Anti-Aging Foods That Can Prevent Wrinkles and Help Ward Off the Effects of Aging

Anti-Aging Foods That Can Prevent Wrinkles and Help Ward Off the Effects of Aging

think of anti-aging I bet you're thinking about creams and masks you could buy from the drugstore but today we're giving you an anti-aging shopping list straight from the pages of my Good Life magazine I'm gonna show you you're going to adore this issue I'm gonna show you that the best age buffering remedies may actually be in your grocery store your grocery store and here to share which items to add to our carts is my lovely wife Lisa Lisa was getting carded toast you are about 30 45 45 she's still getting carted know so you know walk us through the items get up add to our shopping list never grocery store it's like a pharmacy it's that powerful so what should we be adding to our list it is well I'm gonna make you guess what do you think it is human skin and I seen pores here I feel like Hannibal Lecter why would I add that to my shopping list I'll have some arm skin please no it is not human skin it's here to help your skin it is actually a oh my goodness a Clementine it and it is wonderful for your skin it's full of vitamin what are you doing with your ballot are you oh okay cute oh that's so sweet but clementines are like little dermatologist little round orange dermatologists because they have tons of vitamin C which helps build collagen your skin makes it firm and top C I just need some cumin right there and they also protect from UV light which prevents those wrinkles from forming so they are fabulous we love clementines and I love tasting them and making yeah if you ever get a bad one toss it cuz you get beating a big box that's how I get him anyway okay next parsley this is actually from our garden it is this is our guy of you why is it so valuable for anti-aging well parsley my favorite property of parsley is that it's a diuretic and that does not mean it gives you diarrhea no no no don't worry it actually fleshes fluid out of your body so if you're feeling puffy and bloated it's a fabulous diuretic it also has a wonderful antioxidant quercetin and you can explain to us what quercetin does and we place travel there that word game she crushes me ever Corsten is a $10 10 point word it's a lot sometimes where you put it if you get it on their triple letter thing you can I don't play at that level I just get to try to make the words that are correct all right so here's how antioxidants like worshipped in work in the body so imagine this is your skin okay in your skin in order for it to work you've got all kinds of proteins they look like this it feel good don't they that's so cool so these proteins are naturally there to make your skin talk give it that balance enos that you want when you're young you have lots of healthy proteins like this as you begin to age instead of these beautiful elegant little proteins your proteins beginning to look like this little rock right and they're able to spread throughout your body they go anywhere you can't even see where they are but they're mocking it up they're preventing the cells and our bodies the cells and our whole bodies from functioning like when we were young so you start this notice your skin is not as tart as it was how many of you when you sit down everything creaks right and you stand up to the worst right that's because of his aging process so you got to use antioxidants and went downstairs dude you can't go with your hand and try to find these one-by-one antioxidants they're like sanitation workers did you put them into work in there and they will grab up all those ugly proteins and when they come out of your body they look like this what you want so now these cells can function normally again and do what they're supposed to do how do we use Parsi how do you like to use the mouth shut I like to make it well you know and your green drink that you have in the morning we use tons of parsley again for the diuretic effect you love tabbouleh which is from your homeland yes um and my favorite dish with parsley is chimichurri it is a condiment from South America so delicious a weed arrives at our house and you can't go wrong if you get in the first thing in epic non-college okay next item from the anti-aging shopping list is my favorite we have it the good life feature in a very special place because I love millet these days teen millet I never even heard of this thing thing before I met her but now this is probably one of the most common things we're having at home well most people think of militating birdseed which it is birdseed there's big bags but it is so delicious um it is also really good for you it has amino acids which are great for preventing hair loss and for keeping your skin firm it also has magnesium which is healthy for your heart and helps with your blood pressure so we're gonna make you a delicious oatmeal substitute it's gonna be a breakfast for you so you're gonna cook for me if you have millet yes what's this this is coconut milk almond milk and then you have a little bit of salt to taste we have cinnamon with oh this is vanilla sugar cardamom cinnamon cinnamon and a little bit of honey then we have coconut toasted coconut and walnuts perfect so you're gonna make this for us all right so really like being at home yeah uh-huh all right we're gonna just pour in all the liquids okay you want to pour that one and you can just whisk away she gives me very simple tasks thinking I can't mess them a master´s them beautifully alright and we're gonna put in now the spices cardamom cinnamon vanilla and honey and a pinch of salt now stir stir stir and pitch okay and so you can store this for a long time in your fridge it's ready to make and you just throw it in here a super quick breakfast literally ten minutes throw that in there and then with a coconut be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new

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  1. I grew up eating millet every day breakfast, lunch, dinner it’s one of our staple foods in Southern Africa

  2. WTF! What a weirdo Dr. Oz , talking about human skin, and then awkwardly drawing a heart around that orange. Just odd.

  3. Funny how He holds the hand of every single female guest the show has when moving to different parts of the studio but he doesn’t hold his wife’s hand ?

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  5. She’s selling the diuretic aspect but… you’re supposed to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin… I hate daytime tv…

  6. neither of these 2 seem to have much knowledge.. I’ve seen other folks aging better with more beneficial techniques..

  7. Weak up people, This guy is doing advertising, Check out Dr. Berg he has all the knowledge, and true information that will help, he will change your life .

  8. Unfortunately produce now has very little nutrients and toxins. Grow your own or spend a bundle on pure Whole Foods.

  9. Yall white people will forever age!! It don't matter what you eat or doo..
    If your not black then you will age….
    Sorry.. Not sorry????
    Suck's too be y'all?

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