Beginners Guide To The GYM

Beginners Guide To The GYM

hey guys and welcome back today's video is the beginner's guide to my favorite place in the whole world besides my bed the gym this is my second episode of beginner's guide I did one about the beginner's guide to getting fit and I will link that below in case you haven't seen that but today we are talking about getting you to the gym and getting you comfortable conquering a fear that a lot of women have because I had the exact same fear I used to be the girl who had a gym pass I paid like 40 dollars a month and I never went because s too afraid also I hated the gym times change so if you are wanting to start lifting weights and getting super fit then you've come to the right place let's begin the first thing that you need to remember when walking into a gym nobody cares what you look like at the gym keep in mind that we are all there for the exact same reason and that reason is to get fit so if people are looking at you you let me know and on my Tom to GT FL because that should be a place of love and happiness because we're getting fit mentally and physically we're bettering ourselves I want you to remember that it might seem like everyone is staring at you but they're not we're all doing our own thing we're getting fit also men might be staring at you because you're cute and you're you and you're hot and you're beautiful so honestly that that's kind of a plus you know like cute guy over there staring at you girl go guys number go get his number but if he's not cute then just leave it be leave it be and you do you now if you were just getting into weightlifting and you're feeling very uncomfortable about it my biggest piece of advice number two is to start simple go to the free weights grab a pair of dumbbells and then head to the corner of the gym and just do your thing over there you can do a full body workout with one set of dumbbells and it'll feel a little bit less uncomfortable when you're just by yourself in a corner rather than hanging out with all the buff dudes or not so buff dudes or medium sized buff dudes over in the free weights I'll tell you now almost every other day that I go I'm usually the only woman in free weights but I own it okay because I belong there and you belong there but if you're uncomfortable grab a pair of dumbbells head to a corner you can do chest you can do back you can do biceps triceps shoulders legs but anything with one pair of dumbbells after you've become more familiar with your surroundings and the gym and you are feeling very brave and ready to step outside of your corner then we can start learning machines tip of advice every single machine has directions on it and how to use it or read the instructions don't be embarrassed about it remember we're all there for the exact same reason before you know it you'll be familiar with the whole gym and you won't have to go to a corner with one pair of dumbbells you can go to the freeway section then you can go to machines then you can go to the weird room with like a million different other machines you're going to feel great and you're going to do great my third piece of advice is to dress appropriately and I'm not saying you need to be like covered head to toe I'm saying I want you to feel comfortable in what you're wearing because if you feel comfortable and you feel good and what you're wearing you're going to have a good workout I can promise you if you feel uncomfortable in your house you are not going to feel comfortable in the gym and you're probably going to ditch out on your workout early if you're not comfortable in a crop top don't wear a crop top if you're not comfortable in shorts don't wear short wear what you feel good in you feel beautiful in and you are confident in that outfit step into the gym and kill your workout piece of advice always do a bend test before going to the gym every day I go into my roommates room Amanda and I'm like hey yo girl are these pants see-through and if you don't have a friend to check it out for you check it out in a long mirror where you can see your own butt because there's nothing more embarrassing because I would know because this has happened to me several times where I do squat and then my pants are see-through and everyone sees these are my goods and you're good to your Goods and we don't want everyone else to see the goods step number four is to go in prepared you need to have a workout ready to go and you need to know what you're doing otherwise you're going to water on the gym be like what's next what do i do no but it's me so much better for you if you prepare work out prior have it on your phone and go crazy go get fit now I post a new workout every week and then I read the workout in the description box so make sure you are subscribed so you get so many more workouts every single week and you'll always be prepared when you go into the gym go and prepared with a workout and a goal and you're going to succeed and also you're going to feel much more comfortable knowing that you know what you're there for we're not wandering around we know we're ready we got a game plan attack Go Go team and my last piece of advice is to have confidence in yourself and know that you belong in the gym if you're working on your confidence which we all are fake it until you make it have confidence in yourself and in what you're doing and remember that this is a learning process going on but you will learn and you will become more confident in what you're doing as time progresses you're beautiful you're awesome you're fit you are strong I believe in you and I need you to believe in yourself alright guys that is my five tips to getting your little butt into the gym or a big butt have you been working on the booty gains or you're blessed with great booty jeans I know entering a new gym is scary but is a good positive change you're making in your life so be confident take a deep breath become familiar with your surroundings start simple and you will be successful if you have any other tips to newbies entering the gym at make sure to leave them below if you liked this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up never forget to follow me on Instagram because I post daily fit tips with wit on there and you don't want to miss them alright guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time bye guys

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  1. I am so confused on where to start and the gym my doctor told me I needed to eat right and workout I’m not overweight or underweight but my triglycerides were slightly elevated so what do I do where do I start? Plz help!!

  2. Hello there girl,i am staring to workout for the first time and i just wanted to know how do i plan my workout as in cardio one day and weights the other or 10 mins of cardio(for warm up) every day and upper body one day and lower body the other

  3. I agree with no one caring what you look like but I do care when your sitting on machine just looking at your phone and not even working out lol. Especially if I am waiting for that machine.

  4. you are so cute! i just stumbled upon your channel and i love how much info you give!
    you are simply amazing, i think you deserve more views <3
    best of luck my dear!

  5. My mom always told me when they stare at you at the gym, it means they are just lazy and have no motivation. Because if you have a goal, then no one is going to care about anyone else but themselves

  6. I will do this next term. I have been using the excuse that university has kept me from being fit. No more! I am hitting the gym when Winter term begins

  7. I’m a tiny little chubby girl with a shaved head, and I’m terrified because I’m going to sign up to my local gym tomorrow. But I can do this. I believe in myself!

  8. Omg thank you so much for all the tips!! I just discovered your channel and I'm so grateful! I am starting gym this week and I'm so terrified because I have no clue on how to work with the machines and how I am going to look like a fool. It's scary to think that I will be all alone, and people might make a joke out of me. You've really helped me to feel a lot better and now I'm going to binge watch your workout videos and plan workout for my first day at the gym so I can be prepared. You gotten another subscriber! Thank you again! ??

  9. Ok Whitney…Mad props to you. I was listening to THIS youtube video as I walked the Treadmill glaring at the weighted area of my gym. I am of mom of 6 and have been working out at home for 15+ years. My last baby went to school this year and I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join a gym. Wow-was it hard. I'm so used to doing my own thing. Getting to that weighted area has been difficult. I heard every word you said…but I ended up walking out after a short, sad, tred walk. The next day, I went back with determination. We're all there for the same reason, like you said. Heck-NO JUDGEMENT is plastered on the mirror of the gym in giant lettering. I walked over to that weighted area. 9 GIANT, Bo-hunk guys are just pumping it. NO women in sight. I did my thing, Whiney. I did it amazingly!! I've been strutting my stuff in that area ever since. It's been about 2 weeks now. I did an arm day yesterday, surround by guys lifting weight heavier than me. But suddenly instead of feeling embarrassed I felt they thought pretty highly of me for lifting weights in an obviously "guy only" area. ALL the women were on the treadmills and elliptical on their phones. I was there for serious business. You encourage me all the time. I just wanted to say thank you for your positive ora and all the workouts you post. I'm leaning on them to get my workouts on! Thank you, THANK YOU all the way from South Carolina~

  10. I watched different women's fitness channels and your channel is the most helpful. You are the best fitness female I ever seen. I love you. Please keep giving us training plans forever. Love uuuu!!!

  11. This is the first video I saw from your channel and you are a beautifuul person, trying to cheer up everyone! You are awesome. Keep it like that! I will definitely suscribe

  12. Thank you for all the videos to help us fit and I love your videos so yeah thank you for all the help for the fans out there so that we could get really skinny thank you

  13. focus on getting the right motions for each exercise on the first week, don't bother about doing so much, give your body time to adapt. It's better to not do enough reps at the beginning than miss you scheduled gym time because it all boils down to the consistency, and don't ever do what others are doing, rather speak to them and know what muscle groups those exercises work and plan how you can incorporate it into your plan/program. Now go kick butt and stay healthy 😉

  14. Ive been getting back into training at the gym after a few months and have been really feeling insecure particularly about the fact that I have no abs yet. However I see now that it's okay because my time to reach my goal will come soon

  15. I was always so terrified of going to a gym cause I’m super insecure and I actually got comments that I was too fat to be there so I stopped going for a year

  16. Thank u for this. I'm thinking of going back to gym after 25 years! I'm so motivated now after watching this. Yes I can do this. I printed my guest pass going to check it out tomorrow after work. Kind if nervous but so ready to get in shape and showing my daughters I can do it and look healthy.

  17. I am 17 years old girl and I go to my local gym almost daily and as the only young person at the gym , I got a lot of looks by older guys somehow I was too embarrass to continue on what I'm doing. Any tips or advice ?

  18. Just yesterday I wanted to tell these guys to GTFO. Lmao. Followed me from one part to another!!! Wish I seen this yesterday!! I get anxiety just walking up to the door and I have been going for along time but feel great afterwards just the initial getting in the door?

  19. Just starting out this video so gathering info as I type this out. I am a rock climber and I do kickboxing and circuit workouts but I am now in a weight lifting class at my college. We have been given no real guidelines for what were supposed to do. It's all machines and I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my time spent in this class. I just don't really know what to focus on. I'm strong and toned from the sport I do but in this class I don't even know where to start. I want to target what I need to target and work efficiently.

  20. Also a very big tip I spent nearly half an hour on the treadmill once you finish do not step of and start walking straight away I learnt the the hard way I nearly fell over and I felt like I was going to be sick so yeah ????

  21. I know that this video is very old now, but it is soooo helpfull 😀 … I am not totally new in the gym, but I am new in my new gym.. Since april I visited VERY SMALL gym. It was close to my house, veeeeery small and it was a hotel gym, which was great for me – there were only a few people and almost all of them only for a few days and than they left the hotel and I never saw them again. Which made me feel comfortable because I wasn´t embaresed for being "the chubby girl" in the gym who felt like everybody stares at her and thinks "what the hell is she doing there?" … It was a great way to start my journey, but it started to be too small for me.. I was able to do my workout there, but I had to be veeery creative, because as it was a small gym (one small room) it obviously didn´t have a lot of equipment. And also I need something which opens very early. So I signed up to the gym now (august) next to my work. It is HUGE, openes 24h/365days and.. I am lost 😀 .. And surprised. There are machines which I just stare at and have no idea how to use it. Thanks god for the instruction on them, because I am always like "ooooh I did that, just I did with a barebbell/dumbell/tackle and so on… So many types of benches.. I feel like a newborn there 😀 … But i will continue, I am not gonna let my fear win ♥

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