Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome

Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome

We’re back with Billie Eilish. And so you’ve got huge– I mean, like you’ve got fans
that are Julia Roberts, Sam Smith, Thom Yorke. Dave Grohl is here. He’s a huge fan of yours. You know, I mean, like
you have major people that are fans of yours. It’s unreal. It’s crazy because,
like, I don’t know. I feel like recently
I’ve met a lot of people that my parents
grew up as fans of. Right. You know, and that’s no
disrespect to your age– Right. –Dave. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] But– no, but it’s– I think that’s when
it really hits me. Yeah. Because, you know, I was in– I was even in a meeting
with Stella McCartney, and she Face Timed her dad,
which is Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney. Right. So, you know, my mom cried. My dad cried. Yeah. Like, it was– your
eyes are so beautiful. [LAUGHTER] Me? Yeah, you. Oh. I thought you were
still telling a story. No. Your eyes are beautiful. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. All right. So– so that– is that who
freaked you out the most, is Paul McCartney, do you think? Probably. I feel like probably. But, in London, Sporty
Spice came backstage. Oh. And– Sporty Spice. –that meant something to you? It did. Did you follow the Spice Girls? You’re too young for that. OK. Can I tell you something? Well, you’re here. So– [LAUGHTER] You might as well. So when I was growing
up, I would watch– growing up. [LAUGHS] I’m 17. [LAUGHS] We would watch Spice World. Like, I watched that
movie like 40 times. And I thought it was, like, a
fictional movie about a group of girls who were in a group. And they sang. And I thought that was it. Yeah. I was like– and I remember
like some– like, Spice Girls, I was like, oh, my god. They’re reenacting the movie. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Because I thought it was like– I thought I was like a fictional
movie about some girls– Right. –called the Spice Girl. Right. It wasn’t. No, no. [LAUGHTER] And so you spoke
about something that I think is really important and– and brave, that you didn’t
intend to speak about, but that you have
Tourette’s syndrome, and that it comes
out at certain times. But I think that’s amazing that
you spoke about it because you kind of take away the,
you know, scariness of it. It’s something I’ve
lived with my whole life. And everybody knows. Like, everybody in my
family, all my friends, all the people that are
closest to me know I have it. And it’s not anything
different, you know? And I just never said anything
because I didn’t want to– I didn’t want that
to define who I was. I don’t want it to
be like, Billie, the artist with Tourette’s,
Billie Eilish is on Ellen. Yeah. I have ways of kind of
making them go away. So if I’m on like– if it’s
like an on camera interview or whatever– That’s what this is. Yes, it is. [LAUGHTER] But, normally, if it’s
like a pretaped thing, they cut out the questions. Right. And that’s when I let them out. But then there was
this one interview where they didn’t
tell me they weren’t going to cut the questions out. So I’m– I’m sitting there,
answering the questions like, uh huh. And then they– they start
asking me a question, and I’m like. And then everyone’s
like, that’s so funny. And they made a whole– Yeah. There was tons of compilations,
like, this is so funny that Billie did this facial
expression, when really it’s just a bunch of tics. Right. Well, no. I think it– like
I said, I think it’s a good thing
that you– you– because I am sure
a lot of people have that, and look at where you
are, and look at what you have accomplished, and you
haven’t let that even make you feel like there’s
something wrong with it. Because it’s not. It’s just part of who you are. I think I’ve also really learned
that, like, a lot of my fans have it. Yeah. Like, which made me feel kind
of more at home with saying it. Yeah. Because I remember
post– and also I felt like there was
a connection there. I felt like when
I said that, there were kids that were posting
and being like, oh, my god. I’ve always had this. Yeah. Like, now she has it and she’s
who I can look up to with it. But– Yeah, no. I think it’s– like I said, I
think a lot of people watching now that, you know, maybe didn’t
hear you say it before will be like, well, I have it, too. And that’s great. Mhm.

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  1. It's always amazing when kids or anyone find an artist they love and can idolize and can completely relate to so im really really happy that She open up about about it and is positive because yes so many people feel alone and need that kind of outlit……. Also shes so beautiful and amazing and talented I can't wait to see what she turns this world into. Keep it up billie

  2. Like ummm like like yea like yea like like uh huh like like it’s like like yea like uh like I’m a retardant like can’t say anything but like like uh huh like like like can I tel you like like ummm like like yea like that’s it lik like um I’m dumb like like I’m dumb like like yea like

  3. Tourette syndrome is a horrible feeling. The "ticks" you have are comparable to an itch tou you have to scratch but about 5 times worse.

  4. I think it's really good how everyone can share what's holding them back from making music, and I think Billie Eilish did the right thing about coming out with Tourette Syndrome Because if she hided it back her fans would start to see it and take it the wrong way, so it's just right if she comes out with it.

  5. Glad she has the Tourette’s under control. Very hard to manage. Good for her and blessings her way. ✌️

  6. Well spoken and smart woman. The spice girls talk is hilarious…

    Because I would have had the same assumption growing up around that point when it did come out.

  7. LOLOLOLO!!! When is the peanut allergy generation going to knock it off with all their phony hipster afflictions. Her Tourettes comes out "sometimes". I used to work in a school for autistic and other clinically handicapped kids and Tourettes doesn't just "come out sometimes" It's a full time disorder and is not there for when you have a slow news day and need to push your brand. Her alleged Tourettes would have reared its head during this interview and there are NOT ways of "making it like,,,go away". What an insulting idiot.

  8. I only have “motor ticks” , not vocal, which is also needed to be considered Tourette’s. But It is hard to live with, and it’s cool to see someone in the spotlight speak out about it…makes it a little more normalized for people💕

  9. Thank you for talking about living with Tourette's. My son has Tourette's and lives well with this condition. His childhood was not happy with lots of bullying and him even having suicidal thoughts. Thankfully he also does not let TS define him. He also knows his triggers and does well in the workplace and also on stage where he performs with his band, Sorge.

  10. I've heard other people say Ellen's eyes are actually really pretty in person. Just because she complemented her eyes don't mean she trying to get in her pants y'all.

  11. I heard about Billie Eilish because of the Tourette's thing, and then once I got into the music I completely forgot about it

  12. Ellen: "You spoke about something that you didn't intend to speak about. Tourette's Syndrome."
    Me: "Yes, that's how it works."

  13. It’s awesome that she’s willing to open up about something she struggles with so people don’t feel alone. 🙂

  14. Billie i sing alot about satanistic stuff in 11 of my songs. Ellen im deep state i love when youtube plays your songs backwards,me and George Bush

  15. I love this girl so much.. only 17 and so mature and open minded, she is a beautiful person, talented, honest.. I could just watch her all day 😍😍😍

  16. Billie Eilish basically said she didn’t want videos with titles like “Billie Eilish talks about/has tourettes”… and then Ellen’s YouTube does just that….

  17. She didn’t want to be labeled as Billie Eilish the girl with Tourette’s is on Ellen, so they worded it /slightly/ dofferently

  18. I had a moment where I thought I was developing a tick but it never repeating again. I think stress triggers it and if you are doing things off the radar that does not help things either. I have a doctor now who monitors me and I have not had a similar episode for 21 years. It is a nerve thing that happens when something intense is happening or when you are doing something and do not really know what the outcome will be.

  19. I used to be so unsure about Billie like her vibe but really I like her, she’s the epitome of my awkwardness and it’s too real.

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