ARC FIT: Health, Wellness, Personal Training and Nutrition Workshops in Recovery

people living with an addiction or mental illness often neglect their body's needs for certain foods and exercise leading to many different health problems having a well-rounded balanced diet and exercise plan that is catered to your specific needs is essential to healing not only your body but to improve your mental health during your recovery process at Aurora Recovery Center our members learn how to take care of themselves and to understand what their body needs through our medically sanctioned personal exercise program arc fit by learning how to take care of your body through proper exercise and nutrition that's right for you you will learn discipline patience and become more determined in your everyday life our personal trainer means with our members to create a personal program and gives them specific exercise prescriptions arc that includes beautiful walking trails a gold standard exercise facility an Olympic sized swimming pool various equipment for outdoor games and exercise yoga and meditation find out more at Aurora Recovery Center calm

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