something that not everybody might know about Asians there are some people in Asia I don't want to generalize too much is that they like walking on Legos well not Lego Legos but things like this these are just rocks stuck in the ground to stick up and you're supposed to take your shoes off and I'm gonna do it for you guys and just walk on them oh god it hurts it's my first couple steps didn't hurt that much and I'm like oh this is anti-climactic but then I took another couple of steps I'm actually putting some weight on my butt but you'll see people and they'll just like walk the length of this and then back again and and then they do it daily because the more you do it the less it hurts and the more you get used to it and it's supposed to be it's just it's just for stimulating nerves on the bottom of your feet and they say the healthy you are the healthier you are the less it hurts and the more you do it the healthier you get supposedly yeah this one's worse up ahead that one has a lot more rocks closer together I'm guessing that one would hurt less I'm putting heat I'm trying to keep my weight off my feet man this but even you even with even with putting weight off my feet that hurt but yeah this you'll find like this is a actually a dormitory at a university and that's just right outside the dormitory so the students gonna wake up in the morning and then walk back and forth on rocks and then they have but at most like or not most I take the back at many a lot of public parks I'll also have packs that are made of rocks let's try this one this one looks less painful give up the first step was okay the second one was agony it just depends cuz like all the rocks are different sizes different shapes some are like rounded on top and some are just sticking up like a frickin butter knife yeah yeah it's crazy but people really do they the walk there's some they're doing some construction there but there are people that definitely everyday will walk this entire thing and then the entire next one after that it's crazy what I like to do is come to these bicycle rental places and then just just smell the seats definitely a girl that rode this one last let's try this one here that's a fat guy good fat guys

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  1. In Asia they walk on lego for health…………in the West they walk on lego, scream and beat up their kids.

  2. @1:13 handicap wheelchair sign, maybe the one with less rocks is for people in wheelchairs. LOL (awe im going to hell)

  3. Strange thing is when we step on something or get poked while sitting down, our bodies immediately perk up to the ideal posture we should always maintain. So stepping on Legos and rocks reminds us to be better individuals…?

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