BANANA OATMEAL PANCAKES | easy + healthy breakfast meal prep

BANANA OATMEAL PANCAKES | easy + healthy breakfast meal prep

how all my friends is Danny and today I’m showing you how to make banana oatmeal pancakes these pancakes have no added sugars are 100% gluten free and they’re made in the blender so they’re super easy they’re super delicious and they would be a great addition to your back-to-school meal prep as a matter of fact if you stick around to the end of the video I’m also going to show you how I like to store these pancakes both in the refrigerator and in the freezer so I have them as a head-start ingredient once a busy week gets a rolling really I think of these pancakes as a delicious nutritious bowl of oatmeal in pancake form so to make these pancakes I’m gonna get everything into my blender now I’m using a Vitamix 5200 this is a high speed blender this is the blender I use most of the time but you could definitely get the job done in any type of blender that you have and if you don’t have a blender I’ll explain how you could still make these pancakes in just a second so I’ve got two nice ripe bananas you want the bananas to be about 5 ounces each and the browner the better because the browner the banana is the sweeter it’s gonna be and remember we’re not adding any sugar to these pancakes so all of this sweetness is gonna come from the natural sugars in the bananas then I’m adding in 1 cup of egg whites now I love buying my egg whites pre separated at the grocery store it’s an easy way to amp up the protein and dishes like pancakes or oatmeal or even if you wanted to make a simple egg white scramble now if you don’t want to do the egg whites you could also replace that with two whole eggs or if you wanted to keep the recipe completely vegan you could sub in 2 Chia eggs and remember to make those Chia eggs you would just combine 1 tablespoon of ground-up chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water let that sit for about 5 minutes until it thickens and then add it right into the blender then I have my oatmeal I have 1 cup of good old-fashioned rolled oats now friends remember if you have a gluten sensitivity you want to make sure that your oats are labelled 100% gluten-free because while oats are gluten free by nature a lot of them are processed in factories that make other food products that do include gluten so if you have a sensitivity be sure you’ve got that gluten free label on the container then I’m adding in 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt pop on the lid let that blend let it all come together until you have a nice thick batter like I have here now if your batter seemed a little bit thin you could just go ahead and toss a few extra oats in it seemed a little bit thick you could add a little bit of water or a splash of almond milk and as promised for my friends who do not have a blender you could just take all of these ingredients and mix them in a bowl starting with mashing your bananas and everything else to the bowl and then when it comes to the oatmeal you want to use 1/3 cup oat flour which you can either make yourself or buy at the grocery store and this way you can still make these pancakes without the blender ok so once you’ve got the batter ready to go it’s gonna look just like mine does here you can think about whether or not you want to add in any stirrin so personally I love chopped walnuts chopped pecans are also absolutely delicious but you could also do raisins you could do chocolate chips you could do blueberries really anything that you want to stir into your pancakes now is the time here I’ve got a 12-inch nonstick pan I’ve got that heating over a medium-low heat I’ll put a light coating of coconut oil on the pan so nothing sticks and then ENGO the pancakes I like to make them on the medium to small side just because I find them to be a bit easier to handle this way what I do is I get them in the pan and once you start to see these little bubbles forming over the top it is a good indication that it’s time to flip your pancakes so get underneath there flip them over let them go another minute to 2 minutes until they’re cooked through and golden brown if you find that your pancakes are getting too Brown before they’re cooking on the inside you want to lower the heat and vice versa if they seem like they’re cooked but they’re not getting any brown color then you want to bring the heat up a bit just play until you get that perfect golden brown pancake so once you have all your pancakes ready to go you’re gonna end up with about 9 pancakes I consider three of these pancakes to be one serving now if I was gonna eat them right away I might stack them up on a plate I would top with a few extra bananas some walnuts and a drizzle of maple syrup insanely delicious a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll keep it a little more and I’ll give him a Shamir of almond butter or peanut butter over the top that is so delicious and I find that it keeps me say she ated for hours or if I wanted to use these as a head-start ingredient for the week then what I do is I let them cool all the way down to room temperature and if I want to store them in my fridge I’ll transfer them into an airtight container and pop them in the fridge where they happily last for up to a week but if you wanted them to last even longer then you could put them in your freezer in which case I would let them cool to room temperature and then lay them out in a single file on a rim the baking sheet that I’ve got lined with a little parchment paper so nothing sticks pop that in the freezer for an hour so just so they get a little pre freeze and then transfer them into an airtight bag this way they don’t end up sticking to each other then when you’re ready to enjoy them you can either pop them in the microwave for a minute or two until they’re nice and warm and ready to eat or you could pop them right into your toaster both roads lead to Rome and we’ll get you a plate of big fat fluffy delicious pancakes they’re so thick and fluffy hearty and delicious what I love about these pancakes is they really keep me satisfied and satiated for hours so I’m super excited for you guys to try this recipe it’s a great recipe to get you back in the rhythm of back to school I would love to see your pictures when you make them make sure you tag me on instagram or on facebook using the hashtag clean and delicious and if you haven’t already please take a moment to subscribe like and share this video with anybody else you know who wants to make healthy eating easy thank you so much for watching I’m Danny Spees and I’ll see you back here next time thank you so much for watching I’m Danny Spees and I’ll see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers hello my friends it’s Danny and today I’m showing you I’ll make sure my bra wasn’t sticking out [Music] [Music] you

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  1. These look delicious!!! Perfect to make beforehand and grab before you run out the door! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. You’re amazing 😍 my 16-month old son’s got an egg allergy and found the chia seed version for some protein really helpful!!

  3. Loving your oatmeal videos! When you advise for those without blenders to use 1/3 cup oat flour, are you saying to use 1/3 cup oat flour only, or 1/3 cup oat flour and 2/3 cup rolled oats?

  4. I love that you give information on food sensitivity, fridge and freezer storing and give options for different dietary choices. I am definitely going to give these a try. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I make it and it was amazing but just little problem I got that the mixture was heavy and I had to add half cup milk and ndunread of ococonut iok u used avocado iland cuz I osent have coconut oil but it's still great thanks for sharing the healthy recipe keep on <3

  6. I was literally JUST thinking about how much I’d love oats in pancakes with bananas and I found ur channel! god bless!

  7. Hello! In the recipe, it says that we can use 4 eggs, but in the video, you say two whole eggs. I was wondering which one would be the best! Thank you! ☺️

  8. Just tried this recipe out this morning and they were phenomenal! Honest opinion, I think they taste much better than original pancakes. It’s also satisfying to know that They are healthy! I’ll be sure to make these much more often!

  9. I love how you added the part for people without blenders. Not everyone can afford a good blender! Greets from Serbia 😊

  10. These turned out really fluffy and delicious….thank you for posting and the best part about it it's not sweet and no flour is needed 😊

  11. So yummyyy. Did the 2 whole eggs since I was sharing with my toddlers. Did not add walnuts but just topped with berries on top. I did add a splash of almond/coconut blend milk. These are perfect. Yummy. Healthy. Will male these all the time now. Thanks!

  12. Guys I made them they turned out soo good! I put 2 whole eggs, the batter came out a bit thick (probably cause my bananas weren’t as ripe as hers) so I added just a lil bit of almond milk

  13. Hallo, I made this with 4 eggs xl and a tablespoon of shopped flaxseed and 1/4 cup of walnutmeal. I bake this in my waffle iron. Yummy super delicious. Sorry for my english, I'm from Germany.

  14. A very excellent recipe!! I made these panckes twice. Once by the recipe, and secondary I added one tablespoon of cacao powder for delicious choclate pancakes😍😍 Thank you💕

  15. Hi Dani, is it 2 eggs or 4 eggs? because in the video you said 1 cup egg whites = 2 whole eggs but in the written recipe it says 4 whole eggs.. Thanks! 🙂

  16. I made these this morning! With vegan chia eggs but I used whole chia cause I didn’t have ground but it worked fine in my opinion. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. I love your recipes! In your video for these pancakes you say you could sub in two Chia eggs for the eggs but in the print out it says four Chia eggs…? Can you let us know which one it is? Thanks!

  18. Just made these with added blueberries into the mix and topped off with strawberries and honey 😍 literally my favourite breakfast from now on 🤤🥞 this recipe definitely help my sweet tooth out with a healthy alternative breakfast 💞

  19. I’m so happy i found your videos especially this one. I just did the batter and can’t be more happy with my outcome. I find your recipes very simple and adjustable on ingredients which is very important for me to play around with different ones! TY TY! 😊

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