Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Mental Health Unit (Season 1) | A&E

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Mental Health Unit (Season 1) | A&E

[music playing] When I come in to
work, and they can put me wherever they want me. And you just really never know
what's going to happen on a day to day basis. So you always have to be ready. MAN (ON RADIO):
It's 10-88, Ariel. OK. What is it? There's nothing in there. There's just four walls. This is my first time
dealing with an inmate that had cut himself. It's not always
violence against the COs or inmates on inmates. Sometimes inmates are just
trying to hurt themselves. He just kept talking about how
the voices told him to do it. So they had mental health
in there talking to him. I'm not too sure what it was– a piece of like, a
little piece of metal. A lot of inmates hide
things up their butt. And they can only cough so
much and make them squat. If you really want to
keep something, you will. And he obviously kept that,
and he cut himself on the arm. At the Old Main, they used
to house the mentally ill with general population. And I can't imagine how
that would be today. Mental health inmates are
now housed in the APA unit. MAN: You bought it. MAN: So you see when
they're [inaudible].. Espot. Having all the mentally
ill inmates in one unit seems better for them. But at the same time,
though, it makes it a lot more dangers for us. JEREMIAH ORDONEZ: We're not
regular inmates, you know? We're just crazy. We're the type of mental
health patients that– we could have a
psychotic episode and end up on death row. We're not the type
of people that have like, their
conscience or other things that normal people
have, you know? DAVID OTERO: I have anger
management impulse disorder. And I have a brain injury. And I mean, I think people's
take on that is, they can say, you know what? He's not really all
there, so we can use him. I mean, use him to do stuff. I shanked one of the search
team members in the neck. I proved to myself
that I wasn't no punk– that I could do something. It makes me very leery
and makes me wonder if he'll do the same thing to me. I agree with him. Sometimes you just can't
hold it back and I mean that. But I know where he's
coming from, I mean. KEITH PALLESEN: Hey, looks good. Yeah. Pretty soon, he'll be
out on the street again. This is something he needs. He needs to be reintegrated
back into population, because if we don't,
then we're never going to know how they act. I don't know how I'm going to
react when people who are going to be walking around me,
even at a gas station or being at the mall,
where it's crowded. I don't know how
I'm going to act, if I'm going to
be like, paranoid. I'm not going to feel
comfortable with somebody walking behind me. It's just– it's
been a long time. I don't now how I'm going
to have to make it out here. You know, I'm scared. A lot of people say they're
not, but I'm scared. I think everybody is, no? Giving this to these
inmates that have been known for their violent past– you know, it makes
us very worried. When he's out here training,
we basically give him weapons. Gloves. Thanks. KEITH PALLESEN: There
are seasoned and better officers here who don't think
that this should happen at all. Some of them have
come from the Old Main where the riot happened. They've seen people
getting shanked, and they've seen
people getting killed. We don't know what
his intentions are. [music playing]

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  2. When someone asks me why I have a carry permit and carry my gun everyday, I show them the last half of this video.

  3. You could not pay me enough to work in that environment. The mental abuse just from being inside those walls will probably make most quit within 6 months.

  4. It’s a little sad to see another human sink to this state, but I have to wonder how much of his mental illness was caused by drug abuse. I don’t know for a fact that he abused drugs, but there’s a high probability. It’s difficult enough to deal with mental illness outside of prison, and he’s not there to receive top notch therapy. He’s there as a punishment, and to protect society for the duration of his sentence.

  5. Jesus Christ some sane people speaking truths at the APA "mental health" units. Being self aware of how deranged you are is a dark place to be.

  6. You really think that mentally ill people need to be locked in a cage for most of the day they need help no to be locked away from society you wouldnt treat dogs with way

  7. "When I come to work , they can put me wherever they want me.. "
    I wanna handcuff her and put her on my bed ..

  8. These are demons (they are real) These men need Jesus Christ… Only Jesus can deliver this possesion! Not everyone can see into the spiritual realm, these men are being attacked by demons!

  9. Didn’t this come out like in 2017?? Why is this a new video being uploaded when this entire episode this clip co es from is from an episode that has already been aired.

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