Arnold Schwarzenegger olympia bodybuilding motivation 2015

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  1. Why will anybody dislike this video there is no reason to hate anybody who is better than you

  2. Просто Арни Шнапса в коктейль добавлял, вот и весь секрет?

  3. Человек который безусловно сам себя построил ?

  4. Арни лучший на все времена!!! кто подскажет что за музыка наложена на видео?

  5. 4:14 he looks natural in some pictures comparing to the guys of today.
    Of course he was on steroids but the drugs now are way more advance and powerful than the golden era.

  6. U all are racist accept it jst replace his face with an Asian face
    He is greatest all because of his face and bit due to his body
    He is considered smartest bofybuilder coz he had an attractive face thats reality

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