Anti Aging Evening Skin Care Routine | My Best Skin at 35 | Limelife

Anti Aging Evening Skin Care Routine | My Best Skin at 35 | Limelife

hey friends welcome back today's video is my night time skincare routine I thought I'd share that with you as I've had some questions lately and what I've been using because some of you have noticed some changes in my skin if you're new to the channel I hope that you enjoyed the video please consider subscribing hitting that notification bill because YouTube's always changing things up on me and heading over to Instagram to follow us over there for my fun and shenanigans so today's video is a nighttime skincare routine I do use a name brand line of products called Lyme life by L cone some of you may be familiar with it I have a friend who I have multiple friends who have used it for quite a while and I finally jumped onboard and wanted to try it because their results were amazing I'm not huge into makeup but they have a lot of makeup products too that are really top-shelf great long-lasting high-quality makeup so if you like the makeup definitely check that out but today I'm focusing just on skincare so one of my really good friends Kelly started selling it because she was using their products and getting their product so often that it just made sense for her to become a consultant I am NOT a consultant but if you want information she's the person to get in contact with her informations down below I just love the products I've been using their skincare since about April of this year it's currently July so I've been using it for a few months I've noticed a tremendous change in my skin I feel like I'm sitting really low anyway I've noticed a tremendous change in my skin and many of you have actually commented and said the same thing so I am 35 years old I just turned 35 in May and I wanted something that was geared more towards like aging skin so I'm so like sad to say that at 35 but you know fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes laughs lines etc I wanted something that was going to be able to kind of like grow with me as I got older so I gave this a try after much pushing and prodding and I loved it I'm gonna go into more detail on what I actually use in the video like in just a moment where I show you my routine but I've been using a face wash a face mask and a moisturizer for the past since April I also we got called the amaze box from Lyme life this is in very high demand if you are able to get your hands on one I highly suggest to suggest it it is a subscription box but it they only make so many each month so if you're able to snag it up do it because it's such a great deal but I was able to get one for June and it came with an another few skin care products which I was really happy about because you don't necessarily know what's coming in it it did come with one of their lip it's not a lip gloss it's a lip color it's their enduring lip color in macaron really pretty like mauve color and that it also came with a sample size or a smaller bottle this is a half fluid out of there so tax face serum which I am so excited about I've been wanting to try this for a long time but the price tag it's honestly had me like shying away from it so I love that I'm able to try it and see what it does for my skin and then if I know it works then I'll buy a full size but this I will also go into detail with in the video and then the other full-size item it came with is their 40 cure cream this I've heard so many positive things about it is tamanna seed and lavender hand and body cream but this works on everything basically like I guess my dry skin and it all sorts of stuff it says our aromatic body cream of tomato seed lavender and sweet orange delivers hydration and protection protection for dry and rough skin Kelly has raved about this for a long time she I know has used it on her hands she had some like red irritated not eczema I don't believe skin like on her face and neck for a while and this actually helped to relieve that Alice is prone to bouts of eczema Jackson has like really dry like upper arms right here and then we'll actually just told me that he's got a little patch of I guess my like in the crack of his nose I get I have combination skin so I get oily but then around my nose right here and sometimes like between my eyes gets really dry but specially the cracks in my nose during the winter months in particular so I'm excited to have this on hand to use for all the things but let's go ahead and jump into my nighttime skincare routine I'm gonna walk you through it show you what I do it's super simple and the type that if there's way too much going on or if I have to do like all these fancy things I don't stick with it so this is a routine I've been able to stick with for the past few months I love it so let's go ahead and take a look alright so this is gonna be weirdest I'm looking in the mirror camera look at other place I'm showing my nighttime routine has mentioned and I'm gonna really briefly show you the products and I've got a Norwex body cloth this I like using it to wipe off my face that kind of it's got silver like threaded through it so it does help to like disinfect for acne and stuff I like it and then I've got this the lime life dream clean for my face wash line life skin polish which is a face mask it's really gentle I can use it like three to four times a week without it over drying my skin and it smells like lemon so I love it so tax is a facial serum it helps with dark spots wrinkles fine lines etc so I will use this after the skin polish but before the moisturizer and for moisturizer is the skin therapy this one is good for normal to dry skin damaged skin some damage like older like wrinkle prone skin etc so I'm just gonna go through usually step by step you'll see it I'm gonna set this to music so you're not just listening to the water on this so I'm gonna run some warm water do a quick wash with just the cloth and then wash with the dream clean first time I ever saw you I fell in love when you entered the pool and when the light hits your face we were just kids but I knew right away I will be with you until I stop breathing I will keep loving you as long as my heart's beating Oh close robbers you Oh nothing with I don't with [Applause] dude wanna I don't know – it uh even though ears come but I stood with the way that just one alright so I got this skin polish on as you can see I used very little so this container I actually had for a few months and I use it typically two to three times a week having it as much lately with traveling and being sick but it will last a long time so that's gonna sit until it dries or about 10-15 minutes depending on how long you have to the face mask I usually do about 10 minutes I can tell what it's like I mean my face step pad gets tight a little bit and I'll keep it on super long now I'm gonna set off pull up with the so talks and then at the skin therapy of moisturize I'm sorry I'm like at a loss for words right now so in the meantime I'm gonna go let this sit and I look back with you and if you with a job like with our stomachs first time Oh Oh Oh hold me Oh Rob Oh another I don't know what I would do with the Jew and there you have it all told without the skin polish like the exfoliating face mask this would be done in less than five minutes but the nights that I use the face mask takes about 15 or give or take so really simple my skin has never been clearer it's never felt as good as it does using these products as my skin is aging I wanted something that was more not even necessarily high-end or professional which is something that was more effective for the type of skin that I am now like growing into I guess you could say so this is my bedtime face I am all clean I smell good I feel good it's soft and yeah those are the products that I use at night for these products I do not sell them I do not get any sort of commission from them but a few of my friends have used them over the past year or two and it really had my like curiosity going so I tried dumb and loved them so I thought I would share with you just the easy skin routine that I use at night because I'm very low maintenance anything that takes too long I am NOT about so I keep it simple alright friends thank you so much for watching if you have comments or questions drop them down below if you want to check out the website that link is there also I just want to share with you what I use because I love it and don't share products I don't personally love and these are products that I love so maybe you love them too I don't know drop me a comment if you've tried limelight if you use it I would love to hear about it what your favorite products are and until next time I will see you later bye

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  1. I can't believe the difference in your skin already!! And I didn't even think it looked bad to begin with. ?

  2. I wish that I would have seen your video before I placed an order for Beautycounter products. ? I am 42 and have been on the hunt for cleaner and safer products. I have sensitive skin and have been searching for a good wrinkle cream.

  3. I looked at some of the ingredients in this product, I love pomegranate and I used the oil and buy it religiously 2oz for 10$ last a long time. I dot it underneath my eyes and on any lines I may see, it’s pretty wonderful oil. I also use products with little to no chemicals I use Alba Botanica Refining Aloe & Green Tea Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer and Alba cleanser, toner, and face scrub. I pay probably under 25$ for all of it. I am a frugal minimalist every drop has to be gone before I buy it again. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm glad you found products that are amazing for your skin. My skin is sensitive,so I'm careful of what I use. I will definitely check these products out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Your skin looks great!

    One tip my mom gave me in addition to having a good skin care routine for your face is to make sure you include your neck and hands.

    Basically make sure you moisturize and wear sunscreen not only on your face but include you heck and hands.

  6. hi, tiffanie! wise woman – start working with your skin early on. i've used moisturizers for years and it has really been helpful. currently using the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair line at night and their hydroboost during the day. it really has been helpful. glad you are on the mend too! ~k

  7. I’m impressed. I’m 56 and I’ve been doing what you do since I was 26. My mother preached on skin care, no sun damage. Mom is now 83 and I work with oven baked skin woman who think a tan is the bomb, oh it’s healthy to at least get some sun each day, not bake. I have no wrinkles around my eyes I do have faint laugh lines I use to perform 3 daily face exercises with my skin care, but I got lazy working night shift for 10 years as RN, but now I’m back on track. Kudos to you.

  8. I’ve noticed that at 35 my skin has needed extra love so I’m gonna check this out. You truly do look amazing

  9. Your skin is indeed lovely. Skin care can be so expensive, but I agree, if you don’t take action there will be issues later. I’m old enough to be your mother and no, I didn’t really understand how important skin care was in my 30’s. Luckily, I was not a sun worshiper, but still I could have done a better job. Thanks for sharing your experience with these products. ?

  10. Very good.. And u look amazing luv..
    I have tried a few things over the yrs.. And I just can't use anything. So I stick with my dove soap & use rubbing? alcohol . That is it. Lol my dematagist always says I look younger every time he see me. .? and I'm 56yrs young ?

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