Body Builders as Seen on 3NET in 2013 About MetroFlex Gym

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  1. @28:25 this chiropractor is full of shit, he somehow just got his degree and blabbering abt how bodybuilding aint healthy. B.S!

  2. God, lots of red meat… Milk, eggs are packed with sodium and the red meat will give him heard disease. Chicken, fish, rice and red meat once a week… I'm getting heart disease looking at him.. and Branch is right, his genetics are horrible. Flex wheeler looks better than all of these guys..

  3. Glad that dick head branch is out of the bodybuilding scene, with the worst lifting form in the sport, good riddins

  4. I’m super in love with how they lift . I train in commercial gyms in New Zealand but will yet to find a close by hardcore gym because I feel that lifting like this in those soft gyms isn’t suited. If you want to lift like that you have to do it early hours of the morning lol

  5. Thanks for posting. When visiting Dallas on business, made it a priority to drive an hour from where I was late at night to visit Metroflex to train. One of life’s great experiences!

  6. omg…! THE, Macho…Virile…HE-Manly…Magnificent…Ruggedly GORGEOUS, Mr Cory*Mathews [ …O-o-o-o-ohhhh….!! ] !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. dust everywhere, rusty iron, heavy chains, dumbbells without rubber, messy walls, plates and bars thrown out everywhere, this is what I love, not these modern gyms filled with pussies with gloves, towels, bands and colored machines and shit…

  8. I love watching bodybuilding!..but there’s something about my hometown in Texas.. just a bunch of hard workers, the drive, the grit and the humble knowing GOD is in the center of their success.. Our local hero’s ..GOD bless

  9. Could they have picked any worse pictures for Ronnie? Who in the fuck directed this piece of trash and gave the ok to use those pictures? Fucking disgraceful!


  11. I met Ronnie after the Olympia at golds in Vegas his gut looked like a basketball w abs he couldn't walk thirty feet he was so fat

  12. loool some of these comments from "professional bodybuilders" who are probably not even half the size. I thought this documentary was quite good in the sense that it doesn't portray that bodybuilders are selfish, cocky and arrogant they're just trying to sculpt their vision and make money doing it. p.s I welcome the "I'd be that big if I took steroids" comments because its showing how naïve and narrow minded you are.

  13. The narrator deserves an emy,,or oscar..or whatever he should get…how he keeps a straight voice with this script idont know..

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