Bed Time Drink To Lose Belly Fat in a Week

Bed Time Drink To Lose Belly Fat in a Week

hi everyone today I'm going to show you a drink which works when you are asleep we need to take this drink before bedtime say some half an hour to one hour before please try this pink and leave your comments below if you have any doubts regarding this drink or on the preparation and the ingredients list goes like this you need to have ginger lemon cucumber coriander or cilantro or you can also use parsley first the preparation goes like this you need to grate the ginger ginger helps in firing up the metabolism in our body thus helps in losing belly fat it helps in burning the belly fat or the fat in our body and next you know to take a lemon you need to slice it into half lemon flushes out the toxins in our body next the cucumber cucumber is very high in fiber which is very essential in digesting the food which we take fiber is very essential for our body it is also helps in losing belly fat and next you need to take parsley or coriander or cilantro which are full of antioxidants and vitamins next you need to take one to two glasses of water and you need to add all the ingredients into the into it just as I'm showing in the video you can also add aloe vera juice into this mixture that is also helps in weight loss squeeze the lemon add cilantro or coriander and add cucumber everything into the water you can take cold water or you can take normal room temperature water you can blend it or you can grind it if you don't have a blender you can also grind this mixture in a grinder or something anything which you are comfortable with make sure you follow a very healthy diet don't eat sweets sugars cakes and you need to avoid all the junk food you need to filter the juice and take it in a job take this drink daily for one week before bedtime to lose the stubborn belly fat you can also store this drink in the fridge for two days after two days you need to make it to prepare it fresh every time so that's it guys thanks for watching and have a great day and hope you like this video please do comment below and don't forget to click that subscribe button please do share this video bye bye

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  1. Sir please the last ingredient wat if u don't have any of de replaced three u mentioned wats de forth option

  2. I used to have this drink and it gave me good results.Can i use it while breastfeeding . My baby is one month old? Pls reply

  3. So I know this drink works because I tried it. But I wanted to know for my friend. She's breasfeeding and I wanted to find out if it's safe for her to drink too. Thanks. Great video!

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  5. I was searching or a weight loss drink for n brother. I think after reviewing these comments definitely I should ask my brother to do it. Will keep u posted with results soon.

  6. As you told in the video,. After one week,. We should stop taking this drink for how many days??,. And again when we should restart taking this drink

  7. Bakwaas..i hav been taking this since 3 weeks along with reduced diet and regular exercise plank weight lifting but nothing happened…

  8. I hope I`d discovered this particular “Yamzοkο Weebly” sooner! (Google it) I would`ve shed 14 pounds years ago. Search Google to learn even more concerning this for yourself. I did not change my very own diet plan by any means or work out. It simply lessen your urge for food to it without sacrificing your overall health. .

  9. Waiting for this video,,? I am on this diet the2weekdietnow. com <= (G00GLE it)

    It is a diet that helped me lose 5 pounds in 1 week.

  10. I had this drink overnight and the next morning I lost 1 kg in just a day. I just ate home made food, roti dal sabzi with no sugar at all. I do workout for an hour every alternate day. And for sugar cravings, you can add i tsp honey in a bowl of yogurt with lots of nuts or have fruits. This is wht i did. Looking forward for more positive result. Thanks a lot!

  11. I had a glass of this drink but I have sleeping disorder I just woke up and had warm golden milk… Now how I lose weight by this I should take this drink in another time I guess

  12. Thanks for the video …I have a doubt…whether it reduces only fat from our body or there vl be a lose in muscles also?

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