ASMR Over Your Ears ? ~ Headset TiNgLeCePtIoN for Tingle Immunity

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  1. I love the scratching sounds, though I dont get tingles I get insta sleepy, but the tapping kinda ruins it for me. Not complaining though as it was still a good video. ?

  2. Aleays thought about it. Pls try diferent head sets. Like byeredynamic dt 770. Lol. Thats what i use. And its so nice to hear your stuff on them.

  3. They should literally made quiter ads just for asmr videos! So many people get scared everyday by the loud and irritating ads! Donate! Its for a good cause.

  4. I love your asmr earmuffs video, bit I have one small request , concerning the earmuffs…real simple. Can you put them on your ears first before putting them on the other ears?. It sets the tone I think, for you to experience how soft they are and for your viewers. Thanks!

  5. Does anyone notice that the earphones emoji was there before the airpods were ever created like if u agree

  6. i turned the volume up as it is quiet. About to go asleep…..
    Please someone tell me im not the only one?

  7. What headphones are those? They look amazing! I bet you'd look great wearing those. Could you tap them while wearing them yourself, maybe listen to music and hear the sound like from them as you listen?

  8. I thought i broke my headphones when i didn't hear a thing, but turns out i just turned off my volume…..

  9. You know when you write a funny and original comment and everyone just ignores it?

    Haha totally didn't just copy that

    No i actually thought of this myself but you know who cares

  10. I don't really get tingles from videos but I do from someone actually whispering/lightly breathing in and stroking my ears. I get them on the back of my neck and at my lower back. Kinda weird right? I do find these videos really relaxing though.

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