's all a lie or she refused to do any of the rules or regulations that they would set forth for her. Either way, she's completely deceitful. Shameful.

  9. For the pizza: spinach, ricotta, chicken, mushrooms, pesto, lots of mozzarella, sun dried tomatos, some sausage mmmmmm

    Big glass of pineapple juice or an ice tea on the side <3

    Also… the muffins you mentioned.

    We call them "Barms" over here in the UK but some weirdos call them "Baps" and it's a huge debate whether they're called barms or baps.

    Barms all the wayyyyy

  10. I looooove mac n cheese pizza; but otherwise anything with lots of mushrooms, onion, bacon.. and yeah pineapple 😉

  11. Also I don't know how the fuck she has soooo much support now blows my mind. Bc she hasn't changed. She is still lying about sooo much and making people think she has lymphedema, that she has all these so cold changes now like you said her fitting in the car without Becky having to shove the door on her shut and she can fit in the shower n how her "lymphedema" it's starting to get softer and better LOL umm no bitch at that point she had only lost 11 lbs so no that isn't gonna make her "lymphedema" feel better. LMAO ? ? she is so fake and a lying ass pig it makes me sick. And yes you are 100% right the only reason she filmed all those videos like she was really actually daily vlogging was just to get that money the only thing she gives a fuck about now she's back to her old self sitting on her fat ass eating and watching TV. Instead of making videos each day showing her "work outs" eating healthier n showing the scale n her weight. She will Never change sorry but she won't. She may lose a little weight but she'll gain it back and if not she will always be a pathological liar and a fake POS.

  12. OMG I fucking love you girl. Lol u straight-up tell it like it is n I love that. Everything you said about Big AL is soooo fuckin true and I love that UR NOT afraid to say it. Amen to all that you said babe. ???

  13. Thin crust vegetarian! with lots of spinach tomato cheese and pineapple. Your right everyone likes pizza.

  14. Light sauce, pineapple, mushrooms, onions.

    I know when I've lost weight when people start complimenting my hair lol. I think because my face and neck look smaller.

  15. I like pizza with mushrooms, olives, anchovies and feta cheese ?

    Never had artichoke on pizza, I’ve seen a few people here mention it and it sounds really good haha.

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