Body Forte- Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre

hi everyone my name is summer Lopez I am the director here at body Forte in Kingston Jamaica I am a physiotherapist and a licensed Pilates practitioner and we are having our Pilates Day celebration today where we have invited the community check him in for free complimentary classes to just experience this wonderful movement system that Joseph and Klara Pilates brought to the world so many decades ago so here at the center I'm the director as I said we do physiotherapy and we do Pilates we specialize in spine and Sports Therapy we love to help challenging cases and we have a complete Pilates for wellness program so that when you're finished your physical therapy you can graduate into Pilates and stay feeling well forever if you're wondering if you are a good candidate for physical therapy you know we have tons of free workshops that come up so you might want to check out our social media to see we specialize in spine we also do sports injuries shoulders hips knees ankles and we love complex cases so if you're just one of those people that's always getting injured at the gym or you've tried many different types of therapies or surgeries and you're just still you're still having some issues we just love to meet you and help you feel better and function at your best so if you're ever interested in physiotherapy or Pilates you can find us hair at sovereign commercial center unit number five we have a website WWF or ta Ltd calm we're on instagram at body Forte Ltd we're on facebook body Forte rehab and Pilates and of course you can always call the office at 6:30 to five five eight five we can't wait to help you feel and function on your best

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