Are Fitness Blender Workouts Enough to Lose Weight? + Our Personal Workout Programs

Are Fitness Blender Workouts Enough to Lose Weight? + Our Personal Workout Programs

hello everybody this is Daniel and Kelly from Finnish butter calm here to answer another one of your questions something we get asked a lot is whether or not we actually use just our own workout videos to stay in shape that question is kind of ironic because we wish we have the time to do at least our own workout videos we in all honesty we have desk jobs we spend all day long writing editing videos doing voiceovers we sit most of the day so every time someone comes to us asking how we stay in shape is not any different than most people with any other desk job would answer yeah a lot of people assume that that all we do is work out all that all day long and I really that couldn't be further from the truth I mean if we're lucky we get in a short workout and during the day I just like Kelly said most the time we're working 24/7 okay maybe not 24/7 feels like 24/7 23 so yeah yeah I mean our workouts that we film that you guys see us doing is pretty much 90% of our actual workout routines I think about it too though is if one of us is doing a workout video the other one is sitting on their bum hitting the record button telling the other person what's up next I mean it's never it's not quite as straightforward as it might look we still have to fight really hard to find the time to work out like for example the the video that you see that's only 30 minutes long that's a nice workout but you're talking about another like eight hours plus worth of work to edit that and get it up online to where you guys see it the filming we do we're lucky like that's a good workout obviously that's a good workout and then when I do get time to exercise on my own I am usually using the search function on our own website buy time by muscle group by training type to find the workout that I want to do so I mean almost 100% exclusively the only workouts we do are Fitness blender workouts with probably the only exception being that we I mean we have a year old Labrador overachiever so he needs lots of exercise so sometimes we go on walks and those are low impact low intensity usually turn into business meetings sort of exercise it's not a lot of you know break a sweat so almost exclusively what we do is finish winter workouts and that's that's one of the reasons why you see we have a lot more like level 4 level 5 workouts than we do necessarily level 2 and level 1 because if we're filming level 1 and level 2 though there are a lot of people out there that need those they don't do a whole lot for us necessarily because we've been working out for so long we need something a little bit harder to challenge ourselves so we try to challenge ourselves with the workouts we do so we can kind of kill two birds with one stone so to speak so we can kind of get our workouts in as we're actually working and filming it's like we finally get a chance to burn off some energy and calories to get our own workout you know and so it's hard to it's hard to balance the two but we have our workload with Fitness winter is immense and most of it is we plow through it sitting just like anyone else does it is s job so fitness wonder workouts are more than enough to stay in shape I probably go to the gym on average I think the last time I went to the gym was probably two months ago I probably go once every seven weeks or so and when I do go to the gym it's usually to plan what I'm going to be filming that I say just because there's minimal distractions a gym it's not like at home where you have the TV and chores and your pets and stuff like that so even on the very rare occasion that I go to the gym it's to plan the next workout video yeah and a lot of times if we do get a chance to go go to a gym to workout or we do even workout at home that's not one of our actual videos whether we're watching it we're actually filming it the type of workout we do is identical to the stuff we do in our actual videos you guys see we're basically testing out something for you guys how does it feel is it too hard is it's too easy does it you know you're on a rest period do you need like 90% of time it's going to turn into a video you guys see later on down the line so basically you're not missing out on anything we're not withholding anything we don't do an immense amount of activity outside of what you see outside of the videos that are available to you you what you see is what you get like he said that's where's that so to reiterate every once well we were lucky enough to get a little extra time in there where we get to do a little bit more of a workout but like we've said before all we're basically doing is testing out a new idea for one of our videos so it's the same style of training it's the same stuff we definitely don't spend we don't have hours and hours on a treadmill or an elliptical or with weight training machines at the gym there's nothing extra outside of what you see on our website I hope this video answers your question and as always thank you for watching and we'll see you next time all right everybody I keep waiting for someone to say because they're like teeny a new hairdo she needs a new makeup I'm a girl and I have more pressing issues in my life than what color I ought to wear fur I shadow not gonna apologize wasn't you okay you're like a tree no no no you scared me like I don't know when I stop and you go he's he's just gonna start right again no everyone stay calm it wasn't a spider okay I love you grandma then your mama be like why did I get a then my mom would be like what a nigga just be like why don't you see a man about his bike heck man all we've done for you guys and you gonna yeah your dad will just cry I cannot so many of your business cards huh thank you for that dad my dad hands on business cards like it's going out of style we do have awesome family so mm-hmm that cannot be underestimated right mm-hmm have we gotten a good shot of this all together do you think no

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  1. Hello I wanna Ak something the dietician told me that it’s better to make cardio after the strength workout and it will help in losing the fat on the contrast to why you do in your videos so do you think she’s right plz answer whenever you can

  2. I’d actually like to know how you care for your hair! It’s so long and pretty! Not fitness-related, but I want to know how to get hair like yours

  3. After 6 years of battling obesity, I am finally making progress with clean eating and your workouts. I've gone from a 2X to an XL in one month and I'm continuing to shrink. I finally feel like I have control of my body. I'll never do anything but Fitness Blender from now on. I love you guys. Thank you

  4. I agree, that these workouts are enough but i am struggling to loose weight. I am doing the same activity using these videos HIIT and strenght workouts like several years ago when i lost my extra weight pretty well. And now its not moving. I eat clean and have been exerciesing about three months.

  5. Thnkewww guysss….u both have literally changed my lyf…..thnxx once again…u both r jst prfct…:-):-)

  6. If these workout videos weren't enough to lose weight/gain muscle and doing them 5 days a week for 30-60 mins a day.
    I wouldn't be working out anymore! lol

  7. what a lovely couple! i have a question though… do you have more exercises for someone with diastasis recti? i am 3 years post partum and have tried working out for months but my tummy is just bulging out like i'm 4 months pregnant… i am 5'2" and weigh about 50 kg. i don't have weight issues, just my bulging tummy and back ache..

  8. I purchased a 8 week fat Loss program to lose weight and tone up fast Round ebook 75 pages, and Round 2 back in 1/9/2013. There was a month one and month two with the ebook and the links. Once purchased is this still available as far as the links are concerned? Or do I have to purchase new programs?

  9. Thank you so much Daniel and Kelly! Fitnessblender is hands down my go to all time favourite workout channel. Please dont ever stop making videos!!! Lotsss lotssss of appreciation from malaysia <3

  10. I always love all of the positive vibes and comments surrounding fitness blender videos. I have been using fitness blender videos for awhile, but I just started one of the official weight loss plans and eating plan. I realized that I have been in a vicious cycle for much too long. Kelli's heart to heart videos really helped me to realize that the way I was working out and eating was so hurtful to myself. I would do crazy long cardio sessions (often while in a fasted state) and lift, but to a much more intense degree than is sustainable. I did a lot of different "diets" such as fasting (usually the 20 hours fast/4 hours eat ideology). Basically I would starve myself for as long as possible and then binge from being so deprived. In the end, I always gained weight. I am thankful to now feel intentional in the way I eat and workout and that is because of fitness blender. I feel as though these new patterns are SUSTAINABLE for life. Eating and working out should be pleasurable experiences, not punishment. Thank you, thank you, thank you Daniel and Kelli!

  11. i want to thank you guys for changing my lifestyle and health :). I am at my best in terms of strength and fitness and it's all because of you guys! LOTS OF LOVE ^_^

  12. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into FB, I'm so grateful! I've been doing your workouts for about a month now and I'm working on exercising three times a week. I'm now past the point of feeling dizzy and having to stop when I feel like my heart is going to jump out of me. I'm so happy to be able to get through the whole workout and maintain good (hopefully) form.

  13. love you guys ❤❤ even I just do your workout only ?? owe a lot to you (96 pounds)
    please it's a humble request if you could make a workout for fastest weight loss possible please I am really stuck

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