Best Times to Eat for Fat Loss | Brian DeCosta

Best Times to Eat for Fat Loss | Brian DeCosta

what is going on my friends welcome to today's video my name is Brian Acosta and I'm radius baby then today we are talking about wheel timing oh but we're also working welcome to today's video my name is Brian Acosta Brian to if you are season's subscriber welcome back to the channel and if you are new to the channel please consider subscribing drop your first like drop in your first comment it would really help out the channel I think I have that same down to a science now to be honest they get set up the last four videos that's a little bit of ring to it um I got some things so my pill container for my supplements I'll go into the supplements in the subsequent video but it's too small there's too many pills when you're taking glucosamine you're taking multivitamin you're taking vitamin C or take in your creatine you're taking your fish oils it just becomes a lot so I jumped on Amazon I got this pill container saturday through I'm sorry Sunday through Saturday 7 days and this is gonna hold plenty of pills and then I got this is not sponsored by the way I got a scale off of Amazon because I have not been weighing my food and as we draw closer to the competition and going to be weighing my food so I can be very accurate with the calories and the macronutrients so that's the nutrition side of things and that leads perfectly in today's video we're talking about meal timing because I mean the talk of this video is actually sparked by a comment I got on one of my posts on Instagram not sure the individual who commented I'll post is comment right here and let's go into it and something I see with other youtube videos that and just social media posts that covered meal timing is they lack context they lack who they're speaking to when they're talking about meal timing and who you're speaking to is everything so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna break this video into I'm gonna be speaking to two different people basically I'm gonna be speaking to the average Joe and I'm gonna be speaking to the athlete Joe so we've got average Joe we got athlete's Joe so let's go into average Joe first on meal timing so mister average Joe or Joe lat if you're watching this and this is someone who you know is just into fitness is looking to lose a bit of fat just to get in a bit better shape perhaps you have a vacation coming up you've got a busy life you have no desire to be super shredded or anything that's the average Joe and for you meal timing I cannot emphasize this enough it does not matter it truly does not matter what matters most for you what you get to focus on is making sure you're getting adequate sleep making sure you're getting how to put water and making sure your caloric intake is accurate to your goals is appropriate for your goals whether you're trying to lose fat whether you're trying to gain muscle you're trying to lose fat eating in floor deficit if you're trying to gain muscle eating in the caloric surplus and then the added layer on top of the caloric intake is your macronutrients have to make sense that's protein that's carbs that's fats being sure that you're getting about a gram per pound of body weight of protein per day carbs and fats vary based on your goal that's really what the average Joe should be focusing on first okay and that will get you very very far it's a 90 95 % dare I even say a hundred percent of your goal you know because a lot of people average average people walking around you know you're not tracking your calories at least consistently if you're not tracking about four nutrients consistently your sleep may be all over the place your water intakes not really there so that's what you get to focus on average Joe the first thing but if you're an average joe's sitting there you have noticed our to get insanely lean and you're like I'm already dialed in my calories and macros what's next then we can also talk about meal timing so meal timing is as we say how you split up your meals throughout the day are you gonna do breakfast lunch Derick are gonna do breakfast lunch general with a few snacks mixed in between are you gonna break it up like a bodybuilder into six meals a day or eight meals a day it's up to you and for the average Joe let's say whatever you feel you can realistically stick to that's sustainable for you is your go-to because what's the point of trying to fit yourself into a mold of eating six to eight meals per day if it's a genuine task you have to break away from what you're doing during the day to go eat heat things up I'm all about reality and practicality and if it's not realistic and practical for you then don't do it so for average Joe just pick a meal cadence that you can stick to and be consistent with it's not about what you can do for one week okay I'll say that again it's not about what you can do for one week or even two weeks it's about what you can do for six months a year five years okay that's the frame that we adopt because having a body that you're very proud of it's a lifestyle you don't want it to leave and when you switch up your practices and you're doing something that's not natural to you won't by definition that's not a lifestyle that's a lifestyle alteration that you're trying to fit yourself into so average Joe eat when you would like to but be consistent with your calories and your macronutrients think now we're over here it's athlete Joe so athlete Joe you are if you're a man you're about 15% body fat if you're a female you're 22 to 25 percent body fat maybe even a bit lower and you're like hey I'm hitting the gym I'm on a training plan I know my calories I know my macronutrients my sleep is a one my water intake is a one what's next what can I do well then we can focus on meal timing and I look to individuals who are much more intelligent than me on these types of topics individuals like my coach Paul rubella individuals like Layne Norton individuals like Doug Miller who's arguably the best natural body builder of all time and a big inspiration to me these guys talk about meal timing and the importance of meal timing especially as you get to lower body fat percentages it really does start to matter and then we can start intentionally timing specifically our carbohydrate intake and what I like to do and what the science proves out is carbohydrate timing surrounding a workout and intro workout which intro workout means during your workout is actually very beneficial because our body's preferred source of energy is as we say many videos is carbohydrates which is converted to glycogen which is which is energy in the muscle and you burn glycogen when you are training in the gym so logic says why don't I give my body some glycogen before I go train in the form of carbohydrates rice potatoes sweet potatoes whatever salad patch kids so I can perform in a more optimal level and then transitioning for a pre-workout to intro workout what about having some dextrose having some quick simple digesting high GI high glycemic index carbohydrates that you can metabolize very easily while you're training doing rigorous activity that's not going to irritate your stomach and that comes in the form of powers okay so that can be something for that's very beneficial for those who are on a cut and those who are also bulking especially for those who are in a lean gain bulk phase because you have more calories to spare inch or workout nutrition you can do it when you're on a cut but yet you just have to pay more attention to the caloric intake because at the end of the day if you're not in a caloric deficit the law of thermodynamics says you're not going to lose fat so sure taking calories during the workout but be aware of how many calories how many carbohydrates you're taking in we don't want to take in proteins and fats during our workout okay during the workout its carbohydrates if anything personally I have taken in dextrose have taken in simple carbohydrates during a workout I have noticed a bit of a difference especially in a bulk phase but honestly I haven't done it in the last two years and I haven't implemented it thus far in my contest prep here so it is possible to still get to lower body fat percentages while not having intro workout carbs I will guess right now I'm probably eight and a half to nine percent body fat and I'm going to be continuing to get lower and I may introduce it at that point depending on what my coach shares with me and then we can transition to post-workout carbohydrates post-workout nutrition which goes to replenish the glycogen in the muscles so you burn calories during your workout you drain your muscle glycogen during strenuous exercise deadlifts squats bench press all these things and then post-workout your body's like dude give me something give me some calories give me some nutrition I want to rebuild but I want to refuel I want to give this mostly a reason to grow because during the workout we tear down that muscle we actually create micro tears in the muscle and how are we gonna repair those micro tears well it's through nutrition it's through eating's through having a well-balanced meal post-workout and not just post-workout but the days after that specific workout okay so in the practical sense for athlete Joe carb timings surrounding your workout becomes important and that's something that I'm actually focusing on right now when I am during the times that I'm not training like in the morning late at night I'm taking in protein which protein stays consistent for me throughout the day and I'm taking in fats as a primary fuel source I don't shun carbs but I'll go to carbs primarily a usually have lower carb meals during times where our more sedentary I'm sitting at the computer I'm whatever watching a show I'm leading a coaching call it's not requiring me to move around and burn a lot of calories therefore I don't really need that many carbohydrates so athlete Joe saves some carbohydrates I'd say 60 to 70% of your carbohydrates for the couple hours before your training session for during your training session in a couple hours after your training session so guys we're gonna keep this video brief I hope you found this one helpful average Joe don't worry about meal timing so much dial in on the things they're gonna push the dot for for you get you to that 95 percent and for the athlete Joe he's already pretty much optimized the 95 percent then we can go to focus on carbohydrate timing meal timing surrounding your workout and briefly again pre-workout meal you know the hour to two hours before your training session can be a well-balanced meal you know chicken rice block broccoli is a standard bodybuilding meal but it works that's a great blend of lean protein source healthy carbohydrates and fats and then post-workout can be the same thing chicken broccoli rice or steak potatoes rice these you know these sources are interchangeable that should really be the focus for athlete Joe in average Joe if you would like to implement this practice as well it's not going to hurt you it's just trying to shoot a squirrel with a cannon if that makes sense because you don't need the cannon yet because you're not there does that make sense okay thank you guys for watching today's video please do not forget to drop a comment below and add your two cents perhaps you have an opinion on this matter please do not forget to like the video if you enjoyed it of course and then if you're not subscribed please just go ahead and subscribe it'd be very helpful all right guys you

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  2. hey Brian, i find myself torn between average joe and athletic joe!!! i am 68 years old, i had open heart surgery 1 month before my 66th birthday, but today i am stronger and healthier than i have ever been in my life!! i believe i got a good 20 years of my life back, as i has 90% blockages in 4 of the arteries in my heart!! for about a year before the surgery, i could`t go anywhere or do anything, as i`d get a burning pain in my lower chest/upper abs area from being too active. a visit to the Doc`s told me it was my heart, but it took a year of tests and scans before we could nail it to a pupposed cause. about 2 1/2 months after the surgery, the hospital had me come in to their gym to do cardio for 5 mandatory sessions, after that i was left to my own devices!! they did want to know what i was going to do for exercise now that i was done in the hospitals gym. i told them about a new gym that opened in my area. i had started taking hour long walks in early May, 2017 and noticed the gym on my walks. i promised the hospitals gym i`d call them when i got him. i called the gym, and was invited in for a tour, this was on July 26th, 2017. when i left the gym after a tour, i knew i was in, i just had to fill out the registration form , and here i am 2 years later!! i did cardio for about 3 weeks, and then i kicked cardio to the curb and went into full weight training. i love it so much i`m at the gym 6 days a week. i still take my hour long walks, and with my fitbit, i try my best to get my 10,000 steps in everyday!! i usually average around 11,000 to 15,000 steps a day. i`m going to need to do some math to figure out how much water is 1/2 my body weight, or ask google to do it for me!! i`m still overweight, but i am slowly losing some of it and making some great gains too!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!

  3. Thanks for posting.

    Suggestion: Could you do a medium Joe/Jane next time as well? That is people who aren't average any longer, have their routine going, yet aren't quite at the athlete level. But are working to get there.

  4. Nice video! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. But on another note…does anyone else think that Brian looks kinda like Robert Downey Jr.?

  5. My diet is good but i don't have food scale. Im a skinny fat no pic in my biceps skinny legs and belly fat in my stomach. im training 5 days a week. So my question is can do cardio? how many minutes or times a week before or after training?

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