Bài tập Pilates cho đùi thon thả ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Bài tập Pilates cho đùi thon thả ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hello everyone, welcome to Hana Giang Anh’s Youtube channel! Today is the first day of Lunar New Year and I’m in Phu Quoc now. This is my hotel room, and I’d like to show you an exercise that I’ve been keeping for so long. Do you remember that I posted a poll on Instagram about which topic that you guys would love to watch these days? And most of you voted for pilates exercises for those who have fat thighs. To be more specific, this workout would help slim down your thighs. As such, until now, after a month, I’ve finally got a chance to make this video for you. This video is super fun, super effective yet does not cost much of your time! For those who are new to my videos, pilates is a kind of exercises that focus on our breath and body control. This type of workout concentrates on core muscles, which means regardless of how much you exercise, your body will only be slimmer and never get hardened. That is the reason why today’s exercise can help us have skinnier legs. Exercise for skinny legs Home practice with Hana Giang Anh Alright, I have decided that this exercise would last for about 10 minutes. And I will set the timer right now. Okay first, when doing pilates, we need to take off our trainers and socks as well. Let’s take them off with me! Pilates is an exercise that gives us a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. I will leave my shoes here. Okay, are you ready? First of all, we should know about the pose. Whenever you begin a pilates exercise, make sure that your legs are parallel directly under your hips and knees are straight. When looking from the side, you can see that my butt is not leaning over like this. Instead, we will keep it a bit straight so that the lower belly can be perpendicular with the ground. Not leaning forward or leaning backward, just keep it in a line. We will keep our shoulders far from our ears and lean them backward. Open your chest and relax the whole body. Pull your belly button towards your spine so that we can squeeze the belly, which will make it look flat and pretty. This is the right pose for starting an exercise. Let’s put your hands onto your ribs to get used with the breaths. Feel your ribs. Feel them at both sides. When taking a deep breath via your nose, open your ribs widely. And then exhale through your mouth, as if there were a glass in front of you. Pull your ribs back toward each other. And then do it again, inhale. Open the ribs widely. Exhale. Pull the ribs back. Keep breathing. When you exhale, make sure that your breath can blur the glass in front of you. Do it again, inhale. Exhale. 5 more times. When breathing, please note that only the ribs can move. Keep your belly flat and not heaving. Strongly pull your belly button towards the spine. 3 more times. Try to keep your breath longer. Longer and deeper inhale. 2 more times. Keep your body not moving while breathing. Feel your ribs pulling back and your belly button towards the spine to stimulate your inner abdominal muscles. Now we will start with the hips a little bit. Everyone inhale. Exhale, hands at your hips. Raise your right leg at the same height as the hips. Inhale, let it down. Exhale, the other side. Inhale, let it down. Exhale, the other side. Please make sure that your knee is parallel with the hip when you raise it up. And the knee forms a right angle. When looking from this side, you can see my right angle pretty clearly. Please remember that when doing pilates, we will be more likely to know whether it is 90 degree or 45 degree. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these little moments. Exhale. Inhale, let’s do this slowly so that you can exhale before lifting your leg up. Pull your ribs in. Get your belly button towards your spine so that the belly can stay stiff. Exhale it out, don’t be scared. There’s no need to be shy. Since when you exhale it out, after 10 minutes of working out, you can feel the heat from your inner body. Breathing accounts for 80% in pilates, not the movements. That’s why we need to breathe correctly, pulling your ribs in is compulsory. Show your abs! Make sure that your body is not leaning to the other side while your leg is up. Not like this. And we need to control our body, keep it straight without tilting. The more stable, the better. 4 more times. Try not to lean over. 2 more times. And the last one. Great! Now keep your leg like this. Exhale, point your toes upward. Inhale, stretch it out. Do it again. 10 times in total. 5 times already. Do it slowly. It is important that when you point your toes upward, intensely pull the ribs in. It’s also great for your abs. 2 more times. And one. Alright, plant down your foot. This exercise is not for the insteps, they are only a part of it. The main idea of this set is to help us get the balance. In order to balance, you need to breathe and pull your ribs in intensely, as well as get your belly button toward the spine. Tone up your belly, once it’s stiff, you can have the balance. Let’s try with the other leg. Lift your right leg up. Inhale first. Exhale, squeeze your belly then raise the leg. Right angle. Inhale, exhale, point the foot up. 10 times in total. Exhale it out. Straight up your body, lean the shoulders backward. Please remember the pose that I showed you at the beginning. Keep the shoulders far from the ears. 2 more times. Keep it still. Oh my God! One last time! Great. Let it down. Now let’s switch to the left side. Exhale. Point the toes upward, then lift 3 times. Switch to the other leg. You can point the toes upward or stretch them out, that’s okay. Make it easy for you. The key here is to keep your body in a line when you move your legs. Many people do this. That’s when you don’t control your abs. Now you need to tone your belly up, and only your legs can move. Do it a few times. Let’s do 15 times more. Exhale it out. Don’t exhale it slightly. That’s pretty weak, we’re practicing to improve our breaths so let’s exhale it all out. Keep going. Please use your abs to keep the body straight when raising your leg. You will see that it affects the belly a lot if you keep the body straight. Let’s see when I lift my leg up. My body is not moving at all. Again. Press down onto your feet. 5 more times. 4 more times. You’re not moving, are you? If you’re stumbling, just stop to have a few breaths. Calm down, feel your muscles and tone them up, then continue the exercise. It will be more stable. Alright, we’re done. Now inhale. Exhale, rotate your right groin. Inhale, exhale, the other side. Relax the groin. Do not lean your butt over. Keep your back and pubis perpendicular with the ground. 3 more times. Alright. Come back to the standard pose. Many of you may forget about the exact pose. Remember to keep your feet parallel, right under the hips. Many of you would stand like this after exercising. Or this. Or this. This and this. You seem to be back to your natural pose. Please note to control your pose while practicing, keep the body as straight as you can. This will help you improve your posture and have an effective workout. Now we shall move to more intense moves. First, lift your right leg and inhale. Exhale, keep it like this. Inhale. Exhale, stretch your leg but do not move your knee. Inhale. Exhale, stretch it out. Let’s do this 15 times. 3 times already. Try not to move your knee. Keep the back leg straight. If you cannot keep the back leg straight, you can lower this leg a little bit. Like this. The key here is not to move your knee. Try to avoid lifting then stretching, just keep the knee here. Please keep doing while I’m instructing you. Please don’t stop since I’m showing this just to help you understand more about the movement. Yeah, we’re about to finish 10 times. Place your hand on the knee so as it cannot be moved. Do it slowly and breathe intensely, 5 more times. When stretching, hold for about 3 seconds. 1, 2, 3. That’s right, 3 more times. 1, 2, 3. 2 more times. 1, 2, 3. One last time, stretch it out! 1, 2, 3, hold it here. Spread your arms. Then lift your feet 15 times. 1, 2, 3, back and back knee are straight. Just lifting while exhaling, now exhale. Try to look forward and look at one point to get balance. 10, 9, 8, exhale. 4, 3, 2, we’re done! My leg wants to cramp! Now let’s switch to the other side. Pilates exercises look so easy, yet when we do it correctly and flex our muscles, it feels so exhausted. That’s the result of pilates. Now let’s begin! Lift your left leg, inhale. Exhale, pull the ribs in then raise the leg, keep it here. Inhale to get ready. Exhale, now stretch out your leg 15 times. Each time you stretch, count to 3 and exhale it out. The longer the better, now keep the same pace with me. That’s right! When I do this slowly, please do the same. Good job! Keep going! Place your hand here in order to prevent your knee from moving up or down. 10 more times. Keep your back and back knee straight. Great. Squeeze your muscles on your exhale. Squeeze your belly, pull your belly button in. That’s right. Again. Hold it here for a second. 4 more times. And the last time. Alright, relax your legs. Okay next we’re moving to the lying movements. Please lie down so that we can practice the inner thighs. Get in pose just like me. Please make sure that the whole body now is a line when compared to the surface. Plant your elbow down right under your shoulder, or you can totally lie down like this and place your head on your hand which is quite comfortable. After you’re done, let’s get started! Please get your legs forwards and a bit oblique like this. Just like this. You can balance easier in this position. For those who want to have the back higher, which means more abdominal muscles needed, you can get the legs in a line with your body. I would choose the latter since I’ve used to it. Now inhale. Exhale, raise our leg. The leg is higher than the hip a bit. Inhale, lower the leg. Exhale, lift it up. Inhale. Exhale. Keep going. 5 more times. Then hold it here. Now we’ll inhale, exhale and have the leg drawn to 10 circles. Let’s imagine that we’re reaching our leg to that wall, we’re holding a pencil in our leg and trying to draw circles on that wall. Try not to move your body while rotating the leg. If your body is moving, keep doing this slowly and draw smaller circles. Now reverse, 10 circles. Stretch and flex both legs. When exhaling, do it intensely and try to blur the glass with your breath, pull your ribs in. The more you flex your muscles, the fewer movements you have with your body. 3 more times. 2, and 1, keep it here. Now we shall affect the inner thighs by exhaling and raising this leg and touch the other. 10 times. The upper leg stays the same. It’s okay if you have fat thighs and they cannot touch each other, we just need to lift the legs as high as we possible, Letting them meet each other is unnecessary. Just make sure to straighten the legs, if you try too hard and the lower leg is bending like this, it does not have any impact on inner-thigh muscles anymore. 2 more times. And 1, now keep it here. Great, now just bend the upper leg and keep the lower one there. Now just fold the foot like this, toes are facing the floor. Do not let them up to the sky, make sure that they’re facing the floor. Straighten the leg, flex the inner muscles and lift your leg 20 times, do not touch the floor. Lift up then exhale. Do not move your body. Keep the leg straight. 4 more times. Slow it down, 3… 2… and 1, excellent! Now bend the upper leg toward. Relax a bit. Feeling more comfortable. How does it feel? Is it great? It’s really relaxing when doing pilates, it’s not too harsh for you to struggle around and be exhausted as other regular workouts or doing gym. Instead, pilates is much more gentle and gives us a feeling of relaxation, as such, I think that this will be the best for the New Year. Especially, once I did pilates, I found the joy and the passion for practicing this type of workout. I’m still doing other types of exercises as well, however, my most favorite would be pilates. I wonder if you guys can notice the difference between me doing pilates and other exercises, It’s not too fierce as I was in the past, Pilates brings a feeling of pleasure for both the learners and the instructors. Now let’s get in the first pose. Lift up your leg. Inhale to get ready. Exhale, raise it up. No need to raise it too high, if you do that your hips will be lean backward, however, we do want the body to stay still. 5 more times. Alright, hold it here, now let’s draw 10 circles. Do it slowly to prevent your body from moving. On your exhale, squeeze your belly to your spine. pull your ribs in to have a stiff belly. If you do this correctly, it will be really effective as your inner-thigh muscles and abdominal muscles are stiff. That’s how you do pilates. If you watch videos from foreigner trainers who have years of experience, 10 more circles in reverse, you can see that their bodies are always as flexible as a feather. and they never move while practicing, since they always squeeze their abs. 5 more times. Hold the leg here, inhale. exhale and have both legs together. Keep them here. Bend the back leg. Fold the front foot toward the floor. 15 times. Squeeze up your body. Do it slowly so you can control your movements. Keep holding the leg a little bit while lifting it up. You can touch here to feel your inner-thigh muscles. They’re so stiff. 2 more times. And the last one, keep it here. Alright. Bend the knee forward. Relax. Finally we’re done with this exercise! I do hope that we’ve had a good time together in this Lunar New Year. I also hope that you guys like my pilates videos, if you do, I will have so many chances to show those exercises for you guys! I’m so so in love with pilates and just wondering if you guys love it as I do . If you haven’t liked this video or subscribed my Youtube channel, please do it right now so that you will be notified whenever I upload a new video. You guys can watch my videos immediately without missing them. If you really love this exercise, please like and share this video on your Facebook so that everyone can join with us! For a healthier world! Byeee!

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