Biggest Blackheads & Best Weight Loss - Amazon Prime Day Special!

Biggest Blackheads & Best Weight Loss – Amazon Prime Day Special!

good medical morning this is Watson and today we have a big pimple popping medical update for you it starts off with these pimples being removed with the comedone extractor I make sure to click the link below to get your own professional pimple popper toolkit also stick around to the end of the video as we have a huge discount on thinner g4 Amazon Prime day nice next up is a gnarly infection on the neck I don't recommend working on an infection like this without medical supervision and especially without gloves Congrats to Mary Llewellyn for this impressive weight loss before and after click like if you think she did a great job here's another impressive little popping clip followed by a submission by Fox blow now on to some inspirational weight-loss images just lost weight over an eight week period she cut calories avoided alcohol and packed in high protein and low carb meals she also upped her workouts from zero to three to four a week she went from 150 pounds to 135 but more importantly she dropped almost 4 percent body fat if you're looking to lose weight I recommend diet exercise and thinner G to boost your metabolism and give you energy a three pack is currently on sale for $20 off check it out today next up are a few images of an enormous back lipoma wow this thing is huge while you check out one more impressive pimple pop please make sure to click like and subscribe then go check out thinner G to boost your weight loss Adam and I have been taking it for months I mean love how it gives us that energy boost get us through the day and workouts [Applause] [Applause]

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