Ate Like Dr. Berg and This is What Happened – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Ate Like Dr. Berg and This is What Happened – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

two years ago I was unable to sit in my
office for more than 40 minutes at a time and each session that I do with the
client is 50 minutes so we’re doing that quick math you know that the last 10
minutes of each session for me were extremely difficult we add to this that
I often had two to three sessions back-to-back so I would get an
approximate 10 ish minute break if I was lucky sometimes two minutes between
clients where I could stand up and then I have to sit back down and do another
45 – 50 minutes that was not a very fun time for me I want to help you guys
understand how dr. Burke’s channel helped me to make a huge change in my
life and what we can learn from what I learned that I’m hoping is gonna help
you to make a huge change in your life it’s kind of my way of paying things
forward hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m
Violet I’m a psychologist the reason that I make these videos is I want
people to understand that your mental health and physical health come together
to create that overall sense of well-being if you find this kind of
video helpful please consider subscribing so two years ago I had hip
problem I went through a winter with this problem and what I initially
thought was that it was a weight problem and I was really focused my attention on
trying to lose weight I did a lot of walking and I was eating super healthy
for what I understood healthy to be at that point in time lots of vegetables
and you know just keeping my fat really low and right this eating super what I
thought was clean at the time and I managed to lose zero pounds over a six
month period and still live in a tremendous amount of pain so eventually
I went online and I did some research and I figured out that I had an
inflammation problem so that was step one and so step two for me was figuring
out okay well what causes inflammation and what I ended up figuring out was
that inflammation is by excessive carbohydrate intake and
poor quality oils so over the next month and a half two months because I got that
information in February the beginning of February and I didn’t do anything about
it till April 20th so it’s about a month and a half and over the course of that
period of time I was doing a lot of research that first of all make sure
that this was true information but second of all to understand how could I
solve this problem because when I did some research about what carbohydrates
were I learned that it was all sugars so starch regular sugar and fiber like
they’re all it’s all they’re all part and parcel of what’s considered
carbohydrates and I’m like well how will I not eat those things I was extremely
scared because I was then in that situation where I was figuring out that
apparently I have a condition of inflammation that’s being caused by the
normal foods that I’m eating trying to be healthy and this freaked me out so I
found the ketogenic diet and when I was looking at the ketogenic diet what I
learned was that if I keep my carbohydrate intake to 20 grams of carbs
then my body would be able to manage the food that I was eating and if my body
could manage the food that I was eating my inflammation would subside so I
embarked on this journey scared as I was because my number one thought was okay I
can’t eat bread because two slices of bread I’m already over I can’t eat rice
or pasta I was like super worried about how could I do this and then I fell on
dr. Burks videos and honestly with everything that I was watching and all
the different bits of advice I was getting dr. Byrd was the only one that
said you could eat as much above the ground vegetables as you want
and as much salad as you want as long as everything else you keep 220 grams or
less I don’t recommend including your vegetable carbohydrates in the formula
for the carbs so we don’t want to put a restriction on vegetables because
they’re a carbohydrate so instead we want to put a requirement that you need
to do vegetables 7 and 10 cups and that way it can make keto healthy now being
the person that I am I heard that information and what I did with it was I
said well what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna eat I’m gonna see how much above the
ground vegetables could I actually eat before I got to 20 grams of carbs
because I was super scared to go past the 20 grams because the reason for me
to need to be able to sit was so severe you know I went to back up a minute
because I want to say something going to work is important right you need to work
to be able to afford to live in the home you live in and to purchase food and
clothing and all the things so the idea that I couldn’t sit and do my job
scared me a lot it scared me a lot but you kind of the other side of that was
there was a possibility and I I knew this going into this at that there would
be some kind of medication I could probably take that would have taken the
pain away I hate taking medication this is start with that headaches if I if I
have an injury like I really always try to go natural route before I will take
anything but it was in my head that if I needed to take something I could what
scared me more than need to take a medication to sit in my office was the
idea that I would not be able to continue to snowboard ski longboard ride
my bike rollerblade that like all the things that I love to do because I was
convinced that what I actually had starting was arthritis so there are
people in my family who have it and I was feeling like you know my fingers and
hands were also starting to her bother me so I was feeling like this is what
was happening all that to say that when I found dr. Burke’s channel and he’s
saying that if I eat this way I’m gonna fall within the ketogenic lifestyle and
I would be able to move forward it gave me a sense
calm knowing that I would have enough food to eat you know it’s really weird
to think but because I’m not a foodie and I’m not that person that cares about
like eating and I’ve said that on this channel multiple times food was never a
priority for me however I’ve also said on this channel a bunch of times that
snacking was like that big thing like I would eat chocolate or you know like a
chocolate actually was my my downfall but even at this point I had cut out
chocolate because I was trying to lose weight because I thought that you know
this was a weight issue initially so one of the things that I’m trying to help
people to understand is that when I learn from dr. Berg that I could eat as
much vegetables as I wanted and then when I double-checked oh how much
vegetables would that actually turn out to be and saw that it was really a lot
of vegetables that I can easily split that between two meals and like have no
problem for my day everything changed for me now I know there’s a lot of
people that are frustrated with the fact that dr. Berg sells products and there’s
a lot of idea that you know is it is he like really on keto and pushing keto
because of health or does he push keto because he’s able to sopra I really I
don’t I don’t think that that’s what it is because every time he mentions a
product he also gives you the natural way to do it he gives you options and I
think this is just my personal opinion but I think there’s always going to be
people who want an easier option and if there’s a product that they can buy
they’re gonna buy it but then there’s like people like me who if they can go
natural they’re gonna want to go natural but I’m super happy about when I found
his youtube channel was that he did absolutely always tell the natural way
to do things as far as I can see when every time I watch a new video is he
still does that so honestly like I said I found his channel I was watching his
videos everything he said made sense I myself went and I weighed vegetables and
I weighed salad and I made and I was able to eat to the point that I wasn’t
hungry sometimes even not being able to finish
all of what I put it there so it took me a little while to figure out how much
they put on my plate but again it changed my vision of can I actually do
this I’m making this video because I want to first of all I trust my
gratitude towards dr. Burke for helping me to see that there was a way to eat
healthy and take-out bread pasta rice rice I mean from the islands rice
potatoes there was a way to take out all these high carbohydrate foods out of my
diet carrots and then eat good quality vegetables good quality meats good
quality solids fuel myself and not be hungry with you know C of information
that was saying ketogenic lifestyle is not sustainable because there’s no way
that you can eat that way forever oh my goodness is that so not true we
absolutely can eat this way forever because you just need to understand what
foods to choose and then choose them spice them the way those you’re gonna
love them and then just repeat to just keep doing that the other thing I’m
gonna say is that it’s been my experience that a lot of people complain
that but you’re eating the same thing over and over and the one thing that I’m
gonna put out there that frustrates me when people say that how often do you
see people have a side of fries no matter what they’re eating it’s a side
of fries a side of fries if I can have a side of fries every time why can’t I
have a salad or broccoli or cauliflower as a matter of fact there’s so many
different vegetables I can put there rather than putting a side of fries we
need to start being realistic with ourselves and actually look at our week
or month of food the truth is we usually eat about seven or eight different meals
and we’re cooking at home and then we go to the restaurant and okay we’re gonna
get some variety there but that side of rice is usually there or side of rice
what is the big deal if I put a side of salad I want people to understand that
being healthy is so much more important than chasing flavors
and you know I’m appreciative to dr. Berg because he helped me to put my mind
around eat vegetables focus on being healthy and I want to push that forward
you know there was dr. Berg but there was also dr. Westman dr. sybers dr.
berry dr. Hyman dr. Mason so many other doctors that I follow that helped us to
understand that if you really want to be healthy the first thing you need to
think about is fueling your body building your body doing the things to
reduce insulin resistance doing so hyperinsulinemia doing the things to get
your insulin to being your body to being sensitive to insulin again and then like
you’re gonna have the healthy life that you’re trying to accomplish my life was
starting to look bleak to me because the truth per month or my life the truth for
who violet is is that not being able to snowboard not being able to longboard
not being able to ride my bike or rollerblade that to me is like a life of
poverty I’m so much less interested in finance and much more interested in
doing things because all of my entertainment is around doing things and
the idea that I wouldn’t be able to do things was devastating I really
encourage people to think about mobility it’s not usually something that hits us
until we’re much older but then when it hits us wow it’s so incredibly
challenging to be able to go on in life without being able to walk the distance
you want to walk or even run at all our mobility is everything my inflammation
problem started when I was 22 I had knee problems that started and you know what
honestly I remember thinking to myself that I need to do activities and live my
life because if my knees are hurting me now what’s gonna happen when I’m 80 well
I didn’t even take me till I was 80 before things really started to kick in
and be problematic but I’m very happy first of all I learned to do all these
things but I’m even more happy that I decided
to take an active role in figuring out what was wrong with my hip and look for
solutions that weren’t about medication because if I had to look for a solution
that was about medication I’d still be in the process of feeling horrible I’m
certain of it versus where I am now where I feel so much better after I
started the key to Jake lifestyle approximately two months later my hip
was feeling better and that’s amazing to me but what’s even more amazing is five
months later I had lost 70 pounds and was at a weight that I honestly wasn’t
even trying to get – when you eat properly your body does what it’s
supposed to do and it gets you back to where you’re supposed to be you know I’m
sitting here at this weight today because I continued to eat properly I’ve
continued to follow the principles from all the doctors that I learned from I’ve
continued because feeling good and living a healthy happy life matters to
me I wanted to matter to you guys too because it really feels good to pass
forward what I learned it feels good that I know that there’s people out
there who watch my videos and they decide actively to make a change
taking your total grams of carbohydrates down to 20 I’m not gonna say it’s easy
because it isn’t because you actually have to do a little bit of research to
figure out how to do that what vegetables can I actually eat what what
foods how am I gonna spice these foods but once you do it and you find a way to
eat these foods that tastes good to you they’re the benefits of eating this way
of feeling the energy that you get from eating good quality food the ability to
build muscle again and be strong is worth so much so I’m happy to pay
forward what I’ve learned and say things in a way that I hope people can
understand tackle the psychological piece of the puzzle by understanding why
sometimes we let ourselves down because we stopped doing something that was
giving us a good result and we don’t realize that we stopped doing it because
maybe we’re scared we’re scared of not being like everybody else we’re scared
that somehow we’re going to make a mistake and so better for me to to
know that I did the wrong thing then to make a mistake actually better for you
to trust yourself and keep trying I believe that sharing knowledge is
what’s going to help us all to improve so like I said I’m paying it forward
what I learned from all the doctors online and I’m hoping that my Wellness
Warriors will then pay it forward and share this information with other people
that they know so that together as we share more and more of how to live a
healthy life more people can be able to get out there run around live a strong
healthy body and engage life the way that they want to engage life I hope you
guys found this video helpful for everybody who’s already along this
warrior I want to thank you for being here and for everybody who’s new please
consider subscribing I make new videos every week talking about the psychology
of eating healthy living healthy you know trying to help yourself to be
stronger and solving social problems so that we can live the life we want to
live for those of you appreciate my content I want to let you know that I
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I’m putting for each country if you choose your country and put that link on
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I like making these videos for you guys matter of fact I love it I look forward
to seeing you guys next week thanks for joining me on Mind Blowing Health and
Wellness with Violet can’t wait to talk to you next time

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  1. Dr Berg saved me as well. I was extremely overweight ,and diabetic with all the complications that go along with that. I am med free and at my goal weight after 9 months. Your videos have helped me continue to think about why I was eating the way I was and follow this healthy path. Thank you.

  2. Dr. Berg is great, but what's up with the Vegan dude attacking him? My wife was able to get off of allergy medicine because of listening to Dr. Berg.

  3. Dr Berg and healthy keto/IF have changed my life also. It's great so many people are paying it forward. Keep it up, and best wishes!

  4. You tube saved my life…… I'm forever greatful that I was able to find my way out of the maze and lose the weight…..

  5. Violet, do you actually eat the 7 to 10 cups of vegetables? I stopped that because I felt bloated. Do you suplement potassium, if not reaching that amount of veggies? Thanks in advance.

  6. My hubby and I started watching Dr Berg and DR. Ken Berry about 3 or 4 years ago……We both losted 50 and 60 pounds!! We just watched his videos and got TRUE KNOWLEDGE…. Rich is off his meds now. At being 65 and 61, we are at the healthiest. THANK YOU GOD and KETO :):)
    From Rich and Dee from MN

  7. When I found your channel, I watched, then subscribed because your content is not only interesting, but I love your voice. I, too, watch Dr. Berg, but also, Dr. Westman, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Boz, Dr. Fung, and a host of others who are living a ketogenic lifestyle. Thank you for sharing with us. I have GOT to share this video with my son and my sisters.

  8. Thank God it's so refreshing to hear the truth being spoken on YouTube or Facebook there are far too many people with a voice that don't know what they're talkin about they think they know what they're doing because they watched some of it on other people's channels and then they take over and try to give their interpretation of whatever it is you're listening to and it's always wrong information thank you for coming out and speaking the truth my God I feel like I've been baptized in the sunlight of life especially since Trump got in office and God knows he's the biggest liar and source of misinformation there is

  9. Dr Berg was the first person I saw on YouTube when I was researching my pain. From that point the spider web of information included Dr Berry and Jason Fung and so many more. In the first week my pain disappeared as well as so many other problems. And to top of the wellness my weight has continually dropped. What a wonderful video…..

  10. Thank you. I also went down the rabbit hole. I was in chronic pain. With osteoarthritis in my knees, hips, elbows, hands, and shoulders, as well as plantar fasciitis, and chronic allergies for 20 years.

    After exhausting the medical options, multiple lab tests, and a decidedly useless rheumatologist… Well, not entirely useless, I got the osteoarthritis diagnosis (though no explanation of why it wasn't rheumatoid arthritis, even though it was symmetrical)… I came away with the distinct impression that she thought I was a hypochondriac; which is laughable. I hadn't been to see an MD for the previous 6 years. I don't like MD's, and I don't trust them. I don't want to take pharmaceuticals. I was just looking for a diagnosis. With that in hand, I can find my way to root causes. MD's don't seem to appreciate this kind of ownership mentality.

    I haven't stepped foot in a doctor's office since then. They are less than useless to me in the conditions I am dealing with.

    I decided to commit myself to dietary intervention, based upon my previous experience with a 10 day fast, in which my allergies, joint pain, swelling, redness, and practice of waking up in agony in the middle of the night; all of these symptoms disappeared.

    Great, I thought to myself. But, I can't fast forever. I proceeded to try a vegetarian, then a vegan, a fruitarian, and finally a ketogenic diet, aka a fasting mimicking diet.

    I finally arrived at a diet that alternates between a carnivore diet, a modified ketogenic diet, and includes one carb meal a week, one fasting day a week, and an eating window of 4-6 hours max.

    Gluten (wheat, rye, and barley) were the first foods I eliminated. That was almost four years ago now. The progression of arthritis has been halted. The joint pain is vastly mitigated.

    Desperation is what drove me down this rabbit hole. People like Dr. Berg, Dr. Barry, Dr. Fung, Ivor Cummins, and many others have been of invaluable assistance.

    I do not worry about a 20 gram carb threshold. This threshold is highly variable from person to person. For some it's 20, for others 50.

    My goal is to stay in mild ketosis 5 days a week, dip into deep ketosis 1 day a week, and cycle out of ketosis 1 day a week. I want to remain metabolically flexible.

    I no longer suffer from chronic allergic rhinitis, just an allergy to freshly cut grass; which I can avoid.

  11. Yes I agree with you about Dr Berg, but I love your channel too. I love your calming approach to discuss this topic. Thanks

  12. I went low carb to lower my blood sugar. Losing weight and eliminating inflammation was a pleasant surprise. There is a definite learning curve and lifestyle adjustment but the benefits far outweigh the perceived effort that it takes.

  13. Thanks, Violet. I discovered this same thing from Dr. Berg a week ago after 3 months on keto. It was impossible to keep carbs at 20 g and still eat all those good greens and vegetables each day. I tried going carnivore, but my body does not feel right on just meat and eggs. When I added the salads and vegetables back in I felt so much better. Your experience helps confirm my choice to take Dr. Berg's advice and run with it.

  14. There are quite a few channels on YouTube that have literally changed my life by teaching me about keto and intermittent fasting. I have consistently stable energy for the first in my life, I’ve dropped tons of body fat, and I feel the healthiest I’ve felt in decades both physically and mentally. Dr. Berg and Thomas De Lauer were a huge help in teaching me about the science behind keto and intermittent fasting, and Dr. Fung was a huge help in teaching me about insulin resistance and how and why high insulin and blood sugar have the negative effects in my body that they do, and Keto Connect and many others were hugely helpful in teaching me about recipes. I recommend eating meat and vegetables almost exclusively when you’re first starting out keto and intermittent fasting, which I did for two to three months, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to completely give up foods that I love (including sweets). I just have to learn how to make keto-friendly alternatives, many of which taste better than the traditional sugar and wheat flour versions. So, I just want to thank Dr. Berg and all the other keto content creators who have literally changed my life.

  15. I split my 10 cups of vegetables between my two meals I've never looked back!!! I used to look at people who enjoyed eating large salads saying they couldn't possibly be satisfied or full. I am EXTREMELY satisfied and full after every meal!!! OMG I SAY THE SAME THING!!!!!! people said to me how can I eat the same thing everyday. I say because I love being healthy and I also ask them how can they eat mcdonalds everyday. People have no problems watching people eat chips and cookies everyday plus drinking soda everyday but u drink matcha tea and they think something is wrong with u. It's a society issue in the way people have been brainwashed keep doing what ur doing! I love that u have conviction

  16. I feel like this video is directed towards me because, for the most part, I do feel a bit scared to do keto. Yes, I'm convicting myself. LOL! Either way, I'm glad to hear this. My reasons are because I do take certain types medications, especially for HBP, and I don't know what would happen if I lost the weight, then the HBP comes too low. That's my main issue. Violet, you're always hitting home runs.❤ 👍

  17. I'm going through a crazy flare up.. crazy inflammation.. all I had just now was sardines, sweet potato, avocados, 365 brand olive oil, lime, salt and pepper

  18. Dr.Berg saved my life I was dieing from type 2 diabetes I learned so much from his videos I lost 50 pounds dropped my medication and reversed my diabetes I love him appriecate him your video is awesome you are a powerful voice as well

  19. I call Dr. B DOP (Dr. Of Perfection, lol) I found him as well over a year ago as I was researching for my son and also came across others looking for a solution for my son who has ASD, diagnosed at 17 yrs old with non fatty liver, now he turned 21this past June and is gradually losing. He lost 55 lbs and we are working at different areas as well as myself. Dr. B has such a great way of teaching with short videos as well as his live q&a!😀! We are still working at this, we also looked at his new video on leaky gut.

  20. Dr. Mercola is also one who really cares, tons of knowledge, but sells products. But they are the best products and never do they say its a requirement, as no product is. They give us all this info and their time for free. I don't have a problem with them selling products. They have to make a living too!

  21. Hello fellow Canadian! Love watching Dr. Berg too. Could you do what you eat in a day? Everyone have different ways of keto and I get great ideas. Thankyou!

  22. What you fail to realize is that Dr Berg is NOT A Qualified Doctor. You have probably more medical training than he does, he is a quack and fraud who has damaged peoples health. Sure you ate vegetables and just because you do does not mean than that Berg has anything to do with your health improvement, anyone who has left the SAD diet behind no matter what they eat instead will feel better.

  23. I've been teaching this for nearly 3 decades as an exercise physiologist and functional medicine practitioner (sorry folks, I'm not a chiropractor) and wrote a book about this is 1998! People thought I was nuts because back in those days the Atkin's diet was the thing to do, but here is what I have outlined in my book and it still applies today!

    Eliminate ALL WHITE CARBOHYDRATE FOODS and ANYTHING that contains those foods – sugars, pastas, potato, rice, bread are the worst AND IF you are going to cheat a little, do it after exercise or at your first meal early in the day – NO MORE than twice per week cheating! Increase intake of ALL COLORED VEGETABLES, and if you eat meat, make sure it's NOT fried or filled with antibiotics and hormones! NO processed foods of any kind, and READ the labels on everything you buy! The less ingredients that are on the label the better! Eliminate ALL hydrogenated ANYTHING and NO DAIRY of ANY KIND! WHY? Because dairy is highly inflammatory!

    If possible, work your way up so you are eating in an 8 hour window and NO FOOD for 16 hours! For example, if you go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am, then your last meal would be no later than 8pm and your first meal would be at noon! Start out slow if you've never done this before you should allow your body time to adapt otherwise you risk spiking the stress hormone, cortisol. There is a different approach for diabetics, so PLEASE don't do what I have just outlined if you are diabetic!

    That's the basics of a healthy diet and it works for 99% of ALL people! Now throw in some proper exercise and be ready for a NEW YOU!

  24. I hope I’m not too late for you to see this. #1 New subscriber, great channel. #2 Both hips or one?
    I’m two weeks on Carnivore and will transition to keto in 2 weeks. Zero carbs has made me realize how much I don’t need as many carbs as I was having. I used to eat the same thing for breakfast for YEARS. Now I’ll eat the same different thing.😁

  25. You are a natural presenter.
    All your points were well made with no fluff.

    I particularly agreed with the body settling on a weight it should be, whatever that is.
    I get family members telling me "don't lose anymore weight",even though I am a medium build now (certainly not lean).
    My constant answer is….I will get down to whatever I get down to, and that further weight loss is likely.

    What's encouraging, is that I have achieved the weight loss with no resistance training, very little cardio, no hunger/cravings, no restrictions on food intake.
    I have not introduced excessive exercise deliberately, because I wanted to see that if anything happened in the future (illness, injury, work/family commitments) I could maintain a good healthy weight without starving.
    The answer is a definite YES.

    There are so many good people in this space on YT…
    Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health
    Tristan of Primal Edge Health, though he's moved towards more Carnivore.
    Though not specifically Keto, Dr Steven Gundry and Ben Greenfield are very refreshing to listen to.
    Also, Dr DiNicolantonio is a wealth of knowledge on FATS.

    We are very lucky to have all this free content available via YT and Podcasts 👍

  26. First time I've heard "above ground"! Peas are very high in carbs, and "above ground" 🤔 And beets are very health beneficial…. "below ground".

  27. Congrats to you sis for getting healthy, but remember you took charge & healed yourself . Natural methods should be the standard not considered an alternative. There is lots of great health information out there but it's our responsibility to put it to use.

  28. I do eat vegetables but no where near what is suggested, it just wont fit into my appetite. I have lost 40 lbs and still losing weight, I think too much. In starting to look too thin. But I'm unable to consume the amounts of vegetables suggested, I get full or satiated quickly. Am I doing something wrong?

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