Anti-Aging Skincare Routine for Late 20s (Morning) | #SKINCARE

Anti-Aging Skincare Routine for Late 20s (Morning) | #SKINCARE

hey guys I'm Anna Frick sell and I'm one of the producers at mix makeup and today I'm going to show you my morning skincare routine specifically how I protect my skin from the Sun and also prevent the signs of aging also just the heads up around this whole routine by Susan and she bruised I do a double cleanse at night so I don't use a cleanser really in the morning if I feel like there's a little bit of mascara residue around my eyes I use this it cosmetics miracle water it's basically a micellar water but it's also an essence which is really popular in Korean Beauty right now and that's kind of adding on to the micellar water so my slur waters when they first came out everyone was calling it kind of like an all-in-one skincare routine because it cleanse toned hydrated but then in Korean beauty essences kind of take that a step further and really hydrate your skin and so that's kind of what this does so it has fermented ingredients in it that help plump fine lines and wrinkles it also has light reflecting pigments in it which is supposed to give you a natural glow it also has collagen and peptides that help firm the skin so remember when I said this was kind of like my anti-aging routine starts right here in the beginning so the way I use it is I grab a cotton round and I saturate it with the product and then I kind of swipe it on my skin and make sure to focus around my eyes where I have that makeup residue that I mentioned so the next product is a pot that's been around for a long time but it's new to me and I'm kind of obsessed with it actually was getting a facial at Kate Somerville and they were like you need to exfoliate a little bit more and they recommended the exfoliate exfoliating treatment but since I tend to get a little bit red they recommended the gentle version and the esthetician explained to me that the original exfoliate has cinnamon and that is kind of what causes some of the redness and this one does not so this is kind of like a physical and chemical exfoliator the physical exfoliator means it has the teeny tiniest little particles in it that kind of helps slough off dead skin cells and then it has pumpkin papaya and pineapple enzymes which are the chemical exfoliator and there's also some lactic acid in there I'm kind of obsessed with lactic acid so I was really excited when I saw that it was in here those acids kind of like go in and like eat up all the dead skin cells and make your skin feel super smooth and polished so there's also some vitamin E and aloe in here which kind of helps soothe and smooth out your skin the way use this product is to get a tiny little pea-sized amount I kind of like rub it around my fingers and then I kind of massage it into my skin so that I get that physical exfoliation and then you leave it on for about a minute before you wash it off I like to use this in the morning because at night I use my retinol and that's kind of a strong ingredient and I don't want to use too strong ingredients together because that's just you know not very good for my skin I turn red really easily and I don't need anymore add into it the next step is antioxidants antioxidants are super super important to use in the morning because they're what protect your skin from free radical damage sun damage environmental pollution and all the other things that the world just throws at you throughout the day and one of the most popular antioxidants to use is vitamin C if you're not new to this channel then you've probably heard Susan talk about vitamin C it's her favorite ingredient you might have seen her use a Sunday Reilly's CEO brightening serum and that's actually one of my favorites but I just started using a brand new antioxidant serum it's from asari it's their response theory serum and it contains a blend of antioxidants the vitamin C in the serum comes from Kakadu plum and that's a plant-based form of vitamin C it also contains sodium hyaluronic which is brightening and moisturizing there's also a chamomile extract that soothes and brightens the skin and then another antioxidant comes from seaweed and the last ingredient is oat beta glucan I'm kind of excited about this one because it helps calm redness so I think I've said it already ten times in this video but my skin gets really red so I need a little bit help I play this right after I exfoliate I put one pump in my hand I kind of rub it around and then I Pat it into my skin also something interesting about this product is that it's from an Australian company and I don't know about you guys but I'm noticing an uptick of Australian brands kind of entering the US market and coming out with some actually really cool products next up you can't forget moisturizer so I've been using this squalene plus Omega Repair Cream from by asan's up until recently I was kind of going for the more gel creams because I felt like that was a little bit lighter on my skin but recently my skin has been feeling really dry so I switched to a curry and I feel like my skin is a little bit happier now that I have a cream on if you had some really good fats in it that kind of help deeply moisturize your skin without feeling greasy whenever I apply this I feel like my skin is hydrated but it doesn't feel like it's sitting on my skin I feel like it really soaks in then I have lipids in it that helps support your natural skin barrier and it kind of helps plump those fine lines remember I was talking about anti-aging this is an anti-ager the squalene is gonna help hydrate and lock in moisture and then the omega fatty acids help sooth and replenish dull dry skin and then it has acai berry sterols which help replenish and restore your skin excuse me you just grab a little dollop and then you kind of just apply it press it into your skin it feels really good I've gotten a little bit older I've noticed that the skin around my eyes gets a little bit creepy and it's kind of a little bit puffy in the morning so I've started to incorporate some eye patches and I really like these smoothing and relaxing patches from Quran they're kind of like a cool little jelly texture to them the star ingredient of these patches is corn flour which kind of helps soothes and hydrates the area around the eye I apply these right after moisturizer and I let them sit for about 20 minutes and because they're very cooling and soothing they do puff the area around your eyes I feel like it really preps my skin for makeup and next up is my favorite product of all time Susan loves her vitamin C's but I love my SPF it's kind of a joke at the office that I'm the SPF hoarder and it's kind of true as you can tell a very fair skin I'm a redhead I basically burn if I walk outside so SPF is super super important to me the SPF that I've been really into lately is this one from Dermalogica it's their oil-free matte so it's not gonna clog your pores and it's also not gonna look shiny I feel like a big problem with a lot of SPF is that it makes your skin look really greasy and you just you don't want that especially like throughout the day like it'll come through your makeup it also doesn't have that really strong sunscreen scent that I just absolutely hate you know some people like it and say it reminds them of a vacation but I always feel like it reminds me of like having to reapply sunscreen like every hour on the hour any faint scent that it does have it really kind of goes away after it's massaged into your skin I've found that it is a little bit thick so it kind of like to warm it up in my hands that way it glides on a lot easier and you don't have to tug at your skin which is a big no-no if you're trying to prevent age the more you tug at your skin then where you're stretching it out okay it's gonna turn into wrinkles also if your SPF isn't 30 or higher you're wasting your time I just want everyone to know that the sun protection and this comes from zinc and then it also has caffeine and nice extract and all these other good ingredients for your skin and the last step in my skincare routine is all about the lips I was watching this video on Vogue and it was with that supermodel Candice Swain pool I never know how to say her last name but she pulled off this lip balm and I was like wait a second what's that lip balm it looks kind of like a glue stick so this is the Palmer's cocoa butter formula swivel stick is obviously the best lip balm I've ever tried I have one everywhere I have it in my nightstand I have it in my work bag I have it in my purse I just have a lot of them because I don't want to be without it like it's so good and it just smells like cocoa it's kind of amazing I love it it's pretty obvious but one of the ingredients in here is cocoa butter which is really hydrating and it leaves your lips feeling so soft and silky it also contains vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant remember when I had mentioned that earlier and that really helps condition and heal your lips and that was my morning skincare routine so I want to hear from you guys now what is your all-time favorite sunscreen because I want to hoard them all give this video a big thumbs up make sure to subscribe to mixed make up and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. Thinksport spf50 sunscreen is my fav.
    There are some other really good ones out there too.

    I only buy sunscreens that have zinc as their active ingredient.

  2. Recently started using the neutrogena clear face broad spectrum spf30 that also says *break out free and *oil free. I got really bad oil pockets one time with the olay anti aging moisturizer

  3. I always thought that using AHA's (lactic acid in your exfolikate) & vit C was a no-no. Is it okay in the form of a scrub rather a serum?

  4. You do ALL this in the morning?! It’s not as much as Korean 10 step facial beauty routine but I still ain’t got time for that lol

  5. fav sunscreen is from elta MD! has spf 46 and is amazing for acne prone skin because it doesn't cause breakouts!

  6. Love this thank you! Would you still put an ultra thin sunscreen like the la Roche posay one on top of moisturizer?

  7. Not sure about exfoliating in the morning when you’re gonna expose your skin to sunlight ? must be a little irritated if using chemical exfoliator in the morning.
    Also, looks like she’s mixing a lot of active ingredients on top of each others which might bring bad reaction to sensitive skin.

  8. I felt like I was punched in the gut after you squeezed out that much of the Kate Somerville exfoliater. OMG so expensive I use it so sparingly lol.