Beautycounter's NEW Anti-Aging Line!!! COUNTERTIME!

Beautycounter's NEW Anti-Aging Line!!! COUNTERTIME!

hey guys and welcome back to another video I am really excited for today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you all about the brand new skincare line from Beauty counter called counter time this just launched yesterday July 9th but I've actually been using these products now for boto weeks so I definitely form some opinions about everything so I thought today we would chatted about who this line is best for we're gonna talk about each product individually like every single product that comes in this regimen because there are six products we're also gonna discuss the new packaging that beautycounter has chosen for this new line very very luxury and very eco-friendly too so we'll talk more about that so let's just dive on in there are a couple things I want to share with you before we get into the actual like discussing the regimen first things first in case you're new to my channel please subscribe and hit the bell notification that way you're notified of all my upcoming videos every single product that I'm gonna be sharing with you guys today will be listed down below in the description box with a clickable link that will take you directly to the products so link to the regimen but I'll also link to every single product in case there's just like one that you want to check out also I have a VIP group over on Facebook and it's strictly beautycounter so I do giveaways and it's usually where I share things first so if I get something in the mail I usually share it over there first so if you want in that group I will have the link to that down below as well it just need to request to join and then I'll prove you and you'll be in so I think that that's pretty much everything I want to share with you guys let's just dive on into this skincare line so I am very excited about this line you guys know I've been using Beauty counter skincare for over a year now um I cannot rave enough about the counter match line it's literally changed my skin you guys like I don't get blemishes anymore my skin looks healthy youthful its hydrated I don't get redness anymore let's just been amazing but as much as I love the counter much line there are times I wish I had something that was a little bit more anti-aging and that's where this line comes in so there are two key ingredients being used in this line that are very like forward-thinking I think that there's maybe only one or two other skincare lines that are using this one particular ingredient and it's called fukuchi all and basically it's a safer alternative to retinol it does all the same things so even pregnant women can use products with this particular ingredient called boku she'll because it's completely safe it rates a one on the ewg and a typical regular retinol with great about a nine so not very safe and let me just share with you guys I have a list here of like what does the spill ingredient do exactly in this whole Retta natural that's what they're calling this complex that they're using this line it's called right natural and it's a combination of the two ingredients for Cuchillo and the Swiss Alpine rose so Micucci all versus retinol they both reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles skin looks plumper even skin tone skin looks brighter glowing radiant and luminous skin texture looks and feels smoother skin looks and feels firmer minimizes the appearance of pores and like I said the ewg rates Micucci all of one whereas a regular retinol would be rated a 9 but Cuchillo is safe to use while pregnant and nursing whereas regular retinol czar not also be Cuchillo is safe to use during sun exposure so you cannot use a regular retinol if you're getting like exposed to the Sun it can make your skin very sensitive and also baku she all is non-irritating whereas a regular retinol can be very irritating for the skin very trying and it's just not really a safe ingredient to be using and it's actually I'm Beauty caters never lists so none of beauty counter skincare contains retinol but they are now using boccaccio which is a much safer option it does all the same things ok so now let's go through each product and the line we'll start with the lipid defense cleansing oil let me show you the box that everything comes in so this is the box it's a beautiful white box has the blush Beauty counter I'm logo it says counter time on it lipid defense cleansing oil on the side here I love this it says what step this is so this is step number one and then on the back here explains how to recycle the box and also the product inside so on this one particular this is the paper box obviously so it can be recycled with your regular paper and then it says your empty before recycling this is a glass jar so you can recycle that as well with your glass recycling so that's the packaging and then everything comes to this beautiful very very luxury glass bottles now you guys I love this I don't actually have anything else that feels as weighty and luxury and beautiful as the new packaging on this honestly they did a beautiful job on this so the first step in the regimen is the lipid defense cleansing oil and the first two steps in this regimen are inspired by Japanese and Korean Asian skin care so they're really into oil cleansers essences which we'll talk more about here in a minute but this is a beautiful cleanser you guys I really kind of missed having an oil cleanser they're really nice for removing your makeup they also don't strip the skin they're very gentle so what I do with this is I take two pumps of this I work it onto my skin then I get a little bit of warm water in my hands and then I also kind of like rub that onto my skin that makes this really beautiful like milky consistency and then it wipes right away so you don't don't worry about any residue being left behind or anything like that and I tried to like pinpoint the site on this but the best way for me to describe this you guys is that it's basically like a very fresh spa-like scent it's very unique it's not overwhelming at all all the sense in this line are very like very soft and just really beautiful very very luxury you guys it's like that's the best way for me to describe this very spa-like and luxury just think of think of the experience you get when you go to a spa and I've talked about my experience of getting a facial before but the thing about going and getting a facial is that you go there you get a one-time experience in your skin may look really nice and plump for about a month but this is kind of like taking that experience home with you so this is such a beautiful product I love that the next step is the mineral boost hydrating essence and to be honest I had never used an essence before so this is like a new experience for me but essences are very popular in Asian skincare and that's where this was inspired from so this does contain the retinol complex so it does have the pakua all in it and the Swiss Alpine rose and I've heard that this is really good Pratt for like before you do your makeup because it can help to like minimize your pores but it's such a beautiful consistency it's different than anything else I've used it's kind of like a milky consistency so when you take the cover off all you do is just place a few drops of this in your you work it into your skin so that's step number two step number three in the regimen is the tripeptide radiance serum so we know that sturms penetrate the skin a lot deeper than like a cream or a lotion so think of this as like your treatment product so it's gonna penetrate the skin a lot deeper it does have the right natural complex again the Baku shell and the Swiss Alpine rose and this is supposed to help with the firmness of your skin also it will help to improve the barrier function of your skin which I talk about a lot is that something that's really important to me is like maintaining that healthy barrier on your skin it also will help with elasticity so this is like your powerhouse treatment product now after this we have the a Texas soft cream so there's two creams in this line the first one is like think of this is like your day cream so this is the antioxidant soft cream like I said and it's like your more lightweight cream you could use this morning or night depending on your skin type but this is just gonna give you like that nice moisturize feel it does contain but Cuchillo and the Swiss Alpine rose again this is going to help to boost the hydration in your skin and also give you that protective layer to your skin but this also layers well underneath of makeup so keep that in mind you can use this morning or night and then the last option that they have in terms of their cream which I'm really excited about this is their tetra peptide supreme cream and this is a very very rich cream you guys and actually I should show you guys this the packaging on this is really nice like the cover you know that the cover is shot when it kind of clicks it kind of clicks into place so this is the tetrapeptide supreme cream and you only need like the tiniest little amount of this you guys this is so rich they compare this to the products from lemare now I haven't used any products from lemare but they're very very expensive skincare line I'm trying to think of like what can I compare this to that I've talked about before but honestly I don't think I've ever used anything as moisturizing as this and it lasts like when you apply this at night the next morning you wake up your skin still feels extremely moisturized very plump it's a beautiful product and again this does have ret natural and it as well this whole entire line does I think the only thing that doesn't have the Cappuccio in it I could think of is maybe the cleansing oil I don't think that this has coochie all in it but everything else here does and then there's one last product in this regimen and that pretty much completes the regimen it's the eye cream so this is the ultra renewal eye cream this is not too too rich especially after having used the tetrapeptide supreme cream this is a little bit lighter but again it's gonna give you the ret natural complex of a couch fill all around your eyes and I can actually use this you guys which is really exciting for me because I don't know if you guys can remember but the eye cream from the rejuvenating line which is very effective for me to counter it was very very active and it would cause me a lot of irritation around my eyes although I could definitely feel it tightening it would work it just caused me a little bit too much irritation so I have pretty sensitive skin and I can use this very very easily and I don't get any redness or anything with this but this is also supposed to help to brighten and honestly this will last for forever there's so much in this jar you need the tiniest little amount so that's the last product and this does have the right natural complex as well so if you were like using the counter mash line for instance and you didn't think that you needed all these products but you really wanted something for around your eye area to help with anti-aging you could just pick up the eye cream or you could just pick up maybe you want like a super intense moisturizer that's really really thick because this is definitely a lot the Tetra peptides go take me a bit to catch onto all these names tetrapeptide Cyprian cream is definitely richer than their recovery sleeping cream from the counter match line but I love them both so you can kind of mix and match but if you have more if you have more of a need for anti-aging skincare and maybe you don't have as much hydration in your skin as you once did and maybe you just are noticing that you're needing a lot more of that I think this whole entire line would be accident for you but for me personally I'm in my 30s right now so for me a lot of it is preventative so for me I'm gonna be using one or two of these skincare products in with my counter manage regimen because I feel like counter batch is really the best thing for me but if you have more mature skin definitely check out this line I think you'll be really impressed with it and I love that you're getting like all those benefits with the using retinol using Boccaccio and the brett natural complex instead hopefully that isn't too confusing for you guys but this is entirely safe and I'm really really excited about this that beautycounter is very forward-thinking with their ingredients and their technology and their skincare so I'm super excited about this line I think that you guys are really gonna like it so I'm gonna have like I said everything linked down below if you guys have any questions just reach out to me definitely join my little VIP group or on Facebook because I'll be talking more about everything over there and show you guys like how I used everything I find it so much easier to chat and connect with you guys more one-on-one over on Facebook so if you're needing a little bit of extra help with your skincare routine or you just have questions definitely join the group and you can send me a message over there and we could chat more about your individual skincare routine but hopefully you guys found this video helpful and hopefully this gave you a nice overview of the counter timeline I'm honestly so excited for this I think it's just so beautiful and the products they just smell so they just smell very very luxe to me very spa-like very fresh and they're kind of like unlike anything else I have like I can't really equate them to anything else but you just kind of need to try them for yourself I'm honestly just so excited for the slime you guys I'm definitely gonna continue using it like I said I've been using it about a week I believe it takes roughly three to six weeks for your skin cells to turn over so probably within like a month month and a half I'll be able to share with you guys more about my experience with these products like haven't used them for a while however I will tell you with counter match I noticed improvement in my skin with Kara match within a couple of weeks like it didn't take any time at all and even now if I stop using Kara match to try something else which I barely ever do now and I start getting breakouts as soon as I switch back to counter match it takes like a day or two and the blemishes will be gone so it's kind of interesting everyone's kind of different so if you're gonna try this line out I would definitely recommend to use it for at least a month to see how it works out for you but I will say beauty counter does have like an amazing return policy it's free returns so it's kind of like a no risk trial so I always like to kind of mention that in case you're like nervous about trying something from them the return policy is really amazing so anyway I think that that's it for today's video hope you guys like I said enjoy today's video thank you so much for spending some time with me I hope you have a great day and I'll see you again in my next video bye

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  1. I love the packaging on this line. I love that they went with glass on this set. I really am intrigued with this line~but I love my Countermatch so much, and am really leery to try anything that, as you said, might upset my skin. I'm 11 years older than you, and I do think I need anti aging products, but I just find myself loving my Countermatch! LOL! I may just follow you on this, as you use it, and then make my decision in a month or so. I'll be watching and listening to your progress! <3

  2. Some of those items look very interesting & I definitely can use some good anti aging products. I just wish they didn't use Phenoxyethenol (even if it's the last ingredient) as I try to stay away from that. Also, how do you think this would do for sensitive skin with some Rosacea ?? Also, lastly, what lipstick and/or lip combo are you wearing here, as I LOVE the color & may need to get some of that too…lol. ❤

  3. Do you know if this will turn your face yellow or make your face sensitive? I was using vitamin c & 100% Pure’s retinol & I have a yellow tint now. Plus I had to stop both my skin got super sensitive & my face & eyes swole up 3 different times. It worked but I can’t never go out in the sun or the cold/wind lol

  4. What a great collection! I'm going to put this under my list of things to check out. Will this be a good collection for oily face? Thanks Jenna for your tips and suggestions.

  5. Hey gals! A little more info… I have something happening in the VIP Group that you won't want to miss!!! There's the chance to win BIG! So be sure and go here: before placing an order.

    What SAVINGS do you get when purchasing as a Collection?
    ✨ Save $42 for ordering it as a set – basically you get the Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil free!
    ✨ Members get additional $38 back in product credit!
    ✨ This is a total savings of $80!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate! I ADORE this line, and I'm happy to help you with your skincare regimen! ?

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