American Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine in TOKYO & Japanese Cat Cafe ๐Ÿ˜ปand Robot Restaurant ๐Ÿค–

American Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine in TOKYO & Japanese Cat Cafe ๐Ÿ˜ปand Robot Restaurant ๐Ÿค–

hi guys welcome back to the channel I’m
back I know I’ve been conspicuous by my absence over the past few months
and I am truly sorry what can I say I’ve just been busy but let it be said that I do listen to
the audience my audience you guys at home there’s gonna be a change in the
formatting soon which I’m sure you’re all thrilled to hear about but
unfortunately you won’t actually get to see these videos until after Christmas
because we have this long lead-time apologies but anyway that’s how it’s
gonna be and what have I been up to you may ask you know as you know I’m doing
my masters as well at George Washington in integrative medicine been to Lausanne
in Switzerland that was cool if you follow me on Instagram then you
would know that wouldn’t you so watch the rest of the video if you want to see
what I get up to in Japan I’m here for conference in Tokyo with a A4m so today
we’re gonna go to a ramen making factory don’t watch this if you want to
see shrines and stuff because I’m not going there I’m gonna go and do the
other stuff which is a little bit like whoo before you say anything I have been
to Japan three times before so I’ve done them all okay like temples they’re
canceled for this visit but we’re gonna go to Harajuku and go and make some
sushi and I know probably eat some weird stuff that I’m not sure what it is
so stay tuned so one of my biggest issues with Japan
before was they didn’t sell Diet Coke which to me back in like 2000 was
ridiculous this time when I come not only do they
sell coke zero okay it’s not my favorite and yes I know we shouldn’t be drinking
the diet coke aspartame etc I know but look everybody’s got a vice
there they but what they do have is this coke plus
which is essentially diet coke with added fiber so it’s got five rounds and
milligrams come on which one of insoluble dextran
I’m gonna actually try this live right now taste test that will keep you regular so the conference
is over now I just wanted to show you guys the nice view from the hotel room
so we’re in the peninsula in Tokyo and the previous room that we had we could
see the Imperial Palace we can’t see it now but let’s just cut some in there
pretty cool and we arrived just before the day that Emperor Naruhito became I
guess the new emperor which was pretty cool so there was a real buzz around the
hotel then Prince Charles was here somewhere I didn’t see him but
apparently he was here somewhere so what did I learn at the conference actually
is really interesting connecting with some Japanese doctors to see what the
differences are between how we practice hormonal medicine in the UK or in
America as you know go there quite a bit and over here so quite a lot of the
stuff that we use in the UK they actually can’t get it here so for
example Alma thyroid which is t3 and t4 together they don’t use that here DHEA
they can’t get either two things actually that I’m taking currently but
yeah it’s not allowed and what was really interesting there was a real
sense that it was weird not amongst the people in the conference
but I mean amongst doctors in general for women to take testosterone sure game
is quite unusual because it’s quite it’s something that’s very common in the
teaching that we see from the states or from Europe yeah so that was interesting
and then of course they’ve got a particular set of issues so because of
the seeing vegetable intake over here with
the seaweed they don’t have the iodine problems that we have in Europe in the
States so if they have the conference again over here I think I’m definitely
gonna come back it’s just really cool to connect with some doctors all around the
world people that you wouldn’t I have no idea why it’s called that basically it’s
just like loads of people on these like floats and making a real commotion I
can’t really describe it it was probably one of the weirdest things that I’ve
ever seen yeah that was weird if I I’m not even gonna try and describe
it let me just show you some footage from it so guys I’m doing a cat cafe in Shibuya
and I’ve gotta tell you some of the best-looking cats I’ve ever seen in my
life in here I could make a mood a joke there but I won’t they drink a lot of
water which is interesting because I used to
have a cat and it didn’t drink very much at all basically you come in you pay
like I just sit like 500 yen for ten minutes which is like how much is this
it’s about four pounds if you use $ you have to do your own conversion I’m
sorry so you can buy treats and stuff to seduce the cats with just like any
feline that’s very susceptible to fish and meats so I’m gonna try that right
now ready okay do you want it yep it’s okay okay thank you only one very hungry yeah can I have a stroke I gave you food no
yes you just touch the spoon it for a relaxing time make it a Suntory
time of course its tap water

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  1. Thanks Sarah. At the risk of sounding stupid, why would a woman take Male hormones? So if you are loosing your hair in Japan you are just going to have to get extensions or transplants or wear wigs?

  2. โคSuch a fun video but the cat at the end and the sad piano music almost made me cry… ๐Ÿ˜ฟ why? ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. You're always nice, smart, interesting and informative. Glad you're back and good luck for your Master, I'm sure it's gonna be great for you curricula and experience. I travel quite a lot but I've never been to Japan and I would love to visit this country, very much. Ciao from Milano ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜Š

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